What happened to the Cars in Fast and Furious 7?

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cars in furious 7Furious 7 is adorned with many high-tech, breath-taking car racing scenes. The parachute landing scene, flying the Lykan Hyper sport through three separate skyscrapers, chasing on mountain highway are some of the unbeatable car stunt scenes which can skip your heartbeat. Cars in furious 7 definitely lived up to the expectation of the franchise.

But I wonder what happened to the cars in Furious 7 after shutting down the cameras? After seeking each possible corner of the world window, I found out that the cars were not immortal.

According to Wall Street Journal, 230 cars in Furious 7 were destroyed during the shoot in Colorado, Atlanta, and Abu Dhabi including several black Mercedes Benzes, A Ford Crown Victoria, and a Mitsubishi Montero.

One sequence filmed on a mountainous highway pass in Colorado proved to be particularly damaging. The Furious crew destroyed more than 40 vehicles just shooting that sequence. Each car in Furious 7 has been crashed beyond repairing to prevent the damages that can be caused by using these repaired cars.

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All of you were surely mesmerized by the scene when Dom, Brian, and the team jumps out of the Cargo plane along with their cars in Colorado, open the parachutes, and then land on the roads. But this scene killed most of the amazing cars. Almost 20 to 30 cars were smashed during this scene.

How can anyone forget the first supercar with diamonds in its headlights with a price tag of $3.4 million, Lykan Hyper Sport in the movie? The red Lykan that jumps from one skyscraper to another in Abu Dhabi smashed to pieces, after a heart-stopping jump from the 45th floor of Etihad Towers. There are only 7 other editions of this car in the world.

So, this is the fate of the cars that were used in Fast and Furious 7. The $190 million movies have wrecked more than 230 cars for the death-defying car chasing and stunt scenes. Collect the broken pieces of your thoughts, give a pause, and enjoy the charisma of Furious Team and the heart-pondering car scenes.

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