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Car loan Availing of the most reasonable car loan interest rates is essential. It may happen that the total amount paid by you at the end of the loan tenure may exceed the initial cost of the car just because of the high-interest rate. 

Employing smart buying tactics can search for you a lower price on the vehicle. Unfortunately, bargaining has little influence on interest rates. Yet, certain actions can improve a buyer’s likelihood of getting a decent car loan rate. Consider the tips on how to get the lowest car loan interest rates.

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Some tips for getting the Lowest Car Loan Interest Rates:

  1. Comparing with Online Shopping
    If you wish the best rate on a Car loan, you must be willing to shop for it. Auto dealerships generally increase the rate of interest on loans, which increases their revenue. With this said, car buyers who want the best rate must be taken into consideration other financing options such as comparing deals online. For example, you could present an application with an online car loan agent. The broker will then review your application, and find the best deals and offers. After comparing the deals, select the lender with the lowest rate.
  2. Improve your Credit Score
    Car buyers with the highest cibil score and the lowest debt-to-income ratio get the best rates. Thus, if getting a preferable interest rate is a primal concern, check your credit score.
    Know all your credit scores before applying. Does your credit report need improvement? Is the information accurate?
    The contents of your report decide your auto/car loan rate. To get a car loan at an affordable car loan interest rate, you must repay or refund all of your previous loans on time without any pending dues or debt left. Simple changes can improve your credit score by 30 – 50 points within a few months, and greatly improve your chances of getting a low rate car/auto loan.
  3. Choose a Shorter Auto Loan Term
    Various car dealers advertise pretty low car loan interest rates. Therefore, to qualify for a car or auto loan, candidates must have a good credit score and history and accept a shorter loan term. The average tenure for a car loan is of 5 years, which equals reasonable monthly payments. However, applicants who finance the vehicle for a shorter term, perhaps 2 or 3 years acquire better rates. If you can afford a higher payment, a shorter-term is worth consideration.

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Leading Car Loan Providers:

  1. ICICI Bank Car Loan
  2. HDFC Bank Car Loan

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