Options For Car Financing

car financing

Planning to purchase the car of your dreams but facing a monetary issue? A majority of people can not buy a car through upfront cash, and they seek financial support.

This implies you’re whether going to rent the car or purchase the vehicle by financing it. If you’re buying, at that point you’re most likely financing it through the company, a bank, online money related institution, or possibly a relative. An individual must check the documents required for car loan before deciding.

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There are various Options for Car Financing and are listed below:

  1. Automobile Manufacturer’s Finance Company:
    It is one of the easiest and fastest options for a car loan is through directly obtaining finance from the automobile company that manufactured your car itself. However, the interest rate provided by the manufacturer’s finance company is generally higher than the other banks and NBFCs providing the same facility.
  2. Bank Loan:
    Banks generally provide Car Loan at an attractive rate of interest and is a viable option for car financing. In case you have a customer relationship with the bank, they will offer you even better deals.
  3. Non-Banking Financial Companies:
    NBFCs offer car loans to customers but at a very higher rate of interest than any other lender. Generally, it is not a primary option as their recovery procedure is harsh in case the borrower is not making payments on time. So, an individual must examine the Eligibility criteria for car loan along with the procedure.
  4. Second Chance Car Dealers:
    Another Option for Car financing can also be got from a second chance car dealer. Even an individual with high credit risk may avail of this service. Confirmation of income is required along with numerous personal references. This dealership is incredibly acquired with the area’s lender and use a variety of ways to obtain financing for higher-risk customers.
  5. Personal Loan
    Another method to get financing for your car is through availing Personal Loan. The advantage of this method of financing is that you get a low car loan interest rate without any need to deposit collateral or security.

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Leading Car Loan Providers

  1. HDFC Bank Car Loan
  2. Axis Bank Car Loan

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