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How to Select a Suitable Car loan?

Select a Suitable Car loan

The primary purpose of, availing a car loan, is the lack of funds required to buy a car.  If the person is systematic and analytical in choosing the right car loan, to satisfy the exact requirements, then the possibilities of getting the best scheme that will save a cosiderable amount in the long run is quite high.

Illustrated below are some of the necessary steps to select a suitable car loan:

Step 1 – Recognize your requirements

The first step is to note down the requirements that you expect from the car.

•  Do you need a new or a pre-owned car?

•  What kind of car are you searching for?

•  How much amount can you pay for the car?

•  Do you need a sedan, sports or multi-utility car?

• What safety features do you want in the car?

•  How much money can you pay on monthly basis as EMI?

Step 2 – Choose the Car

Having recognized your needs, look around for the right car that fit all your requirements. Reading the online car reviews, help you in making a well-informed decision.

Step 3 – Choose the Loan

Now, as the right car has been selected, the next step is to find out the best car loan from various lenders. The dealers would have given a fair insight into all kinds of schemes available and discounts that they are ready to offer on those loans.

While studying the car loan schemes of different banks and firms the following points have to be considered:

•  What is the rate of interest offered?

•  How much down payment you need to pay?

•  What is the minimum and maximum tenure that the bank is specifying for the loan?

•  What shall be the EMI?

•  What are the other external charges such as processing fee and prepayment penalty?

Step 4 – Decide the Interest Type

Once a lender has been chosen, the next step is to determine whether you want to apply for an unsecured or secured car loan. Also choose between the fixed and floating interest rates. Usually, it is seen that fixed secured loan comes with overall lower payments in the long run.

Step 5 – Determine Credit Score

The applicant should first check the credit score before applying for a car loan.  There are various websites that help you in analyzing your credit worthiness. Once you have checked your credit ratings, you can now apply for a car loan.

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