Car Loan Dumad

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Car Loan Dumad

Best Banks for Car Loan in Dumad

Feature HDFC Bank Private Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Interest Rate (p.a.) 7.35 % - 7.95 % 8.5 % - 9.5 % 11 %
Min Loan Amt Metro : 1 Lac & Non Metro: 75000 75000 75000
Max Loan Amt 1 Cr 1 Cr 1 Cr
Loan Tenure Upto 7 Years Upto 5 Years Upto 5 Years
Processing Fee 1999 - 4999 + Tax 0.25% to 1.50% 0.25% to 1.50%
Preclosure Chgs 2%, Nil after 24 months 2%, Nil after 36 months Nil
Loan to Value (LTV) Upto 100% on Ex- showroom Upto 95% on Ex- showroom
Upto 90% on Ex- showroom

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Car Loan Dumad Features

Loan Approval in 30 Minutes
Lowest Rate of Interest
Up to 100% on Road Loan
Minimum Documentation
Paperless Process
Flexible Repayment
Zero Foreclosure
24 x 7 Online Payment Facility
No Hidden Charges

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a car loan in Dumad. Free comparisons of interest rates, processing fees, and tenures are available, as well as approval or estimations in under 30 minutes. Learn how to increase your Dumad car loan eligibility, as well as a list of the major banks in Dumad that offer vehicle loans and their unique features. Learn which banks offer 100% financing and have the lowest interest rates to make an informed decision.

Car Loan Dumad

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Car Loan Dumad Eligibility Criteria

The car loan eligibility requirements are as follows in Dumad:

Salaried Individual
Age – 21 years to 60 years
Net Monthly Income – Minimum ₹ 20,000
Employment Duration – 1-year minimum
Income Eligibility – Based on Form 16 and salary slip
Self-Employed Individuals
Age – 21-65 years of age
Minimum ITR – Rs.2 lakh
Employment Duration – Minimum 3 years
Income Eligibility – Depends on the latest Income Tax Returns
Self-Employed Non-Individuals (Company/Partnership)
Minimum ITR – Rs. 2 lakh
Employment Duration – 3 years minimum
The applicant has to present IT returns and audited financials of 2 years with Calculated Income.
Priority Customers
At least 6-month vintage
Average Quarterly Balance – 2 quarters balance at a minimum of Rs.1 lakh
Maximum Loan Amount – 3 times the Average Quarterly Balance of the last 2 Quarters

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Car Loan Dumad EMI Calculator

Car Loan Dumad Fees & Charges

Charges New Car Loan Used Car Loan
Interest Rate

7.35% per annum

11.80% p.a. to 13.80% p.a.
Car loan Processing fees 0.5% 0.5%
Issuance of Duplicate Repayment Schedule Charges Around Rs.500 Around Rs.500
Foreclosure Charges 0.06 0.06
Penal Interest 2% PM 2% PM
Car loan Part Payment charges 6% of the amount 6% of the amount
Cheque/Instrument Swap Charge Around Rs.500 Around Rs.500
Documentation Charge Around Rs. 500 Around Rs. 500
Issuance of Duplicate No Dues Certificate Charges Around Rs. 500 Around Rs. 500
Registration Certification Collection Charge Around Rs. 200 Around Rs. 200
Cheque Bounce/Instrument Return Charges Around Rs. 500 Around Rs. 500
Issuance of Duplicate Statement Charges Around Rs. 500 Around Rs. 500
Loan Cancellation/Re-booking Charges Around Rs. 1000 Around Rs. 1000
Issuance of Credit Report Around Rs. 50 Around Rs. 50

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Car Loan Dumad Fees and Charges : Leading Banks – May 29 2023

Bank Processing Fee
Prepayment Charges
HDFC Bank Car Loan (1999 - 4999) + Tax
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 24 months
Axis Bank Car Loan 1 % to 2.50% Nil
Private Bank Car Loan 0.25% to 1.50%
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 36 months
SBI Car Loan 500/- to 0.50% Nil
Kotak Car Loan 1% to 2%
2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
IIFL Car Loan Nil Nil
Muthoot Car Loan Nil Nil
Manappauram Car Loan Nil Nil
PNB Car Loan 0.70% to 1% Nil
Canara Bank Car Loan 0.01 Nil
Andhra Bank Car Loan Nil Nil

To check Car Loan Interest Rate for all major banks you can visit: Car Loan Interest Rates

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Car Loan Dumad Documents Required

Documents required are as follows:-

Salaried Individual

Documents Required
Identity Proof (Any 1) Passport
Voter ID
Aadhar Card
Driving License
Address Proof (Any 1) Aadhar Card
Driving License
Electricity Bill
Date of Birth Proof(Any 1)
Birth Certificate
High School Marksheet
Driving Licence
Signature Proof(Any 1)
Bankers Verification
Income Proof
Salary Slip and latest Form No.16
Bank Statement
Last 6 month Bank statement
Employment Continuity Proof
Job card by NREGA
ITR of Form no. 16
Salary Slip mentioned with joining date
Letter of Appointment


Self-Employed Individuals

Documents Required
Identity Proof (Any 1) PAN Card
Voter ID
Aadhar Card
Address Proof (Any 1) PAN Card
Voter ID
Electricity Bill
Date of Birth Proof (Any 1) Birth Certificate
Driving Licence
Signature Proof (Any 1)
Bankers Verification
Bank Statement
Bank statement of last 6 months
Employment Continuity Proof
Latest ITRs
Shop & Establishment Act Certificate
Shop & Establishment Act Certificate
Sales Tax or VAT Certificate
Business Proof
Registration Certificate
Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill
Shop & Establishment Act Certificate
SSI or MSME Registration Certificate


Self-Employed Non-Individuals:

1. Partnership Firms/Societies

Documents Required
Identity Proof (Any 1) Driving Licence
PAN Card
Aadhar Card
Address Proof (Any 1)
Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill
Aadhar Card
Driving License
Voter ID
Income Proof
Audited Balance Sheet
P&L Account
ITR for the previous 2 years
Bank Statement Last 6 month
Business Continuity Proof
Company ITR of the last 2 years
Audited Balance Sheet
TAX registration Certificate
Current Account Statement
Additional documents
Letter of Authority or PAN Card


2. Private Limited/Limited Companies

Documents Required
Identity Proof
The latest copy of MOA and AOA
Copy of Incorporation
Address Proof (Any 1)
SSI/MSME Registration Certificate
Telephone Bill
Electricity Bill
Shop & Establishment Act Certificate
Sales Tax Certificate
Income Proof
Audited Balance Sheet
P&L Account and ITR for the previous 2 years
Bank Statement Previous 6 Months
Business Continuity Proof
P&L account and
ITR of the Company of the past 2 years
Audited Balance Sheet
Shop & Establishment Act Certificate
Additional documents
List of Shareholding partners and Directors
Board Resolution
PAN Card
Certificate of Commencement of Business for Ltd. Co.

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How to Get the Best Car Loan Interest Rates in Dumad

  • Choose a shorter repayment term – Because the monthly EMI (equivalent monthly installment) is low, many vehicle loan applicants assume that longer repayment terms are better. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to realize that lenders see longer payback terms as a sign of a borrower’s poor repayment ability. Therefore they charge higher interest rates. Instead, consider a shorter payment time if you want to save money on your car loan.
  • Evaluate and compare the benefits provided by various lenders- If you want to get a good deal on a car loan, you should first examine and evaluate the different lenders’ features. This can assist you in determining which lenders offer the lowest interest rates and, as a result, which lender to choose.
  • Maintain a low debt-to-income ratio – The debt-to-income ratio is a calculation that lenders use to determine how much of an applicant’s income goes toward loan repayment. You have a higher chance of securing a car loan with a lower interest rate if your debt-to-income ratio is lower.
  • Maintain an excellent credit score – If you have a good credit score, lenders will be delighted to provide you with a car loan with lower interest rates. A credit score of 750 or more is considered healthy by lenders. Unfortunately, many lenders may provide negative credit applicants auto loans, but they will charge a higher interest rate. To ensure you have a decent credit score, check your credit scores regularly using Dialabank’s “Free Credit Score” service. If your credit score is bad, you’ll be able to take steps to improve it, and if your credit score is good, you’ll be able to approach lenders with trust.

How to Apply for a Car Loan in Dumad?

  1. Visit Dialabank
  2. Go to the loan section and select auto loan, followed by the car loan link.
  3. The applicant will be directed to all the car loan details where they can choose their preferred city.

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Which Bank in Dumad Offers the Best Car Loans?

Car loans are available from several large banks and NBFCs in Dumad, including HDFC, Private, and SBI. The best lender will be able to provide you with the loan amount you require at a reasonable interest rate and will be able to distribute the funds as quickly as possible. Therefore, before applying for a vehicle loan that fits all of your criteria, such as interest rates, it is usually a good idea to compare vehicle loans from various lenders.

Car Loan for Major Car Manufacturers in Dumad


Processing Fees / Prepayment Charges on Car Loan Dumad

Category Details
Processing Charges
1999 - 4999 + Tax
No prepayment is allowed until 12 EMIs are paid
No foreclosure is allowed until 12 EMIs are paid
Prepayment Charges
13-24 months: 2% of loan principal outstanding
>36 months: Nil Charges
Stamp Duty
As per state laws
Cheque Bounce Chgs
₹ 550/chq + GST
Floating Rate of Interest Not Applicable
Overdue EMI Interest
2% p.m.(on overdue amount)
Amortisation Schedule Chgs Rs 200 + GST

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CIBIL Score Required for Car Loan in Dumad

The CIBIL score is a number that determines your ability to repay your debts. A higher credit score indicates a positive credit history and facilitates the processing of your vehicle loan application. A credit score of 750 or more is usually considered favourable by banks and NBFCs when approving your loan application in Dumad. However, this score may differ from one bank to the next. If your CIBIL score is lower than the required number, you will have to pay a high interest rate on a loan; however, if your CIBIL score is strong, you may be asked to pay a low interest rate. As a result, a CIBIL score is an important consideration when applying for a car loan.

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Car Loan Dumad Contact Number

If you have any questions about vehicle loans in Dumad, you can call the number 9878981166 for assistance.

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Pre Calculated EMI Table for Car Loan Dumad

Rate 5 Yrs 4 Yrs 3 Yrs
10.50% 2149 2560 3250
11.00% 2174 2584 3273
11.50% 2199 2608 3297
12.00% 2224 2633 3321
12.50% 2249 2658 3345
13.00% 2275 2682 3369
13.50% 2300 2707 3393
14.00% 2326 2732 3417
14.50% 2352 2757 3442
15.00% 2378 2783 3466

About Dumad

Dumad is a town in eastern Gujarat, on the northern outskirts of Vadodara.

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FAQ’s About Dumad Car Loan

Why should you choose Dialabank for a Car Loan?

  1. Dialabank offers you a car with the lowest interest rates and with minimum documentation schemes.
  2. Dialabank is an Indian first Financial Helpline where the company provides eligibility and price comparison for financial products.
  3. Dialabank Car Loan is a convenient scheme that allows a person to bring home a vehicle.
  4. Dialabank offers car loans up to 100% ex-showroom price and up to 7 years tenure.
  5. Apply now on our official website Dialabank for instant approval and faster processing of your car loan.

What is a Car Loan Dumad?

A car loan is a financial help offered by different banks and NBFCs to buy a car. The banks provide the necessary funding for purchasing a vehicle on Ex-Showroom price or the car’s On-Road price. Moreover, they offered the lowest interest rates and minimum document process.

Is it possible to get a loan on my current vehicle?

Yes, many lenders will issue you a loan on your present vehicle if you have a good payment history with your current lender.

✅ Is it necessary to have a guarantor for a car loan?

Most lenders will not require a guarantor to obtain a car loan. However, if your income falls below the required minimum, lenders may want a co-applicant or a guarantee to show that you will be able to repay the loan.

What kind of vehicles can I get a car loan for?

Car loans can be used to purchase various vehicles, including SUVs, MUVs, and other models. In addition, one can use it to purchase a vehicle for business use. Some lenders may also lend money for trucks, tractors, and construction equipment.