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All About Car Loan Kanina

Car Loan KaninaIs your car making a lot of noise and you are tired of going to mechanic every now and then? Want to upgrade? Worry no more! Our relationship managers will help you with all the documentation that is required and make sure that the entire process is carried out in a smooth manner. With dialabank accessing car loans have become a piece of cake.

What is a Car Loan?

A car loan is a financial help offered by different banks and NBFC’s to buy a car. The banks provide the necessary funding for purchasing a vehicle which can be on Ex-Showroom price or the On-Road price of the car. They offered the lowest interest rates and minimum document process.

Interest Rates for Car Loan Kanina

New Car:  

  1. If the requirement of the applicant is less than Rs. Three lacs then the interest rate charged would be 10.25%.
  2. Simultaneously, if the loan amount is between Rs.3 lacs to Rs.6 lacs, then the interest rate charged would be 9.50%.
  3. For loan amount between Rs.6 lacs to Rs.10 lacs, a 9.25% interest rate would be charged.
  4. If the loan amount varies from Rs.10-20 lacs, then the interest rate charged would be 9.00%.
  5. For loan amount being more than Rs. 20 lacs the interest rate would be 8.70%.

Used Car:

The interest rate charged for used cars has been fixed at 14.00%. 

Eligibility Criteria for Car Loan Kanina

Salaried Individuals

  1. Minimum age: 21 years
  2. Maximum age at loan maturity: 65 years
  3. Minimum employment: 1 year in current work and a     minimum of 2 years of work.
  4. Minimum Annual Income: Rs 100000 net annual income.


  1. Minimum age: 30 years
  2. Maximum age at loan maturity: 60 years
  3. Minimum employment: At least two years in business
  4. Minimum Annual Income: Net profit Rs. 60000 p.a for standard cars and Rs.100000 p.a. for mid-sized and premium cars


  1. Minimum Income: Net profit Rs. 60000 p.a for standard cars and Rs.100000 p.a. for mid-sized and premium cars.
  2. Minimum turnover: Turnover Rs. 4.5 lakh.

Private Limited Company

  1. Minimum Income: Net profit Rs. 60000 p.a for standard cars and Rs.100000 pa for mid-sized and premium cars
  2. Minimum turnover: Turnover Rs 4.5 lakh

Public Limited Company

  1. Minimum Income: Net profit Rs. 60000 p.a for standard cars and Rs.100000 p.a for mid-sized and premium cars
  2. Minimum turnover: Turnover Rs 4.5 lakh

Why should one choose Car Loan Kanina ?

  1. Easy monthly repayment options
  2. Instantly available
  3. Loan Tenure period varies from 1-7 years.
  4. Affordable interest Rates
  5. Easily and quickly available loan
  6. No hidden charges.

Documents you will need to submit for Car Loan Kanina

  1. Proof of Identity: Passport copy, PAN Card, Voters ID card, Driving License, Aadhar Card
  2. Income Proof: For Salaried Latest salary slip with form 16 / For Self- Employed Latest ITR
  3. Address Proof: Ration card / Driving license / Voters card / Passport Copy / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Life Insurance Policy / PAN Card / Aadhar Card
  4. Bank Statement: Bank statements for the last six months are also required.
  5. Car quotation is also required.

Fee and Other Charges for Car Loan Kanina

  1. Stamp duty charged is at actuals.
  2. Processing fee charged depends upon two categories. For up to the amount of Rs.2.5lacs, the processing fee is Rs.2825/-. For amount more than Rs.2.5lacs, the processing fee is Rs.3850/-. The maximum amount which can be charged for processing fee is Rs.5000/-. However, Dialabank provides the processing fee at an attractive price of Rs.1785/- only.
  3. Loan cancellation or rebooking charges: In the event of cancellation, interest charges from disbursement date till refund of disbursement amount will be borne by the customer.
  4. Legal, Repossession and Incidental Charges: At Actuals
  5. 5)Loan rescheduling charges: At Rs.1000/-

Eligibility for different individuals for Car Loan Kanina

1)Private Employees:

If the salary of the individual is more than Rs. 25,000, then the loan, is given on a 100% ex-showroom price.

2) Government Employees:

If the government employee has his own house and has a good CIBIL Cibil score than the loan is given on 100 % on road price.

3) Internal Customer:

1oo% on road loan is given if the customer is from HDFC, Kotak, Yes Bank or Axis bank.

Additional information about Car Loan Kanina

  1.  The CIBIL of the applicant needs to be more than 700.
  2.  The loan is given for a period of 60 months to 84 months.
  3.  The minimum amount of credit that can be claimed by the applicant is Rs. 1 lakh.
  4.  Also, the top-up amount is twice the paid loan amount.
  5.  Car Loan is not given to constables.
  6.  The persons having CIBIL 0, 1, -1 are also considered right customers.
  7.  If the installment gets bounced, then the amount charged by the bank will be doubled for the respective month.

Car Loan Kanina for the agriculturist

– If the amount is Rs.10 lacs, then the farmer should have a land of about 3-5 acres, and he will get a loan to 65-75% of the total loan amount.
– If the loan amount is more than rs. 10 lacs, then the farmer should own at least 20 acres of land. He will get the percentage of the loan amount depending upon his income and ITR.

About Kanina

Kanina is a town in the subdivision of Kanina, situated in the district of Mahendragarh. The state in which it is loacted in is Haryana with a population of 10,196, as per the census of 2011. With dialabank providing their services to all parts of the country, it is now feasible to have access to car loans.


Why should you choose DialaBank for a car loan?

  1. Dialabank offers you a car with the lowest interest rates and with minimum documentation schemes. 
  2. Dialabank is an Indian first Financial Helpline where the company provides eligibility and price comparison for financial products.
  3. Car Loan is a convenient scheme that allows a person to bring home a vehicle.
  4. We offer car loans up to 100% ex-showroom price of the car, and up to 7 years tenure.
  5. Apply now on our official website dialabank for instant approval and faster processing of your car loan.

How to apply for Car Loan Kanina?

  1. Visit dialabank
  2. Go to the loan section and select auto loan followed by car loan link.
  3. The applicant will be directed to all the details of the car loan where they can choose their preferred city.

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