Silver Rate in Coimbatore

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
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Silver Rate in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in Coimbatore 

Silver Rate in CoimbatoreThere’s no debating that silver is a highly coveted metal in Coimbatore. The yellow metal is offered in a variety of forms, such as silver coins, jewellery, bullion, and so on. Investing silver in Coimbatore is widely done to demonstrate one’s prestige and wealth and follow a traditional investment pattern. In India, the Silver Price in Coimbatore has a huge impact on the overall country.

Silver is often purchased in Chennai for personal festivities such as weddings and birthday parties when buyers are tempted by discounts, discounted rates, and exciting discount bargains, thus more. The silver rate in Coimbatore is based on several factors, including international relations and market price inflation.

The current silver rate in Coimbatore is 73,200 for 1 kg of silver, according to present circumstances. The latest silver price in Coimbatore for 1-gram silver is 73.20, which is 0.10 more than the previous day’s silver rate. Today the price of 100 grams of silver in Coimbatore is Rs. 7,320. In Coimbatore, the exact 1-kilogram of silver rate is 73,200.

The silver rate in Coimbatore is Rs.73.20 per gram, up Rs.0.10 from yesterday. When silver rates rise, investors shift their holdings to silver.

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Silver Price in Coimbatore 

Silver Price Trend in Coimbatore 


✅ Would the price of a silver upswing in Coimbatore?

It is predicted that the annual average silver price will rise 33% from last year’s level to $27.30 per kilo in 2021, as industrial demand grows and investment demand remains constant. In 2020, silver prices increased by 27% to an annual average of $20.55 per kg.

✅ How much does a gram of silver cost in Coimbatore?

In Coimbatore, the current price of a gram of silver is 732 rs. To know the latest silver price, visit Dialabank.

✅ Is it a wise idea to invest in silver in Coimbatore?

Silver can be used for a variety of purposes, including jewellery and silverware, mirrors, electrical cables and batteries, dental alloys, and anti-bacterial treatments, among others. Furthermore, it has lower rates than gold. So silver is a good form of investment.