Which Credit Cards Suits Your Lifestyle?

Choose Credit Cards As Per Your Lifestyle

Karan, a 24 years old software engineer in Pune, is matching the pace of life very elegantly. Working in a reputed company, he is sharing his flat with his friends. HeCredit Cards loves to dine out with his friends very often. He has shown his presence to Arkie’s Born Bakers, Horn Ok Please, Pune Baking Company, Apple 5, The Veg Kitchen, and many more such restaurants in Pune.

For Karan, life is all about his office and food. He used to enjoy his food without worrying about the bill. He has taken a special credit card that suits his lifestyle. It is a dining specific credit card that is made for people like Karan who loves food. You can also choose a credit card, according to your lifestyle.

The time has come when there will be no need of carrying money in your wallets. Just one credit card and all your bills can be paid. Banks are launching attractive credit cards to cater to the needs of society with the help of companies. These co-branded credit cards can give you extra benefits, discounts, and points by joining hands with some co-branded company

Check the different types of credit cards below:

Fuel Credit Card:

If you love traveling and spend most of the hours in driving, you can choose a fuel credit card. You can save using these cards on fuel purchases. The banks have joined hands with the oil companies like Indian Oil, HPCL and launched such cards.

These cards are specifically for the ones who have another home in their cars. For example, Citibank has launched a fuel card named as Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card that offers 4 points on the purchase of Rs. 250 oil.

The leading private sector bank ICICI has also offered ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card in association with HPCL and gives 6 points on the purchase of Rs. 100 oil. Each point is equivalent to 0.25 rupees.

Frequent Flyer Card:

This type of card is for the people who frequently travel using airlines. You can pay the expenses using this card. If you use a specific airline frequently, you can select this type of card.

The examples are Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Card, Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Credit Card, etc. You can earn points as well as many facilities like airport facilities, hotel booking, shopping, car rentals, etc.

For Food Lovers – Dining:

If you love to dine out in the restaurants, then this card is for you. Many banks have launched credit cards for food lovers in association with some fine restaurants.

You can enjoy your food with discount surprises. For example, the HSBC Platinum Credit Card offers a 10% to 20% discount for dining in multiple restaurants.

Affinity Cards:

This type of card is for the students. Banks have unveiled Affinity Credit Cards with the help of institutions. You can save money by using affinity credit cards. For example, ICICI Bank has launched Credit Cards in association with IITs, IIMs, and many other reputed institutions.

Credit Card for your Kitchen:

For shopping of daily household items, grocery, and retail items, banks are offering a special type of Credit Card. ICICI Bank has launched ‘ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Shakti Credit Card’ that offers discounts and gift vouchers on shopping in Big Bazaar outlets. You can earn points on the purchase of Rupees 100.

So, what is your lifestyle? Choose the credit card that reflects your lifestyle and enjoy your life without any worry and anguish. Pay your credit bills timely. A credit card can affect your CIBIL Score if you don’t pay the bills timely. Hence, enjoy this phase of life and be careful about your credit card.

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