Credit Card Firozabad

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Credit Card Firozabad

About Firozabad

Now you can easily apply for Credit Card FirozabadCredit Card Firozabad with Dialabank. In the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, Firozabad is a city near Agra. In north-central India, Firozabad is located in Uttar Pradesh, 37 km from Agra and about 230 km from Delhi, on the northern edge of the Deccan Plateau, at 27 ° 09 ‘N 78 ° 24’ E. It is the centre of India’s glassmaking industry and is renowned for the quality of the bracelets and also glassware produced there. It lies 540 feet (164 metres) above sea level. The district area is about 0.8 per cent of Uttar Pradesh’s total area, and the population is 1.1 per cent of the total population of the state.

Top 5 Banks that offer Credit Card Firozabad

Among the Firozabad financial institutions that offer credit card Firozabad, the top banks below are:

RBL Bank:

  • RBL Platinum Maxima Card: This card provides plenty of dining, shopping, and travel incentives for its customers. On any purchase, it aims to deliver reward points. 
  • RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card: As the incentive value doubles on weekends, this multiplies the pleasure of shopping and saving with a credit card. This card offers extra value and it offers the best lifestyle deals.

HDFC Bank:

  • HDFC Regalia First: For its holders, this HDFC credit card offers several benefits. On any purchase, there are reward points won, so reward points can be accrued. Later on, you can use these accrued points to get gift cards or pay off the unpaid credit card. 
  • Money-Back HDFC: This is a specific card designed to offer cashback to users from the portion of the amount they spent. Higher savings on more sales are equal. 


  • HSBS Bank Platinum Credit Card: This credit card provides its users with many reward points and shopping advantages, which literally enhances the pleasure of shopping. At the time of issue of this card, the joining fee is not paid as it provides several loyalty schemes and free memberships.

Standard Chartered Bank:

  • Standard Platinum Reward Card: The Credit Card offers high-end services and reward points for its customers. When you use the card to eat, shop, and ride, the card bonus is accelerated by up to five times. 
  • Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card  Super Value: This card charges its customers a very low yearly fee. Valuable discounts and bonus points for each purchase are provided by the most suitable card for strict budget users. 

Private Bank

  • Private Bank Coral Contactless Credit Card: This Coral Contactless Card provides cardholders with exclusive access to airport lounges. It is a special card with a special feature that is a contactless service, which means you only have to wave the card on the card reader and it is done with the payment.

Looking for Bank Branches where you can get information on Credit Card Firozabad

The following are the different banks that provide credit card Firozabad:

Bank Name


Private Bank S.N. Road 284, Imperial Building, Firozabad, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh 283203
Axis Bank Bus Stand, Building No 68, Vimala Tower Agra Road Opposite, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh 283203
HDFC Bank No 54/8, Under Ground Floor, Station Rd, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh 283204
YES Bank D16, Ground Floor, IS Plaza No 527 & 528, SN Rd, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh 283203

Why Apply Online or choose Dialabank for Credit Card Firozabad

Visit and enjoy the following benefits at Dialabank:

  • Gain full online eligibility details in just a couple of minutes.
  • An online programme is available for all of its clients.
  • In the easiest way possible, submit your application using Dialabank.

How you can get credit cards with Dialabank in Firozabad in just three easy steps:

To take advantage of your Firozabad credit card, follow the following steps:

  • By going to the Dialabank website, check the eligibility criteria for a given bank credit card.
  • Now, fill out the online application with the data you need.
  • Instant approval and update will be issued right after submission.

Which are the available credit card Firozabad for Customers?

You get a variety of credit card Firozabad which are as given below:

  1. Travel Cards
  2. Entertainment Cards
  3. Regular Cards
  4. Reward Cards
  5. Fuel Cards

How you can pay for credit card payments or payment options?

Every bank provides its customers with various banking methods to pay off their credit card outstanding amount which is as given below:

  • Fund Transfer
  • Cash or cheque deposit
  • Through Net banking
  • AutoPay

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Card Firozabad:

Following are the important criteria for Credit Card Firozabad:

  • Minimum Age: 21 years.
  • Maximum Age: 65 years.
  • Cibil Score: Strong Cibil score is mandatory.
  • Employment: Either self-employed or salaried individual.
  • Income: Rs.15,000 per month.

Required Income Criteria for Credit Card Firozabad:

  • The minimum threshold for the claimant’s monthly earnings (self-employed or salaried employee) is Rs.15,000. However, the revenue threshold depends on the credit card, with most premium cards requiring higher monthly revenue along with the applicant’s powerful Cibil score.

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FAQs for Credit Card Firozabad

Can I convert my rewards points into cash?

Yes. After the specific reward points are earned, you can turn the reward points into cash. You will get all the details in the bank’s rewards points programs.

✅ Is it necessary to possess a strong CIBIL score for credit card approval?

The CIBIL score is more important for using credit cards since it is a data analysis of the credit history and repayment costs. In the case of a faulty CIBIL ranking, your application may be rejected. CIBIL is an important consideration for getting a card approved.

✅ What all are the advantages of availing a credit card Firozabad?

You get a wide range of advantages for its customers with the acceptance of the credit cards, from banking to travelling together with incentive points on each order. Thus, with these credit cards, shopping becomes more enjoyable.

✅ What are the different kinds of cards available in Firozabad?

  1. Travel Cards
  2. Entertainment Cards
  3. Regular Cards
  4. Reward Cards
  5. Fuel Cards

✅ What are the criteria for the salary of the applicant for Credit Card Firozabad?

The Applicant should earn a min. of Rs. 15,000 a month for credit card approval (self-employed or salaried employee).

✅ What are the steps involved in online card processing with Dialabank?

  • Go to the Dialabank website, check the eligibility criteria for a given bank credit card.
  • Now fill the online application with the required details.
  • Instant approval and update will be provided right after submission.

✅ Will I get the Airport Lounge access on a credit card Firozabad?

On a special Firozabad credit card, you can get domestic and international access to the Airport Lounge.

✅ Is the customer service available in case of any query?

Yes, with Dialabank, the customer-relation managers reach out to the applicant as soon as they register for the credit card. They have swift solutions and 24*7 customer support in the event of any demand.