Credit Card Kamarhati

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Credit Card Kamarhati

About Credit Card KamarhatiKamarhati

Kamarhati is a city and municipality in the Indian state of West Bengal, north of the 24th district of Parganas. It is near to Kolkata and a member of the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) district as well. Kamarhati had a total population of 330,211 as per the 2011 Census of India. 267,267 (87.67 per cent of the population over 6 years) was the total number of literates in Kamarhati.

Top 5 Banks that offer Credit Card Kamarhati

The following are the Banks that provide Credit Card Kamarhati:

American Express

  • American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card: This American express Credit Card Kamarhati has been designed to provide travel and lifestyle spending offers. Dining, shopping, and travelling with various reward points and cashback. 
  • American Express Platinum Travel credit card: This Credit Card Kamarhati offers unique travel rewards, luxurious shopping in speciality shops and luxury stays at discounted rates in luxury hotels. 

HDFC Bank:

  • HDFC Dinerz Reward Credit Card: This is a special shopper-specific Credit Card Kamarhati. Dining, shopping, and lifestyle benefit from this. 
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card: This is a travel card that offers exclusive access to Jet Airways and exclusive dinner club benefits. It is one of the premium cards of high quality available on the market. 


  • HSBS Bank Platinum Credit Card: Users earn lots of reward points and shopping rewards from their customers, which simply improves the experience of shopping. With this card, no joining fee is paid as it offers free memberships to several reward programmes.

Standard Chartered Bank:

  • Standard Chartered Platinum Reward Card: One of the popular shopping cards that offer various regular shopping or spending deals. You get reward points to spend and gift cards with each expenditure after paying from the credit card. 
  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card: The Standard Chartered Bank Card gives you a selection of eating, shopping, and travel deals. The highlighted feature of the card is that it offers shopping privileges and reward points for any expenditure to its customers. 

Private Bank

  • Private Platinum Chip Card (Visa): The perfect lifestyle card that offers you value-added points for all sales and expenses. A special PIN function comes with it. Along with fringe advantages, it is a power-packed card. 
  • Private Bank Ferrari Platinum Card: With the Private Bank Ferrari Platinum Card, customers benefit from exclusive access to Kamarhati airport lounges and movie ticket benefits. This card is presented as part of the Credit Card Ferrari collection.

Looking for Bank Branches where you can get information on Credit Card Kamarhati

The following are the banks that provide Credit Card Kamarhati:

Bandhan bank 84, Feeder Rd, Block-A, Indrapuri, Adarsha Pally, Belghoria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056
Axis Bank  No 75, 2, Feeder Rd, Indrapuri, Beehive Garden, Belghoria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056
Private Bank  9/7, Feeder Rd, Beehive Garden, Belghoria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056
Bank of India 17, 2, Barrackpore Trunk Rd, Rathtala, Kamarhati, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700058

Why Apply Online or choose Dialabank for Credit Card Kamarhati

Visit Dialabank, and your Credit Card Kamarhati gets accepted in a few simple steps. 

  • Compare your credentials online in a few minutes. 
  • It’s really quick the whole process. 
  • Online application forms are available. 
  • Just tap the Submit button and get Dialabank approved for your loan.

How you can get Credit Card Kamarhati with Dialabank in just three easy steps:

The following are the basic steps that must be taken when submitting an online Credit Card Kamarhati application:

  • First, visit the Dialabank site and compare your eligibility online.
  • Complete the application with the personal details necessary.
  • As soon as the application is accepted, you will receive an update.

Which are the available Credit Card Kamarhati for Customers?

The kinds of Credit Card Kamarhati are shown below:

  1. Entertainment Cards
  2. Reward Cards
  3. Premium Cards
  4. Value Cards
  5. Travel cards
  6. Cashback Cards
  7. Fuel cards

How you can pay for Credit Card Kamarhati payments or payment options?

As shown below, you can now pay off your Credit Card Kamarhati through various methods:

  • AutoPay
  • Net banking of any particular bank
  • Cheque or cash at the bank branch
  • Fund transfer

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Card Kamarhati:

The following are the requirements needed for the Credit Card Kamarhati: 

  • Occupation: A self-employed or salaried person must be the claimant. 
  • The Min. Age: The applicant’s minimum age should be 21. 
  • Max. Age: The applicant should belong to the maximum age group of 65 years. 
  • CIBIL Score: It is very important to have a high credit card approval score in Kamarhati. 
  • Income: A minimum of Rs.15,000 per month should be obtained. 

Required Income Criteria for Credit Card Kamarhati:

  • The credit card applicant’s minimum monthly income must be Rs.15,000 or more, which can be either self-employed or salaried. The revenue requirement is dependent on the credit card, with most premium cards requiring higher monthly income along with the applicant’s good CIBIL ranking.

FAQs for Credit Card Kamarhati

What should the applicant’s monthly earnings be?

On a monthly basis, whether the applicant is self-employed or salaried, the claimant should earn up to Rs. 15,000 or more. But the scale can vary depending on the Credit Card Kamarhati you are applying for.

✅Is the CIBIL score relevant for Credit Card Kamarhati?

Yeah, in the process of using Credit Card Kamarhati, the CIBIL score is of utmost significance since it is a data review of your credit history and repayment dues. Your application could be refused in the case of a defective CIBIL score. A significant factor in getting a card accepted is CIBIL.

✅What are the additional benefits of such Credit Card Kamarhati?

You get a wide range of advantages for its users with these Credit Card Kamarhati, from shopping to travelling together with reward points on each purchase. Thus, with a credit card, shopping becomes more enjoyable.

✅ What exactly is the Credit Card Kamarhati clearance process online?

No, three basic steps make the whole process concise:

  • Within a few minutes, confirm your eligibility.
  • It is a process which is very simple.
  • Anything from the helpline to the application form is available online.
  • Just tap the Submit button and get Dialabank approved for your loan.

✅Do we get various types of Credit Card Kamarhati?

Yes, in Kamarhati City, there are a number of credit cards available:

  • Entertainment Cards
  • Reward Cards
  • Premium Cards
  • Value Cards
  • Travel cards
  • Cashback Cards
  • Fuel cards

Are different Payment Methods available for paying Credit Card Kamarhati?

Yeah, for consumer convenience, there are a range of payment options for the Credit Card Kamarhati, as seen below:

  • AutoPay
  • Net banking from any particular bank account.
  • Cheque or cash at the bank branch
  • Fund transfer

What should be the least age requirement for Credit Card Kamarhati approval?

When applying for a credit card in Kamarhati district, the applicant should be at least 21 years old.

Who may I speak to in case of any doubt?

For Dialabank, as soon as they apply for the credit card, the client-relation managers reach out to the applicant. They have swift solutions and 24*7 customer support in the event of any demand.

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