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Credit Card Kurnool

AboutCredit Card Kurnool Kurnool

In Andhra Pradesh, India, Kurnool is the fifth-largest city. It is best known for being Andhra Pradesh’s first capital, formerly known as the State of Andhra (1953-1956). The town is also referred to as The Rayalaseema Gateway. It also serves as its regional headquarters in the district of Kurnool. With a population of 484,327, according to the 2011 census; it is the fifth most populous city in the state. Situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra. Although the area has been inhabited for thousands of years, with the construction of the Konda Reddy Fort, modern Kurnool was founded in the 16th century CE. According to final data from the 2011 census, the urban agglomeration of Kurnool had a population of 484,327, making it the fifth-largest city in Andhra Pradesh state. At the time of the 2011 census, Kurnool’s literacy rate was 77.37 per cent.

Top 5 Banks that offer Credit Card Kurnool

Citi Bank:

  • Citi Rewards Credit Card: It is a very popular Citi Bank loyalty card providing reward points for any purchase or expenditure. The biggest highlight of the credit card is that you will earn reward points for future rewards when the reward points never expire.
  • Citi Bank Premier Miles Credit Card: It is the most appropriate travel credit card in the form of a welcome deal that includes 10,000 bonus air miles.

YES Bank:

  • YES Bank Prosperity edge Credit Card: The best reward card that provides 4 reward points for every Rs. 100 expenditure.
  • YES First Preferred Credit Card: This is a credit card collecting rewards that are ideally suited for all spending reward points. At the time of issuance, the card will earn bonus points worth Rs. 15,000.

American Express:

  • American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card: It is a luxury card that is ideally suited for movies and access to the lounge. This card offers 11,000 loyalty points as bonus points for membership.
  • American Express SmatEarn Credit Card: For online shopping, the most suitable credit card and a range of reward points for all online spending. On Flipkart and Uber, this card also gives you 10X reward points.

State Bank of India:

  • SBI Card Elite: This is the most suitable credit card when we’re talking about travelling and shopping. This card charges its customers a marginal annual fee in exchange for which it offers film tickets worth Rs. 6000 per year, along with several shopping, travel and other spending advantages.
  • SBI Card Prime Advantage: One of the best luxury cards in the world of credit cards, which provides a wide variety of rewards for everyday spending, such as department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping and much more. The card serves the best deal of reward points with a fair annual charge.

Private Bank

  • Private Platinum Chip Card (Visa): You get the latest shopping and other spending deals with this lifestyle card. A special PIN function comes with it. Along with fringe advantages, it is a power-packed card.

Looking for Bank Branches where you can get information on Credit Card Kurnool

Private Bank Panchalinga Block, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 518004
HDFC Bank Sai Durga Cplx, DNo 87/1139, N Reddy Revenue Colony, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 518004
Axis Bank Shop No 20 to 27, 4th Floor, T J Mall NR peta Post office, R S Road, Andhra Pradesh 518004

Why Apply Online or choose Dialabank for Credit Card Kurnool

Visit Dialabank and get all the required credit card details for Kurnool bank. 

  • Every single detail of a bank credit card is online. 
  • Your eligibility can be easily compared online. 
  • Get immediate feedback and accelerated processing. 

How you can get credit card Kurnool with Dialabank in just three easy steps:

Everything you need to do is simply go through the following basic steps:

  • Visit the Dialabank site and compare your eligibility for an online credit card. 
  • In the online application, fill out all the fields. 
  • You can receive updates right after the submission of the document. 

Which are the available credit card Kurnool for Customers?

Credit cards that are required in Kurnool for credit card approval are as follows:

  • Cashback Cards
  • Entertainment Cards
  • Premium Cards
  • Reward Cards
  • Value Cards
  • Travel cards
  • Fuel cards

How you can pay for credit card payments or payment options?

The following are the payment options available for the Kurnool credit card:

  • Cheque
  • Payment via AutoPay
  • Net banking (from a particular bank account)
  • Fund transfer (NEFT/RTGS)

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Card Kurnool:

The requisite requirements for credit card approval in Kurnool are as follows: 

  • Age: The applicant’s age should range from 21 years to 65 years. 
  • Income: The applicant’s income needs to be at least Rs. 15,000 p.m. 
  • Occupation: A self-employed or salaried person must be the claimant. 
  • Cibil Score: For online credit card acceptance, the applicant must have a very strong Cibil score. 

Required Income Criteria for Credit Card Kurnool:

  • For the claimant, Rs. 15,000 pm is the minimum salary criteria. However, it differs from one bank to another, and the form of credit card often makes a difference. In contrast to standard cards, some of the premium cards need high revenue and the cibil score is another significant factor for the same.

FAQs for Credit Card Kurnool

✅ Is the Cibil score an important requirement for the Credit Card Kurnool?

Yeah, the Cibil score plays an important part in the issuance of credit cards. It is the recorded list of the applicant’s prior payment and dues in case of a deficient cibil score that may be refused by the applicant.

✅ What are the advantages of credit card clearance offered to card users?

These credit cards are designed in a way that serves the user in every possible way, from travelling to dining. Different offers for booking movies, booking hotels, booking flights, shopping, and much more.

✅ What could the applicant’s compensation be on a monthly basis?

The applicant’s minimum wage should be Rs. 15,000 p.m..

Give the detailed information of credit card processing in Kurnool.

  • Visit the Dialabank platform to compare your qualifications for an online credit card.
  • In the online framework, fill out all the areas.
  • You can get feedback right after the submission of the document.

✅ Do the customers in Kurnool get various payment options?

Yeah, in Kurnool, consumers get different payment options: 

  • Payment via AutoPay
  • Cheque
  • Fund transfer (NEFT/RTGS)
  • Net banking (from a particular bank account)

What should be the least age for credit card approval in Kurnool?

When applying for a credit card, the applicant should have a minimum age of 21 years and a maximum age of 65 years.

Is customer helpline available for customers having doubt or query?

For Dialabank, as soon as they apply for the credit card, the client-relation managers reach out to the applicant. They have swift solutions and 24*7 customer support in the event of any demand.

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