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Credit Card ProdatturAbout Prodattur

Prodattur City is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh situated on the banks of Penna River. the population of Prodattur at present is more than 217,895 and the population majorly speaks the Telugu language. The economy of Prodattur is majorly driven by gold and cotton business, book manufacturing, and financing. As financing is the major attribute of the city the finance companies to are working on providing the best financial helps to the citizens of Prodattur. Credit Card Prodattur is the answer to all credit needs in Prodattur.

Top 5 Banks that offer Credit Card in Prodattur

Given below are the banks that provide Credit Card Prodattur:

Standard Chartered Bank:

  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card: This is a special cashback and rewards credit card that suits the credit card customers who prefer cashback everyday expenditures. This credit card is best suited for those customers who are looking for hotel and travel benefits.

IndusInd Bank:

  • IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card: It is the best-suited credit card for dining and shopping. The credit card is an all-rounder that gives all-round facilities to its users. Users with multiple travels need and take frequent trips can use this credit card to get many benefits.

RBL Bank:

  • RBL Shoprite Credit Card: This credit card by RBL Bank charges an annual fee of Rs. 500 in turn which provides numerous rewards on shopping along with discounts on movie tickets.

HSBC Bank Credit Card:

  • HSBC Advance VISA Platinum Credit Card: From traveling privileges, to dining and shopping everything is looked after by this credit card in Prodattur. You can easily access the credit card with discounts on selected merchandise.

Yes Bank:

  • YES First Business Credit Card: RBL introduces this reward business credit card to make all your business transactions at an ease. Those applicants who have an annual income of 9 lakh and more should opt for this credit card.

Looking for Bank Branches where you can get information on Credit Card in Prodattur

Bank Name Bank Address
Axis Bank  No. 24, 16, and 18, Gandhi Rd, Sarvakatta, Prodattur, Andhra Pradesh
IDBI Bank Vinayak Nagar, Venkateshwara Pet, Prodattur, Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Bank Gandhi Rd, Venkateshwara Pet, Prodattur, Andhra Pradesh

Why Apply Online or choose Dialabank for Credit Card Prodattur

With Dialabank, You can get your credit card approved in few easy steps.

  1. The procedure is very easy to understand.
  2. The application gets approved in few mins.
  3. The defined information on the credit card of your choice is present online.

How you can get credit cards with Dialabank in Prodattur in just three easy steps:

  1. Go to Dialabank and you can easily compare the online eligibility of the credit.
  2. Fill the online application with the needed information.
  3. Now submit the application and get instant updates on application approval.

Which are the credit cards available in Prodattur for Customers?

  1. Premium Credit Cards
  2. Reward Credit Cards
  3. Value Credit Cards
  4. Cashback Credit Cards
  5. Travel Credit Card
  6. Fuel Credit Cards
  7. Entertainment Credit Cards
  8. Business Credit Card

How you can pay for credit card payments or payment options?

  1. Via AutoPay
  2. Cheque or cash at the bank branch
  4. Net banking

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Card Prodattur:

  • Employment: Either Self-employed or salaried-individual.
  • Age: A minimum of 21 years to a maximum of 65 years.
  • Cibil Score: The cibil score of the credit card aspirant should be very strong for approval.
  • Income: The minimum monthly earning of the applicant should be Rs.15,000.

Required Income Criteria for Credit Cards in Prodattur:

  • A minimum salary of Rs. 15,000 a month is a must for a Credit card Prodattur applicants. Although the income criterion is dependent on the Credit Card, most of the premium cards demand higher monthly income along with a strong Cibil score of the applicant.

FAQs for Credit Card Prodattur

✅ Is the Cibil score of the applicant very important for Credit Card Prodattur approval?

Yes, the cibil score is an important factor that impacts your credit card approval. A strong cibil score helps the applicant to easily avail of the Credit Card Prodattur and in case of a weak cibil score, the application does not get approval.

What should be the minimum age of the Credit Card Prodattur aspirant?

The minimum age of the aspirant for Credit Card Prodattur must be 21 years of age and a maximum of 65 years of age while applying for a credit card in Prodattur city.

What are the benefits of a Credit Card Prodattur?

With the approval of Credit Card Prodattur, the applicant gets a number of benefits on shopping, grocery, traveling, dining, movie tickets, and many more.

What are the necessary steps required for Credit Card Prodattur approval? 

  1. Go to Dialabank and you can easily compare the online eligibility of the credit.
  2. Fill the online application with the needed information.
  3. Now submit the application and get instant updates on application approval.

✅ What are the kinds of credit cards available in Prodattur?

  1. Reward Credit Cards
  2. Value Credit Cards
  3. Travel Credit Cards
  4. Premium Credit Cards
  5. Cashback Credit Cards
  6. Entertainment Credit Cards
  7. Fuel Credit Cards
  8. Business Credit card

What are the payment methods available for the payment of Credit Card Prodattur?

  • Via AutoPay
  • Net banking
  • Cheque or cash at the bank branch

What are the predefined criteria for the Credit Card Prodattur?

Rs. 15,000 or more on monthly basis should be the east amount an applicant should earn for Credit Card Prodattur. But the scale may vary as per the credit card you are applying for.

Who should the card user of Credit Card Prodattur approach for trouble-shooting?

For any assistance that customers require, the customer-relation managers address the problems of the applicant and provide needful solutions to the problem.