Credit Card Siwan

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Credit Card Siwan

About Siwan

Credit Card Siwan

Siwan is a parish town and Nagar parish in the state of Bihar in India. It is the administrative seat of the district of Siwan and one of three of the district’s urban settlements. It is situated near Uttar Pradesh. Siwan had a total population of 135,066 as of the Indian Census of 2011, of which 70,756 were males and 64,310 were females. The population was 18,282 in the 0-to-6 age group. 92,967 were the total number of literates in Siwan, comprising 68.8 per cent of the population with 73.6 per cent male literacy and 63.6 per cent female literacy. The effective literacy rate of Siwan’s 7+ population was 79.6 per cent, of which 85.2 per cent was male literacy rate and 73.5 per cent was female literacy rate.

Top 5 Banks that offer Credit Card Siwan

American Express

  • The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card– The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card offers you free travel rewards. For any expenses, cardholders may earn membership reward points with this card. You may also taste the joy of shopping for luxury items in premium shops and living in luxury hotels.
  • American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card– In terms of travel and lifestyle, this luxury card provides unbeatable benefits. For shopping, dining and travelling, the card has various benefits.


  • HSBC Platinum Credit Card– To make your shopping experience more joyful, this card has various shopping benefits and attractive rewards. With this card, you can get access to various rewards and services without paying any subscription or yearly fees.


  • Private Platinum Chip Card  Visa- The card is protected using the embedded microchip against credit card counterfeiting and duplication. It also has a Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is a great card for everyone.
  • Private Bank Coral Contactless Card- With the passport comes to the Contactless payment technology. You just have to wave the card in front of the card reader to make payments. With the Private Bank Coral Contactless Card, card users can get exclusive access to airport lounges.


  • HDFC Regalia First– The HDFC Regalia First Credit Card comes with special benefits and advantages for its customers. It also offers reward points for all purchases made using the pass. These points can be used to purchase gifts and other items when accrued, and also to pay off the amount due.
  • MoneyBack HDFC– Their MoneyBack Credit Card has been designed to return a portion of what they pay to the cardholder. It indicates that more sales leads to higher savings. This can also be referred to as shopping money set.

Standard Chartered Bank

  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card– The benefits supplied by the card are as enticing as its name. Cardholders will enjoy a range of deals in various categories, such as shopping, dining and travelling. It is a perfect card to suit your lifestyle.
  • Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards card– This card offers the best in class benefits and discounts to the cardholder. It is one of the preferred and prevalent options of the customer. For casual shoppers, it’s quite fitting.

Looking for Bank Branches where you can get information on Credit Card Siwan

You can get information on Credit Card Siwan from the below table:

Bank Name Siwan
HDFC Bank Ground Floor, Anas Plaza Station Road, besides Reliance Digital Mall, Siwan, Bihar 841226
Canara Bank 
Chhapra – Gopalganj Rd, Babuniyamore, Fathepur, Siwan, Bihar 841226
Private Bank Mirja Complex, Rajendra Path, Chhapra – Gopalganj Rd, Siwan, 841226
 Andhra Bank  NH 85, Chhapra Siwan Rd, Babhnauli, Siwan, Bihar 841226
Axis Bank Siwan Dwivedy Colony Near Head Post Office, Bihar 841226
Federal Bank Chhapra Road, ,Near SBI Bank A.D.B) Siwan PO, Siwan, Bihar 841226
Vijaya Bank NH 85, Chhapra Siwan Rd, New Adarsh Nagar, Pal Nagar, Siwan, Bihar 841226
Bandhan Bank Babunia Rd, Babuniyamore, Siswan Tola, Siwan, Bihar 841226

Why Apply Online or Choose Dialabank for Credit Card Siwan

  • Exact eligibility in 2 minutes for a credit card 
  • Paperless shopping for new customers online 
  • Get an E-Approval at Dialabank from Swift. 

How you can get Credit Card Siwan with dialabank in just three easy steps:

  • Instant Eligibility Test
  • The online Unrestricted Unrestricted Framework
  • Receive Prompt E-approval within minutes.

Which are the available Credit Card Siwan for Customers?

  1. Travel Cards
  2. Entertainment Cards
  3. Cashback Cards
  4. Premium Cards
  5. Normal Cards
  6. Reward Cards
  7. Fuel Cards

How can you pay for Credit Card Siwan payments or payment options?

A Siwan credit card client makes payments by using the following channels: Auto Pay, Precise Bank Net Banking, Fund Transfer, Mobile Payments, Cheque or Dropbox, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for a Credit card Siwan:

  • Age 21 For salaried workers / self-employed workers
  • The median age for salaried/self-employed citizens is 65 years.
  • In search of a perfect credit score.

Required Income Criteria for Credit Card Siwan

  • Minimum income-Rs.15000 a month, or based on credit card terms; high-end cards require more income per month and a decent CIBIL ranking.

FAQs About Credit Card Siwan

✅ What are the income guidelines expected for the Credit Card Siwan?

The nominee must have a monthly salary of at least Rs.15,000.

✅ Will I get the Insurance cover on Credit Card Siwan?

Yeah, on exceptional credit cards, you’ll get insurance protection.

How many are Credit Card Siwan categories obtainable?

  • Travel Credit Cards
  • Entertainment Credit Cards
  • Shopping Credit Cards
  • Lifestyle Credit Cards
  • Rewards Credit Cards

✅ How can I use my rewards points?

The bank has created some arrangements for bonus points for that. It is possible to turn your bonus points into currency, movie coupons, etc.

Can I change my transactions from the Credit Card Siwan into EMIs?

Yeah, you can turn your purchases with your Credit Card Siwan into EMIs.

Will I get any participating bonuses on Credit Card Siwan I opt for?

Yeah, there are motivations involved, but the Credit Card Siwan you select depends on them.

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