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EURO is the official currency of 19 out of the total 27 member states of the European Union. This group of the states is also known as the Euro Area or the Euro Zone and it includes around 343 million citizens from the year 2019. It is divided into 100 cents and is one of the second most traded and largest currencies in the foreign exchange market, the first one being the US dollars.

Indian Rupee

INR is the official currency of India and is divided into 100 paise. The issuance of the currency notes of India is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India and it also derives its role in the management of currency according to the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934. A new sign of rupee (₹) was designed by D. Udaya Kumar and it was officially adopted in the year 2010. Before this sign, “Rs” and “Re” was used for rupees and one rupee respectively.

EURO to INR Exchange Rate

Currently, the exchange rate of 1 EURO to 1 Indian Rupee is as follows:

1 EURO= 86.48 INR


Current Exchange Rate of EURO to INR from the last 10 days

The exchange rate of 1 EURO to 1 INR is depicted in the following table:

Date 1 EURO to INR
15 Sep 2021 86.9
14 Sep 2021 87.08
13 Sep 2021 86.82
12 Sep 2021 86.82
11 Sep 2021 86.84
10 Sep 2021 86.93
9 Sep 2021 86.96
8 Sep 2021 87.09
7 Sep 2021 87.03
6 Sep 2021 86.71

EURO has also one of the highest combined values of coins as well as banknotes in circulation in the whole of the world.

There are more than 1.3 trillion euros in circulation as of December 2019. It should also be noted that around 200 million people all around the world use the currencies pegged to EURO. The name of the currency ‘EURO’ was adopted officially on 16th December 1995 in Madrid and after that, it was finally introduced to the World Financial Markets as an accounting currency. It was done on 1st January 1999. The physical banknotes and the euro coins entered in the circulation in the market from 1st January 2002.


By February 2020, the value of 1 EURO equals Rs. 87.273 and the rate of all the foreign exchange are determined after the consideration of demand of the foreign currency, supply of the foreign exchange and determination of exchange rate and also the changes in the exchange rate. Also, the exchange rate is freely determined in a system of flexible exchange rates by the forces such as the supply of foreign exchange and the market demand.

Exchange of 1 EURO to 1 INR in last 30 and last 90 days is depicted in the following table: –

Last 30 Days Last 90 Days


87.233 88.732


86.225 86.225


86.804 87.601


0.21% 0.21%

Handy Conversion Data Table

If you are having any trouble converting some euros to rupees, here is a handy table for you. This table will help you to convert your euros into Indian rupees and vice-versa very easily and in no time.

Euros to Rupees Rupees to Euros
1 EUR 86.3297 INR 1 INR 0.0116 EUR
2 EUR 172.6594 INR 2 INR 0.0232 EUR
5 EUR 431.6486 INR 5 INR 0.0579 EUR
10 EUR 863.2972 INR 10 INR 0.1158 EUR
15 EUR 1294.9458 INR 15 INR 0.1738 EUR
20 EUR 1726.5944 INR 20 INR 0.2317 EUR
25 EUR 2158.243 INR 25 INR 0.2896 EUR
50 EUR 4316.4861 INR 50 INR 0.5792 EUR
100 EUR 8632.9721 INR 100 INR 1.1583 EUR
500 EUR 43164.8607 INR 500 INR 5.7917 EUR
1000 EUR 86329.7215 INR 1000 INR 11.5835 EUR
2500 EUR 215824.3037 INR 2500 INR 28.9587 EUR
5000 EUR 431648.6075 INR 5000 INR 57.9175 EUR
10000 EUR 863297.215 INR 10000 INR 115.835 EUR


✅ What is the EURO worth against the Indian Rupee?

One EURO is worth 86.26 Rupees today.

What are 50 Euros in Rupees?

50 Euros buys 4313.47 Indian Rupees.

Is the Euro going down or up against the Rupee?

As per the exchange rates, the rupee is going down.

What is the exchange rate of 1 euro to 1 rupee and how can one convert it?

You can enter the amount that you want to convert and the currency convertor will automatically update and will give you the number of Indian rupees.

How can convert my euros into rupees and how can I send them to India?

You can convert your euros into rupees easily with the help of a currency convertor or with the help of the handy table mentioned above and you can send it to India in different ways.