Facts About Debit Cards

Some Facts About Debit Cards

Since previous years credit cards are becoming very popular amongst its users but now with time Debit cards have grown its users in the market. Apart from various facilities offered to consumer debit cards have bundled the faith of its users, as it provides its users with full security of usage. Every debit cardholder gets his Personal Identification number.Debit Cards

Listed below are some of the points that could help you know more about debit cards.

You could previously be a Debit cardholder.

It’s true, give a look to your ATM card and if it has a VISA or MASTERCARD printed on it then it is a Debit card, so you are already a Debit cardholder.

Your Debit card will not leave you in Debts.

The basic rule which debit cards follow is they use your present bank balance for making payments of your expenses. Therefore, it is totally based on using your available balance for making payments, so no chance of debts could ever occur under these circumstances.

Your Debit card can still leave you in Debts.

This is the case when your Debit card offers you an Overdraft facility which means that you can spend more than your available bank balance. This is only in this case where you may suffer debts on your debit card.

Be smart enough and set limits to control your spending.

If you are in the habit of uncontrolled expenditure, then act smart and set limits for your debit card. It means you have a facility to set a limit for spending, whose payments is through your debit card, which will help you make an efficient expenditure.

Charges involved while using a Debit card.

Extra charges are to made on using a debit card i.e. some extra charges are cut down from you account balance. As you are using the card for following services: Cash withdrawal fees using other ATM’s other than that of which you carry a card, interest charged while you have used an overdraft facility.

Your Pin alone can not act as a safety wall for your debit card.

Debit cards are considered more reliable in a payment mode as it is secured by a PIN that acts as a safety wall for your card. However, you must be known to the fact that your card and account are still not safe. If in case your security password is known to someone else, you will land up in difficulties.

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