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What voter list means?                                   

In a democratic election, the list of persons entitled to vote is compiled far before the actual election. This list is formally known as the Electoral Roll, but most people call it the Voters’ List. This is a significant step since it connects to the first requisite of free and fair elections. Everyone should be given an equal opportunity to choose their representatives. Furthermore, everyone is entitled to an equal voice in the decisions that impact them.
Every year, the electoral roll is changed to include the names of people who will be 18 on January 1st of that year or who have moved into a constituency and delete the names of those who have died or moved out of a constituency.

voter list

What purpose do voter lists serve?

Voter lists must be: to ensure that qualified voters may vote and that ineligible people are not allowed to vote-

  • Complete: the list includes just those who are eligible and excludes those who are not.
  • Exact: the data on the list is correct. Lists of polling places can be wrong as well if the master voter list is incorrectly derived.
  • Updated: to reflect recent deaths, newly eligible voters, and changes in residency, personal identification, or other voter characteristics, this version has been made current to reflect these changes.

How and by whom is the list of potential voters compiled?

The Election Commission of India compiles the list of registered voters. Therefore, it’s necessary to record a voter’s full name, father’s name, address, and any other relevant information.

What is a universal adult franchise?

Generally speaking, direct democracy (also known as a universal franchise, popular suffrage, and common rights for women of the commoner) allows all adult citizens the right to vote, regardless of their financial situation. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

 Significance of the voter list:-

  • The voter’s list, also known as the Electoral Roll, contains the names of all eligible voters in a given constituency.
  • This guarantees that the Constitution’s guarantee of Universal Franchise will be successfully implemented.
  • Before each election, the list is updated to delete the names of deceased voters and include the terms of new voters (those above the age of 18).

How important is an election photo ID card?

It also serves as generic proof of identity, address, and age for other purposes such as purchasing a mobile phone SIM card or applying for a passport. It also acts as a travel document for land and air travel to Nepal and Bhutan and is known as an Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

FAQs About Voter List

What’s the difference between the Electoral Roll and the voters’ list?

In addition to simplifying voting on election day, electoral rolls and voter registration serve other purposes. For example, to detect electoral fraud, voter registration allows authorities to authenticate an applicant’s identity and right to vote and ensure that the same individual does not vote more than once.

If I apply for my Voter ID online, when will I receive it?

If you apply for your Voter ID online, it will take roughly 30 days to receive it.

Is an Aadhaar card required to link a voter’s ID card?

Yes, it is mandatory to link the Aadhar card to the Voter’s ID card.