TRAI sets deadline as March 31 for HDFC Bank, SBI, and many others for not following the norms :

TRAI has complained to the HDFC, SBI, and many other banks for not following the norms by March 31. After April 1, 2021, you can’t change the norms.
On Friday, it has released the 40 principles which are not followed by many banks like HDFC Bank, SBI bank, and many other big banks. These big banks are also not following the norms. It has been explained that after April 2021, you can’t be able to get them to enhance to change the norms. It is before April 2022 where you have to change the norms said by the TRAI.
TRAI said that “ Sufficient time is provided for the telecom marketing banks and many other HDFC and SBI banks for changing their norms in the telecom regulatory. So if any complaint got after April 2021 will not be accepted, and it will be declared as rejected.”
These TRAI norms are mainly related to blockchain technology and messages, and many more. Here for complaining a complaint against the norms, you should message for the required position in the telecom regulatory.
When a person uses the bank to transfer or receive money, the OTP and the SMSes are sent by the bank based on blockchain technology and many other messages. This process is known as SMSes scrubbing.
When a bank is trying to send messages, the customer is not able to receive them. These are because of some of the problems like content templates are missing and a lot more. Many banks like Punjab national bank, HDFC bank, and many banks face these issues.
So TRAI had decided to held a meeting with the telecoms on March 25, 2021. When the regulators found out the problem is not going messages, the telemarketers will not meet some of the requirements. By all these, the message sare rejected, which is not followed by the many banks.
So TRAI had released many 40 issues faced by the big banks like HDFC and SBI banks. There are also other banks like Punjab national bank and many others.
As there is more time given to the telecoms, if they will not contact, they will then reject.
TRAI helps in getting the fraud and many irrelevant messages coming to the mobiles from the banks. There are a lot of rules which the TRAI should know. It is said to the big banks to make their transaction easily by using them.
In the last few days, many messages are not going to the customers because of all this spam. So TRAI had explained to do a message for rectifying to the banks.


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