Some questions about your credit score answered!

Credit score

Credit score

Previously, lenders were forced to depend on their personal evaluation of a client before offering any loans and the same thing was done in the case of the credit cards. But steadily the circumstances got changed with the accessibility of individual credit details through CIBIL. Now all the lenders can get a hold of details regarding your credit merit from your CIBIL record. So if you will get any loan, including home loan, personal loan, auto loan, credit cards or not, and at what interest will resolute by your credit score. CIBIL, which has been working in this space for a quite long time, now has a client’s records along with their credit scores. With the help of the CIBIL records, most of the loan institutions plunge into this database for evaluating your creditworthiness. Elsewhere across the globe, if you have been discarded a loan on the bank account of having a stumpy credit score then, you have the alternative of approaching choose lenders who focus on lending to borrowers who have freshly come out of awful credit circumstances. But sadly in India, it doesn’t subsist. So it becomes more significant for you to monitor your score to guarantee that your loan does not get discarded on the basis of a meager credit score.


What does a score appear and what is an excellent score?
A credit score is usually a three-digit number varying with a variety of 300 and 900. The higher the score better it is. This score will reproduce all the necessary information from several lenders and across a variety of loans.

What exactly the credit report information enclose?
The report includes all the necessary customer information, including name, id, etc., individual details like date of birth, passport number etc, locality details like home address, particulars of bank financial records including automobile loans, property loans, personal loans, and credit card (past due) accounts, the highest amount of credit sanctioned in case of credit card, overdue amounts, oldest, latest, previous reimbursements, ownership account, plus the total number of times credit statement demanded by the creditor together with the person’s name, inquiry reason, day and sum.

Can my credit score with various agencies remain consistent?
Every single credit bureau might not be comparable, scores are bound to change. All the lenders could not report to all agencies. As well, a rivalry in this space augments, every competitor will desire to commence pioneering products and fresh techniques of imprisoning all the necessary details, which possibly will have an effect on the credit score.

Can I use my score from one agency only?
Most of the nations like the US where individuality credit scores have been proceeding for long, knowledge from market information recommends that the credit account of one agency might totally differ from the other agency. Plus the possibility of having an error in the report of a particular credit agency, which you are able to mark only if you access your credit statement from all the agencies. In the US, many market proof advocates that 25% of the credit news enclose large errors that are sober enough to become the chief reason behind the refutation of credit. So, to make sure about your economic reliability, also defend yourself from any credit reporting faults, it seems reasonable to use your credit details/score from all the agencies.
Do remember, these financial errors are bound to occur because of wrong reporting by lenders or due to human mistakes. You just need to inform the fault to CIBIL with applicable evidence, and if you are not happy with the procedure then, you can file a legal objection with the banking ombudsman’s grievance cell, which will start all the legal procedures against your complaint and assess it from an unbiased stand.

How frequently does my credit score get updated?
Maintaining up to date information about the credit details will be a continuing procedure because lenders always try their best to mail updated information about a credit account to the responsible agencies. It depends on how credit financial records and the person might have made some modifications in the credit statistics. The minute a transformation is noticed in the credit data, it will automatically replicate in the credit score.

Is there any advantage of a superior score to me as a customer?
One of the major advantages of having a superior credit score is that you can anytime utilize it to bargain with the bank and can also ask for multiple constructive interest rates.


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