E-wallets: A New Headache for the Banks

The Indian Banking industry is transforming at a rapid pace. For long the main competition for the banks was only from similar entities and the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) makes sure that the least number entered to compete with them.

an E-wallet is a sort of electronic card which is used for bits of business made on-line through a knowledge processing machine or a computer-helped telephone. Its use is the same as a credit or debit card. an E-wallet needs to be connected with the individual’s bank account to make payments.


On average 1.6 crore credit and debit cards are issued in a year in the country. And this number of mobile wallets is nearly 1.4 crore. It is like comparing oranges and apples. But if you missed apples, at least you can get oranges.

It suggests that if the customers do not get the needed services from their banks then they would make a selection for the readily moved small folders for keeping money, papers in the pocket. “The growth in this space is so like an actor in a play that every-body, banks included, is going to take part in it ( e-wallets ),” says Jairam Sridharan, head of government, and head, do trade with the general public giving for a time and payments at axis bank adding banks can have nothing to do with this space. “we do not know about whether this is going past, through a stage or whether it will go on. The jury is still out on whether this is going to part of the payments roads and systems, in the long run,” he said. E-wallets may become a general rule selection for ruling out the old and wise payment methods for taxi journey prices, domestic help, local traders, and so on.

The rod of wood in a readily moved small folder for keeping money, papers in pocket bits of business is because of, about things not fixed getting-into, mobile commerce, and an opening part of the cheaper the net. because of, the increasing request for the eWallets and the something given for a time growth at a ten-years stage, low banks have no other selection other than going after than something given for a time customers that were before desirable for them.

Indian banking part is already facing questions in terms of bad loans to get back the something given for a time amount back. Now readily moved small folders for keeping money, papers in the pocket are getting more high condition of having general approval in the banking lands ruled over. There is an unclear of doubt that is it really a good idea, or banks are just as if unable to see getting started such telephone operations to take part in the competition with the about equals.

“in harmony with to me, banks pushing out e-wallets is a really bad idea because in fact when a bank already holds my account it already has a small folder for keeping money, papers in the pocket. They are attempting to get around the second-factor checking to make certain by putting up a small folder for keeping money, papers in the pocket. If you have in mind that of it quietly what does a small folder for keeping money, papers in pocket do? A small folder for keeping money, papers in pocket holds money, as do bank bills. But they are enamored by the earth of small folders for keeping money, papers in the pocket,” says Amrish Rau Md, and chief company manager of orange-like Payment. The purpose of the bank accounts is the amount made less, and that of the eWallets is bits of business. So, we can say that this is a new time for the banking Industry. Mobile small folder for keeping money, papers in the pocket, e-transactions, SMS banking, are some angles of this lands ruled over. The group of the same blood has been started. India is going to face many such great changes in the coming time.


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