Railway Budget

At present every individual is looking up to the Railway Budget. Everybody is paying attention to the Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal. Piyush Goyal, who elevated from cabinet minister is going to present a very good number. Nevertheless are you aware of the numbers related to Railway Budget? Here are 10 important numbers that will help you understand the Rail Budget:

  1. 23 million: These digits are the number of passengers come and go through railways every day which is equivalent to the total population of Australia. The total number of passenger trains is 12,617 every day connecting 7172 stations across the country and these figures need to be kept in mind while talking the Railway Budget.
  2. Rs. 26,000 Cr: The amount of losses railways suffer every year by setting aside passenger fares.
  3. $100 billion: Or say Rs. 6 lac Cr is the fund railways need in the next 3-4 years an important aspect of Railway Budget.
  4. Rs. 50,000 Cr: This figure is what railways are likely to get from the Central government as Budgetary support.
  5. 200 km: The average figure of kilometers summed per year to rail route since the national independence. Over the past 67 years, just 13,000 kilometers of rail routes have been added for an entire route of 64,460 kilometers, which stands at the fourth-largest in the world, but much lower than China’s over 1 lakh kilometers.
  6. 67 percent: The contribution of freight in railways earnings. The share of freight carried by railways among total freight carried by all means has diminished from 89 percent in 1950-51 to 31 percent because successive governments have cross-subsidized passenger fares with freight fares. The railways carry 2.65 million tons of freight every day.
  7. Rs. 1.40 lakh Cr or $23 billion: It is the annual revenue of railways each year. Looks like a good number, right? But no this is less than the revenue of state-run companies such as the Indian Oil Corp and ONGCs.
  8. Rs. 1.82 lakh Cr: It is the amount required for the completion of 359 pending projects. In the past 30 years, only 317 of the 676 sanctioned projects have been completed and others require huge funds for completion 

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