Ways of saving money


Ways of saving money

saving money

Everyone wants to save money. “Free” is a word that grabs attention.it does not matter how much money we have the free word is enough to know more about it.

You get things for which you pay, sometimes you can get of the things free of cost. Some ways of saving money are listed below:

Financial Planning: Many people hire a financial advisor to get financial advice. It is important but not always. There are many websites available that can give you free financial advice. Dialabank.com provides certain information like loans, banking information, investment plans, insurance plans, money manager, financial management, and many more. This site also gives you information about credit cards.

Free text message: We spend most of our pocket money to recharge the cell phone with message packages and special recharges. There are many sites like way2sms.com, bytwoo.com, fullonsms.com, And so on through which you can send messages for free. The procedure is so simple you have to create an account. Once created, you can send a lot of messages to your friends without any cost. once if you have created the account you can send lots of messages to your friends without any cost.

Books: In today’s world, the school fee of a school student is too much. It is a big burden on parents. In addition to it, the price of books is high. You can save money by downloading books from various sites for free like questia.com, freebooks.com, And many more helping you in saving money.

Matchmaking: In earlier days, there were traditional ways of matchmaking through friends and relatives. With time, these traditions have also changed. Many matrimonial sites provide you a free trial for matchmaking which can help you in saving money.

Languages courses: Through language, you can express yourself. Many people like to learn different languages. Earlier the people join coaching classes to learn languages. Now these days, you do not need to go anywhere for learning other languages. You can learn it at your own home without paying money. You can learn different languages on livemocha.com. It is a well-liked language learning site where you can learn the languages spoken all around the world.

Free music download: Gone are days when people had to go to the CD store to buy a new music launch. Many sites like songspk.com, Mp3hungama.com, and apps like Savan from which you can download your favorite song. Instead of it, you can see and hear what your friends are listening to; the Spotify app has made it possible. It can be downloaded and installed in your system. 

Free long-distance calls: Is it possible to make long-distance calls for free? Yes, it is possible now these days. No need to get surprised. The technology has made it possible. Even you can see your near and dear by video call. and there are many other apps for video calls 



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