Bajaj Finance FD better than a Bank FD?

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Bajaj Finance FD better than a Bank FD?

Return on investment depends on the state of the economy. In the current situation, the reinstatement of limited pay resources has fallen through, due to measures taken by the central bank. Since February 2019, the RBI has reduced repo levels seven times, thus lowering it by 250 points. The move is mainly aimed at investing in the economy, and to avoid the threat of inflation. Inflation has also prompted the central bank to opt for a lower price.

On December 4, the RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) ruled in favor of maintaining the current repo rate, keeping it at 4%. Even the MPC has also decided to maintain the status quo, at least in the current financial year. This, in turn, means that FD prices in India will remain unchanged. Currently, various government, private and foreign banks offer fixed interest rates ranging from 2.3% to 6%.

  • How should you invest if you have a low-risk desire?

So, if you are a risk-taker, looking for investment in planned investment schemes, what should be your future career? Should you continue to monetize FD schemes? The first step is not to invest in a financial institution that offers a better interest rate compared to planned deposit schemes. Definitely the best option to invest in Bajaj Finance online FD, which offers interest rates up to 6.85%. You should continue to invest in the planned investment programs of a reliable financial institution, as according to industry experts, the current low-interest rate regime will not last forever, and the RBI is less likely to lower repo prices. Planned investment plans continue to remain among the safest investment instruments, and can help you achieve your financial goals. Here’s a look at the reasons for investing in the flexible deposit system offered by Bajaj Finance Limited by looking at other FD bank schemes.

  • Guaranteed benefits

As mentioned earlier, with the reduction in inflation, the return on planned bank deposit schemes could be as low as 2.3%. But with Bajaj Finance schemes planned, you can get access to an attractive return, ranging from 6.60% to 6.85%. Here comes the return on scheduled deposit schemes at various stages, a period of 36 months.

  • Investment security

Before investing your hard-earned money with a fixed deposit, always make it a point to evaluate the risks with the right effort. Unlike other bank deposits, Bajaj Finance’s planned investment schemes are supported by the highest security standards, which are reflected in its ratings. This fixed deposit has a FAAA (stable) rating for CRISIL, and an MAAA (stable) rating for ICRA. Estimates point to the fact that your investment is completely safe and secure with the financial institution.

  • Flexibility in investment

The main focus of Bajaj Finance’s strategic planning schemes is to provide greater flexibility for investors in monetizing. Contrary to bank deposits, where you have to invest a lump sum, Bajaj Finance offers you the opportunity to invest in schemes that are submitted on a monthly basis. With the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP), you can invest a minimum amount of Rs. 5,000 each month for a period ranging from 12 months to 60 months. In addition, the SDP also allows you to select your preferred mode for receiving interest payments: either under a monthly plan or with a single maturity scheme. Under the monthly maturity plan, you can make 6 to 48 investments, each growing as per the selected period. Here, you can find a monthly interest payment post for the full maturity of the deposit. Under one maturity plan, you will receive all of your maturity in one day.

  • Other benefits

In line with the guaranteed refund, Bajaj Finance’s planned deposit schemes also allow you to receive many benefits, such as an automatic renewal facility, a multi-deposit facility, and anti-FD loans. While the offer of automatic renewal offers can help you stay invested longer without manual intervention, a multi-deposit facility allows you to open multiple unchanged deposits with a single check. In the event of you having a financial emergency, you may choose to take out a loan at a fixed rate, without violating your investment. You can also decide your returns in advance by using Bajaj Finance FD Calculator, which helps you know your maturity details before investing. Therefore, unlike FD banking systems, where profits are very low, Bajaj Finance’s fixed deposit offers you many benefits – from guaranteed profits to investment security, to the transition to investing in a range of other profits. Choose to secure your financial future today by investing in the Bajaj Finance deposit system.


I have read the Privacy Policy & Agree to Terms & Conditions and authorize Dialabank & its partner institutions to Call or SMS me with reference to my application.

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