Loan against Fixed Deposit Jammu & Kashmir Bank

Jammu And Kashmir Bank offer loans up to 0% against their own deposit. Note that Jammu And Kashmir Bank won’t offer you a loan against the FD of the other bank. Jammu And Kashmir Bank offers Loan against FD at the speed of 4% to 6.3%. Maximum loan tenure is restricted up to the utmost tenure of the FD.

FAQs about Jammu And Kashmir Bank

✅What is that the highest FD rate for Jammu And Kashmir Bank?

You can earn a maximum interest of 5.30% on Jammu And Kashmir Bank fixed deposits.

✅Are there any special rates for senior citizens FD of Jammu And Kashmir Bank?

Yes, senior citizens get a better rate on their deposits compared to FD rates. the speed of normal FD is within the range of 3.00% to 5.30%. Compared to the presentthe speed of senior citizens FD is within the range of 3.50% to 5.80%.

✅What are the present Jammu And Kashmir Bank FD interest rates 2021?

The current interest for FD in Jammu And Kashmir Bank ranges between 3.00% – 5.30%.

✅Is there any minimum amount that I even have to offer for opening a hard and fast Deposit with Jammu And Kashmir Bank?

The minimum deposit amount required to book an FD with Jammu And Kashmir Bank is.

✅Can I deposit an additional amount in my FD account?

No, you can’t deposit any additional amount in your existing FD account as you’re allowed to deposit just one occasion at the time of opening the account. If you would like to take a position any additional amount in FD, you’re required to open a replacement FD account.

✅Who is eligible for opening an FD account in Jammu And Kashmir Bank?

All resident individuals, HUFs, NRIs, Firms including minors are eligible to open a hard and fast time deposit account.

✅Is it possible to vary the tenure of my existing fixed-time deposit account with Jammu And Kashmir Bank?

No, it’s impossible to change the tenure selected for the fixed time deposit account once the account is opened. However, you’ll close your existing fixed-time deposit account and may open a replacement account with a desired tenure of your choice.