Pallavan Grama Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

⋆ Interest Rate 9.99% ⋆

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      Pallavan Grama Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

      Pallavan Grama Bank FD gives a choice to deposit a single amount sum for a particular period, going from 7 days to 10 years. You can pick any of the residencies offered by Pallavan Grama Bank FD as per your accommodation and monetary target. When you select the residency and deposit the sum in Pallavan Grama Bank_ FD, it will begin procuring an interest dependent on the residency of the deposit. The client is permitted to deposit a singular amount of cash into a fixed deposit just a single time into his FD account at the hour of opening the record with the bank and a short time later he can’t deposit extra cash in a similar FD account.

      Pallavan Grama Bank Fixed Deposit Features

      • Serious interest rates are offered with adaptable FD residencies to suit your venture plan.
      • FD record can be opened on the web or by visiting your closest Pallavan Grama Bank office.
      • No cap on the Maximum Amount of FD
      • FD Tenures: 7 days to 10 years
      • Distinctive interest payout choices like a month to month, quarterly, and so forth
      • Loan/Overdraft against FD office is accessible up to 85% of the FD sum.
      • Simple and quick liquidity choices are accessible.
      • The assignment office is accessible.
      • Tax break of sum up to Rs 1,50,000, through charge saving term deposit, conspire
      • Part withdrawal office and auto-reestablishment offices are likewise accessible
      • Senior residents can appreciate higher interest rate when contrasted with customary residents
      • NRE, NRO and FCNR deposit office is offered by the bank

      Pallavan Grama Bank FD Interest Rates

      Maturity Period Interest Rate (p.a.)
      30 Days 4.50%
      45 Days 4.50%
      60 Days 5.50%
      90 Days 5.50%
      120 Days 6.25%
      6 Months 6.25%
      9 Months 6.85%
      12 Months 7.15%
      2 Years 7.15%
      3 Years 7.00%
      4 Years 7.00%
      5 Years 7.00%
      10 Years 7.00%

      Calculation of Pallavan Grama Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

      Interest on FD for various residencies is determined in after way:

      • Straightforward interest is paid at development for fixed deposit residency of under a half year.
      • Interest is determined on a quarterly reason for fixed deposit residency of a half year and above.
      • Aggregate Interest/re-venture interest is determined each quarter and is added to the Principal to such an extent that Interest is paid on the Interest procured in the past quarter also.
      • In the event of the month to month deposit plot, the interest will be determined for the quarter and paid month to month at a limited rate over the Standard FD Rate