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Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu Today (May 16 2024)

As the global crude oil prices fluctuate, the diesel prices in Tamil Nadu face instability. The state occupies the southern part of India and contributes Rs 15.96 lakh crore of gross domestic product to India’s economy.

Diesel Price in Tamil nadu is ...

Other than the currency exchange rate and global crude oil prices, the factors that determine the diesel price in Tamil Nadu can be explained as large profit margins of oil marketing companies, dealers’ commissions, and State-based VAT.

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Change In Prices of Diesel in Tamil Nadu (Today & Yesterday)

State Today Yesterday Rate Change
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Last 10 days Diesel Rate in Tamil Nadu

Date diesel per Litre

Diesel Price in All Cities of Tamil Nadu

District diesel per Litre

State-wise Diesel Prices

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Diesel Prices in Major Cities

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Trends of Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu for March 2021 (rates per litre):

Month March
Opening date price Rs.86.44/litre
Closing date price Rs.86.08/litre
Highest price Rs.86.44/litre
Lowest price Rs.86.08/litre
Trend Downward
% Change -0.42%


Trends of Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu for February 2021 (rates per litre):

Month February
Opening date price Rs.81.70/litre
Closing date price Rs.86.44/litre
Highest price Rs.86.44
Lowest price Rs.81.70/litre
Trend Upward
% Change 5.80%


Trends of Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu for January 2021 (rates per litre):

Month January
Opening date price Rs.79.18/litre
Closing date price Rs.81.70/litre
Highest price Rs.81.70/litre
Lowest price Rs.79.18/litre
Trend Upward
% Change 3.18


Trends of Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu for December 2020 (rates per litre):

Month December
Opening date price Rs.77.10/litre
Closing date price Rs.79.18/litre
Highest price Rs.71.18/litre
Lowest price Rs.77.10/litre
Trend Upward
% Change 1.77%

Trends of Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu for November 2020 (rates per litre):

Month November
Opening date price Rs.75.98/litre
Closing date price Rs.77.80/litre
Highest price Rs.77.80/litre 
Lowest price Rs.75.98/litre 
Trend Stable
% Change 0%


Trends of Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu for October 2020 (rates per litre):

Month October
Opening date price Rs.76.06/litre
Closing date price Rs.75.98/litre
Highest price Rs.76.06/litre 
Lowest price Rs.75.98/litre 
Trend Downward
% Change -0.10%


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Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu Compared to its Neighbouring States

The diesel price in Uttarakhand today is Rs. 81.5, which is a result of a rising trend in the past months as represented above; the neighbouring states are also showing similar trends of rising fuel prices linked to the worldwide pandemic. Some of the states surrounding Uttarakhand and their diesel price per litre for today are referred to as under:

State Price/litre
Coimbatore  ₹ 86.32
Trichy ₹ 86.32
Vellore ₹ 86.66
Salem ₹ 86.66


₹ 86.46

How often Diesel Rates are Revised in Tamil Nadu

The Diesel rates undergo a regular revision as stated under the new ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing. The international crude oil influences the daily revision of the diesel price in Tamil Nadu regulated by the State-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). The fluctuation of the diesel prices in Tamil Nadu is majorly aligned with global crude oil price trends.

Factors Affecting Diesel Rate in Tamil Nadu

  • One of the most prominent factors impacting the Diesel Rate in Tamil Nadu is the crude oil price. In the crude oil global market, the price is influenced by the geopolitical developments in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
  • The prices are also determined by the political health and geopolitical advancement in the oil-consuming/producing nations.
  • Some nations stock up crude oil to preserve their country’s economic health, especially in the event of a sharp rise in oil prices.

State Taxes and Diesel Price in Tamil Nadu

The value-added tax (VAT) levied by the Tamil Nadu Government is 25% on a litre of diesel, accounting for the second-lowest amidst the lowest Karnataka Government. The revisions in tax rates in 2017 resulted in increasing the diesel rates by Rs.1.70/Lt and petrol by Rs.3.78/Lt.

Effect of GST on Tamil Nadu Diesel Price

As the Goods and Services Tax leaves the fuel segment alone, the diesel prices in Tamil Nadu remain the same. The diesel and petrol prices in Tamil Nadu are still taxed under the old Tax Strategy encompassing both Central and State Government taxes. However, if diesel prices are tailored to GST in the future, a change is sure to be seen in the diesel prices.

News Diesel Rate in Tamil Nadu Today: 

Fuel prices remain stagnant for three days in a row

New Delhi: Fuel prices remained unchanged for the third day on Friday as oil marketing companies decided to keep rates on hold today. The diesel and petrol prices have been subject to a cut thrice in the month of March by 60 paise. However, by the end of the month, no change was noticed.

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FAQ’s For Diesel Rate in Tamil Nadu Today 

✅ How is diesel price updated every day?

The Tamil Nadu government revises the diesel prices in conjunction with the global crude oil prices. With the augment of dynamic fuel pricing in India, the fuel prices are changed just like gold prices. Customers find the current oil prices on the website daily as the petrol pumps update the prices by 6:00 am every day.

✅ What was the trend of diesel price at the beginning of 2018?

The fuel prices dropped initially to  Rs. 72.97 a litre while saw an increment later to Rs. 71.62 a litre.

✅ What is the price of one-litre diesel in Karnataka?

The current Diesel Price in Karnataka is Rs. 85.73. It is subject to fluctuation because of the Dynamic Fuel pricing in our country.

✅ What was the price of diesel in 2020?

The average diesel price was seen to be Rs. 78.27 per litre in the southern part of India.