Petrol Price in Jharkhand



91.55Per Litre

Petrol Price in Jharkhand: Jan 17 2022

The Petrol Price in Jharkhand is

Rs. 98.48/ litre

Petrol Price in Jharkhand – Last 10 Days Data

Date Petrol ( / litre)
13 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
12 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
11 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
10 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
09 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
08 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
07 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
06 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6
05 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.49
04 Nov 2021 ₹ 98.6

Petrol Price in Major Cities of the State

City Petrol Price
Bokaro 98.71
Chaibasa 98.96
Daltonganj 100.43
Deoghar 98.2
Dhanbad 98.41
Dumka 98.79
Garhwa 100.82
Giridih 99.27
Godda 98.9
Gumla 99.36
Hazaribag 99.67
Jamshedpur 98.42
Koderma 99.42
Lohardaga 99.4
Pakur 99.78
Ramgarh 99.02
Ranchi 98.6
Seraikela 98.69

Petroleum Price in Ranchi (per litre)

On the principal day of October 2017, the fuel cost in Ranchi was Rs.71.95. On the end day of the month, the fuel value lessened to Rs.70.67. The most noteworthy fuel cost was Rs.70.05 and the least fuel cost was Rs.69.99 in the month. The cost has fallen by 1.81% in October 2017. In September 2017, the most elevated petroleum cost was Rs.71.87 and the least cost was Rs.70.77. The petroleum cost was up by 1.53% in the month. In August 2017, the most noteworthy rate was Rs.70.69 and the least cost was Rs.69.99. The cost was somewhere near 1.81%.

After the day-by-day update, the petroleum cost in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, was Rs.70.84 per liter on 03 November 2017. The segments of the cost are raw petroleum costs, the state, and focal duties, and the conversion scale. The fuel cost in Jamshedpur, the second biggest city in Jharkhand, was Rs.70.65 per liter after the day-by-day correction on 3 November 2017. How about we make a similar examination of petroleum costs in three significant urban communities in Jharkhand.

Petroleum Prices in Jamshedpur and Dhanbad (per liter)

Petrol PriceBetween 4 September 2017 and 11 September 2017, the fuel rate in Jamshedpur expanded to Rs.71.62 from Rs.71.08. The fuel value decreased to Rs.71.71 from Rs.71.79 between 19 September 2017 and 25 September 2017. In Dhanbad, between 04 September 2017 and 11 September 2017, the petroleum rate expanded to Rs.71.56 from Rs.71.01. The fuel value at that point diminished to Rs.71.64 from Rs.71.73 in the city between 19 September 2017 and 25 September 2017. The fuel rate on the whole of the urban areas in Jharkhand was pretty much something similar.

How are Petrol Prices in Jharkhand Revised?

  1. Dynamic fuel evaluating has been embraced in India in the wake of running a 40-day pilot in five Indian urban areas. Since 16 June 2017, all gas stations across the state have been changing fuel costs (petroleum and diesel rates) consistently. Dynamic fuel valuing is on the other hand alluded to like the everyday modification. The United States of America, Japan, Australia, and Germany likewise follow the day-by-day amendment framework. India gets these nations together with the presentation of dynamic fuel evaluation.
  2. The fuel evaluating is done in a state of harmony with worldwide raw petroleum costs and the INR/USD change rate consistently. Along these lines, everyday varieties in the INR/USD conversion standard and unrefined petroleum costs can be right away moved to end customers. In the prior fortnightly correction, the fuel estimating depended on the normal cost of raw petroleum rates and the conversion scale. This is the manner by which dynamic fuel evaluating varies from the fortnightly amendment.

Trend of Petrol Price in Jharkhand for February 2021 (rates per liter)

  Petrol Price
1st February Rs.84.80
28th February Rs.88.95
     The highest rate in February Rs.88.95 on February 28th
      Lowest Rate in February Rs.84.80 on February
         Overall performance Rising
                               Change +4.67%


Trend of Petrol Price in Jharkhand for January 2021 (rates per liter)

Petrol Price 
1st January Rs.82.80
31st January Rs.84.80
The highest rate in January Rs.85.12 on January 29th
Lowest Rate in January Rs.82.80 on January
Overall performance Rising
% Change +2.36%

Trend of Petrol Price in Jharkhand for December 2020 (rates per liter)

Petrol Price
1st December Rs.81.92
31st December Rs.83.21
The highest rate in December Rs.81.92 31st December
Lowest Rate in December Rs.81.86 on December 2nd
Overall performance Rising
Change +1.55%

Trend of Petrol Price in Jharkhand for November 2020 (rates per liter)

Petrol Price
1st November Rs.81
30th November Rs.82.03
Highest rate in November Rs.82.03 on November 30th
Lowest Rate in November Rs.80.73 on November 7th
Overall performance Rising
Change +1.26%

Trend of Petrol Price in Jharkhand for October 2020 (rates per liter)

Petrol Price
1st October Rs. 81
30th October Rs. 82
Highest rate in October Rs. 82.03
Lowest Rate in October Rs. 82.73
Overall performance Rising
Change +1.26%

Trend of Petrol Price in Jharkhand for September 2020 (rates per liter)

Petrol Price
1st September Rs.80.91
30th September Rs.80.86
The highest rate in September Rs.81.12
Lowest Rate in September  Rs.80.73
Overall performance  Falling %
Change -0.06%

Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Jharkhand Between January and March 2019

July August September
Opening date price Rs.75.91 a liter Rs.76.50 a liter Rs.78.22 a liter
Closing date price Rs.76.45 a liter Rs.78.19 a liter Rs.81.99 a liter
Highest price Rs.77.01 a liter recorded on the 15th Rs.78.19 a liter recorded on the 31st Rs.82.10 a liter recorded on the 29th
Lowest Price Rs.75.72 a liter recorded on the 2nd Rs.76.50 a liter recorded on the 1st Rs.78.22 a liter recorded on the 1st
Trend Upward Upward Upward
% Change 0.72% 2.21% 4.82%


Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Jharkhand Between October and December 2018

October November December
Opening date price Rs.82.29 a liter Rs.76.33 a liter Rs.70.98 a liter
Closing date price Rs.76.47 a liter Rs.71.26 a liter Rs.68.02 a liter
Highest price Rs.82.49 a liter booked on the 4 October 2018 Rs.76.33 a liter booked on the 1 November 2018 Rs.70.98 a liter booked on the 1 December 2018
Lowest Price Rs.76.47 a liter booked on 30 and 31 October 2018 Rs.71.26 a liter booked on the 30 November 2018 Rs.68.02 a liter booked on the 31 December 2018
Trend Downward Downward Downward
% Change -7.07% -6.65% -4.17%

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News Snippets 

  • Oil costs extended by 28 paise in the public capital on 6 December. OMCs extended the expenses of petrol across all of the metros in India on 6 December 2020. In Delhi, oil rates were moved by 28 paise. Oil costs have been extended for the fifth day in a row across all of the metros. Petrol rates are particular in each state by virtue of VAT. OMCs, change the expenses of oil reliably. Following the extension, the invigorated expenses of petrol in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are at Rs.83.41, Rs.90.05, Rs.84.31, and Rs.82.79 for a liter, independently. Since India imports, more than 80% of its unpleasant essentials, the assessment of the rupee against the dollar and the crude oil costs in the worldwide business areas choose the expenses of petrol in the country.
  • Oil and diesel costs hold predictable in the country. On 10 July, the expense of petrol and diesel remained reliable in the metro metropolitan networks in the country with no evaluation seen. The assessment of petrol has been unaltered for 11 successive days, after it was extended by 5 paise per liter on 29 June. Diesel costs were last extended by 25 paise per liter in the National Capital Region on 7 July which took the expense of the fuel to its most raised ever at Rs.80.78 per liter. The assessment of petrol was reliable at Rs.80.43 per liter in the National Capital, according to the Indian Oil Corporation.
  • The expense of diesel has been changed and extended on various occasions and the speed of oil has been extended on different occasions. The full-scale development in petrol and diesel costs since the start of the cycle on 7 June has been Rs.9.17 and Rs.11.39 separately. The assessment of diesel has been moving higher than that of petrol. The assessment of fuel in Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata are unaltered moreover. The expense of diesel and oil in the country is directed by the crude petrol and new exchange rates and shifts beginning with one state then onto the following in light of VAT added.


✅ What is the price of 1-liter petrol in India?

The petrol price in India traded at Rs 91.17 per liter in New Delhi, Rs 91.35 per liter in Kolkata, Rs 97.57 per liter in Mumbai, and Rs 93.25 per liter in Chennai.

✅In which state of India petrol the price is lowest?

Goa has the lowest petrol price in India at ₹ 54.94 per liter. Agartala has the highest diesel price in India at ₹ 94.76 per liter.

✅What is the cost of 1 Litre of petrol in the USA?

Gasoline price per liter in selected countries – June 2020. In June 2020, the gasoline price per liter in the United States stood at 0.55 U.S. dollars, the cheapest among the selected eight countries.