Petrol Price in Kolkata

Petrol Price in India (₹/L)
88.66Per Litre

Petrol Price in Kolkata: Sep 21 2021

Petrol prices in Kolkata are steadily increasing as prices of crude oil have been firmly moving ahead with the trend. It is more vital to check todays petrol price in Kolkata worth Rs. 91.41 (19th February 2021). If you are looking forward to have a long run, you must be aware of the petrol and diesel prices that revised on the regular intervals. The rupee has also dropped down lower against the dollar. It is anticipated that the government can reduce excise duties to enable rates to become more cheaper in the coming days. 

Last 10 Days Petrol Rate in Kolkata

February 18, 2021 91.11 0.33
February 17, 2021 Rs. 90.78 Rs. 0.24
February 16, 2021 Rs. 90.54 Rs. 0.29
February 15, 2021 Rs. 90.25 Rs. 0.24
February 14, 2021 Rs. 90.78 Rs. 0.28
February 13, 2021 Rs. 90.01 Rs. 0.29
February 12, 2021 Rs. 89.44 Rs. 0.28
February 11, 2021 Rs.89.16 Rs. 0.24
February 10, 2021 Rs. 88.92 Rs. 0.29
February 09, 2021 Rs. 88.63 Rs. 0.33

Historical Petrol Price in Kolkata

1st February Rs. 87.69
19th February Rs. 91.41
Highest rate in February Rs. 91.41 on February 19th
Lowest rate in February Rs. 87.69 on February 1st
Overall Performance Rising
% Change +4.07%

Petrol prices in Kolkata changes on the regular intervals of 24 hours. The recent revision began from June 15. It provides some respite against the increase in prices. To regularly monitor daily prices of petrol in Kolkata you can visit to Dialabank.

The major reason why petrol prices in Kolkata changes every day due to the change in crude oil prices in international market. When crude oil in the foreign markets gain a huge traction. It influences domestic firms to showcase higher prices. Crude oil prices are expected to drop down to $40 due to the dependency on the movement of the rupee against the dollar. When the rupee is strike higher it influences petrol price much deeper. 

Petrol Price Hike in Kolkata

Due to the increasing supply fo crude oil in the US market, petrol prices in India are two major components for fuel prices. This results to higher global crude oil prices and taxes by the Indian government. 

In Kolkata, petrol consumption has raised up to six percent in 2017. The reason behind this is the automobile industries are looking forward to expand their products with maximum significant rates to customers with high paying EMI schemes and attractive offers on two-wheeler and four-wheeler. These are the major factors for a steady rise in petrol price in Kolkata. Petrol prices are estimated to project the maximum traction in the near future. 

How prices of petrol vary daily in Kolkata?

There are several factors associated with the prices of petrol in Kolkata. The dollar movement against a basket of currencies and other Indian crude basket is linked to international prices. When global prices are raised, it gets reflected in Kolkata petrol prices. Today’s petrol prices majorly depends on currency movement and international crude prices both. 

How to estimate petrol prices in Kolkata?

The forecast of petrol prices in Kolkata is impossible to arrive beforehand. As crude prices in the global market, rupee-dollar currency exchange rate, demand and supply, logistics, taxes levied by state governments and several other factors are highlighted before arriving at the final price of the petrol in Kolkata. The costlier price in the overseas market shoot up the prices of petrol in India as the country relies on exports for oil to meet its domestic requirement.