Petrol Price in Trivandrum

Petrol Price in India (₹/L)
88.66Per Litre

Petrol Price in Trivandrum: Sep 26 2021

Petrol prices in Trivandrum are steadily increasing as prices of crude oil have been firmly moving ahead with the trend. It is more vital to check todays petrol price in Trivandrum worth Rs. 92.07 (19th February 2021). If you are looking forward to have a long run, you must be aware of the petrol and diesel prices that revised on the regular intervals. The rupee has also dropped down lower against the dollar. It is anticipated that the government can reduce excise duties to enable rates to become more cheaper in the coming days. 

Last 10 Days Petrol Rate in Trivandrum

February 18, 2021 Rs. 91.76 Rs. 0.34
February 17, 2021 Rs. 91.42 Rs. 0.41
February 16, 2021 Rs. 91.91 Rs. -0.09
February 15, 2021 Rs. 91.10 Rs. 0.32
February 14, 2021 Rs. 90.78 Rs. 0.23
February 13, 2021 Rs. 90.55 Rs. 0.53
February 12, 2021 Rs. 90.02 Rs. 0.06
February 11, 2021 Rs. 89.96 Rs. 0.48
February 10, 2021 Rs. 89.48 Rs. 0.65
February 09, 2021 Rs. 88.83 Rs. -0.17

Historical Petrol Price in Trivandrum

1st February Rs. 87.94
19th February Rs. 92.07
Highest rate in February Rs. 92.07 on February 19th
Lowest rate in February Rs. 87.94 on February 1st
Overall Performance Rising
% Change +4.49%

Petrol Price in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a metropolitan city and is the capital city of Kerala. It is nation’s main hub for IT sector. The city contributes over more than 50 percent of software exports from the state. It offers resident to plenty of temples and educational facilities. Most of the public transport network system operates by both state-owned and private buses in the city. Auto rickshaws and taxi cabs are largely tourist transportations. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers have become a major part of the transportation in the city. 

With the increasing population, the means of transportation in Trivandrum wholly depends on fuel to helps the economy and transportation up to the mark. In Trivandrum, most of the fuel stations are operated by State-owned oil marketing firms such as Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, and Indian Oil. The price of petrol in Trivandrum is modified regularly and it is even important to recognize how the price of petrol is calculated. 

Major modifications in the price of International Crude Oil

India purchases crude oil from oil-producing countries. In case of any changes in the cost of crude oil on the international market, it influences the petrol price of Trivandrum. The adjustment in global crude oil occurs when there are huge cuts in production. For instance, when there is a hike in crude oil, there can be a supply shortage. Leading oil marketing companies are expected to pay a higher price to buy the refined oil. This increases the price of petrol in Trivandrum. 

Rupees and Dollar Exchange Rate

Oil marketing companies are acquiring crude oil in US dollars. The rise or contraction of the value of the dollar. It affects the price of the petrol. The dollar value will increase the petrol price in Trivandrum in other cities in the country. 

Applicable Tax

Most of the major factor influencing the price of petrol is the taxation. Though excise duty is charged by the central government, the states VAT on fuel including petroleum products. The adjustments in taxes might impact the price of fuel in the region. 

Dealer Commission and profits

Oil marketing companies purchase and refine the firms that adds profitability along with other production costs and selling it to dealers around the nation. Dealers or holders of gas stations, distribute and operate the fuel station keeps a standard margin prior to supplying the product to the end user.