Indane Gas New Connection

Indane Gas New Connection

The ease and protection it provides, liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, has become the most commonly used household fuel. LPG is not only a cost-effective fuel, but it is also simple to use and store. Indian Oil introduced LPG in India in the early 1970s under the brand name Indane, which is now one of the world’s common packed LPG brands. Since the launch of Indane LPG in the 1970s, millions of lives have been changed using a cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel source.

Via its extensive distribution network, Indane meets the ever-increasing needs of 5.8 million customers across the country, delivering over 1.20 million cylinders daily. Indane has over 45 Area offices to help meet the needs of its customers. Indane Gas supplies LPG cylinders to over 57.41 million people through its network of over 5500 distributors. Furthermore, rural and semi-urban markets account for 27% of Indane’s overall customers. Indane is responsible for every second LPG Cooking Gas Cylinder link in India; if you want to learn more about applying for a new gas connection, continue reading to learn more about the networks and procedures for obtaining a new cooking gas connection from Indane.

How to apply for an Indane gas connection?

Indane Gas services are available via the web portal, SMS, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), and direct communication with the distributor for prospective and current customers. Individuals can apply for a new Indane gas link either online or offline.

  • The following sections explain how to apply for an Indane gas link both online and offline.
  • Indian Oil Corporation launched the e-SV and SHAHJ schemes as part of the Digital India initiative, allowing customers to apply for an Indane Gas Booking online.

How to apply offline for Indane gas connection

  • Customers may also apply for a new Indane Gas link in person at a dealer office near them.
  • To apply for a new Indane Gas link via your local Indane Gas distributor, follow the simple steps outlined below.

How to apply online for Indane gas connection

The e-SV, or electronic subscription voucher, contains information about the pressure regulator and the number of cylinders given to the consumer in exchange for the security deposit. This document is sent to the customer via email once the LPG connection has been issued.

  • The process flow for SAHAJ and the e-SV system to apply for a new Indane Gas Connection online is shown below.
  • The customer fills out an online KYC form and uploads supporting proof of address and proof of income documents to apply for a new LPG gas link.
  • Indane Gas will conduct an online check of inter-company KYC document copying.
  • A waitlist will be generated for applications that have passed the dedupe.
  • The waitlist will be issued to the concerned distributors after verifying the submitted KYC information against the POA and POI.
  • Prospective customers are notified via email and SMS to complete the request and choose the appropriate equipment and payment method. The consumer can make an online payment by using a debit card, credit card, or net banking method.
  • Alternatively, the consumer will pay for the gas link when visiting the dealer showroom.

Documents required to avail a new gas connection

Customers will be expected to send certain KYC documents for their application to be processed when requesting a new Indane Gas link. If the customer applies electronically, the KYC documents are attached, and if the customer applies in person at the distributor’s showroom, the documents mentioned below are submitted with the application form.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Submit Lease Agreement
  • Recent telephone, water or electricity bills
  • Passport
  • LIC policy
  • Bank account statement or credit card statement
  • House registration document
  • Flat possession letter

Indane gas products

There are various products that are available:
  • 14.2kg Non-Subsidised Domestic LPG Cylinder Under DBTL Cash Transfer.
  • 14.2kg Non Subsidised Domestic LPG Cylinder Without Subsidy.
  • 14.2kg Subsidised Domestic LPG Cylinder (for DBTL exempted market only)
  • 19kg Non-Domestic LPG Cylinder.
  • 5 kg Non-Domestic LPG Cylinder.


What are the services offered by Indane gas?

Indane Gas distributors offer value-added services to their customers in the form of high effective thermal LPG stoves, Suraksha safety hoses, and BIS certified portable fire extinguishers.

If I have a question about my Indane LPG link, who should I contact?

Call the customer service number for your area if you have any questions about your Indane gas link. These are available at all times of the day. You may also contact a company officer, whose contact information is available on the Indane website.

What is Indane Preferred Time Delivery, and how does it work?

LPG cylinders are usually shipped based on booking numbers. Preferred Time Delivery, on the other hand, allows you to choose a delivery slot on a day of your choosing for an extra fee. The fees are determined by the time of day chosen.

Do Indane’s goods go through a safety inspection? If that’s the case, when will it happen?

From the safety pipe to the regulator and stove or hotplate, Indane conducts a safety audit of all its items. You must schedule an Indane mechanic visit once every two years for the audit. The mechanic will examine the entire LPG system thoroughly.