Jana Small Finance Bank gold loan: Up to 90% LTV to be offered

Jana Small Finance Bank today announced 90% LTV (Loan to Value) on Gold Loan with the most unbeatable rate per gram of Rs. 4219. The LTV announcement is in line with the Reserve Bank of India’s approval to allow only the Commercial Banks to offer 90% LTV on Gold Loan.

This from Jana Bank provides an excellent opportunity for customers to get a very high loan rate with the same gold ornaments at the same time. To remain faithful to the bank’s promise to repay the hard earned money of its customers, the Bank also offers a gold loan at a low interest rate starting at 0.92% per month and offers up to Rs. The 2 lakhs make it a truly invincible package. Commenting on the announcement, Sandeep Arora, Head of Marketing & Products, said, “This initiative from the bank in line with the RBI’s announcement of organized commercial banks alone will allow our customers to get a 20% higher loan with the same amount of gold.”

“As a bank we believe in building relationships with our customers and define our accounts as ‘Khata Nahi, Nata’ which strengthens our focus on customer relationships through mere transaction transactions. Finance Bank is a commercial bank organized by more than 40 customers and served by 15000+ employees in more than 400 bank branches and 200 asset centers in 22 provinces and union areas.

The bank has been working with sub-bank customers for a variety of products including balance-saving accounts, attractive interest deposits, free loans and affordable housing loan schemes. About Jana Small Finance Bank: Jana Small Finance Bank, then Janalakshmi Financial Services (JFS), has its headquarters in Bangalore and has been in existence for more than a decade.

It is one of 10 financial institutions that received major approval from the 2015 Small Bank Bank RBI. Jana Small Finance Bank received final banking license in April 2017; launched the banks on March 28, 2018. Currently, the bank serves 40 lakh customers in 22 provinces and the Regional Union of India. Its vision is to become a leading, inclusive bank that serves clients and aspiring Indian communities.

In 2018, Capital Finance International (CFI.co) judged Jana Small Finance Bank as The Best Inclusive Financial Services – India 2018 in London. In 2017, JFS was listed in ‘Fortune – Top 500’ as the largest company in India and was awarded as Distinctive Goodwill Brand of India in 2017. That same year, CNBC awarded JFS for Best Financial Sector Transaction ADB Private Sector. In 2016, VC Circle awarded JFS the company ‘Best Financial Services in India’. In 2015, Palladium introduced JFS to the 2015 Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame. It is regarded as the Outstanding Prize for Crafting and the oldest Balanced Scorecard prize plans and programs.

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