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    Deutsche Bank gold loan

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Key Features – Apply Now

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate Starting 7% per annum
    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Rate Per Gram Rate Per Gram Today is ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621
    Deutsche Bank Gold Requirement Minimum 18 Carat
    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Processing Fee 1% of the Principal Loan Amount
    Deutsche Bank Maximum Loan Amount Up to Rs. 1 Crore
    Deutsche Bank Minimum Loan Amount 75% LTV on Your Gold Market Price
    Deutsche Bank Prepayment Charges 2%+GST (Within 3 Months), 0 (After 3 months)
    Deutsche Bank Repayment Tenure 6 Months to 60 Months
    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Schemes Bullet Payment Scheme, EMI Scheme

    About Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    An applicant’s trust, satisfaction, capital, is important for the bank also, so it never overlooks the emotions of people applying for a Gold Loan and gives assurance and worthiness to its applicants for a safe and secure gold loan and helps the applicants in their rough and tough times through this Deutsche Bank Gold Loan. Deutsche Bank Gold Loan is one with a cheap rate of interest and also the fastest one. 

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan with no EMI tension and an easy and faster approval prove itself to be a very trouble-free loan facility. Deutsche Bank Gold Loan gives capital for education, holiday, agricultural needs, or other requirements. Indeed, Deutsche Bank is one of the most trustworthy banks in India. Various banks provide us with gold loans but Deutsche Bank Gold Loan comes at the top because of its assurance towards people’s safety.

    • The rate of interest is 7.0% per annum for the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan
    • Per Gram rate of the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan is ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621.
    • Period for reimbursement of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan is up to 10 years after 1-year renewal
    • The processing fee is 1% + GST for the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    Loan one can get through Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    Rs 5,121 is the rate of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Per Gram. In a maximum way, 22-carat ornaments are calculated with an LTV of 75%. There are changes in the price of the god as per the loan per gram daily.

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Per Gram – updated January 2021

    Updated - Gold Loan Per Gram Rate w.e.f Jul 24 2021

    Gold Weight Gold Purity
    24 Carat
    Gold Purity
    22 Carat
    Gold Purity
    20 Carat
    Gold Purity
    18 Carat
    1 gram 4621 4290 3900 3510
    10 gram 46210 42900 39000 35100
    20 gram 93600 85800 78000 70200
    30 gram 140400 128700 117000 105300
    40 gram 187200 171600 156000 140400
    50 gram 234000 214500 195000 175500
    100 gram 468000 429000 390000 351000
    200 gram 936000 858000 780000 702000
    300 gram 1404000 1287000 1170000 1053000
    400 gram 1872000 1716000 1560000 1404000
    500 gram 2340000 2145000 1950000 1755000

    Why Choose Deutsche Bank Gold Loan?

    Several financial service providers and non-financial institutions provide Gold Loan. But why choose Deutsche Bank Gold Loan? Here are some reasons:

    • From the financial service provider, there is a commitment towards the applicants.
    • The loan amount minimum is of thousands and maximum till 1 crore.
    • Quick processing.
    • CIBIL score or credit score is not important.
    • Rapid processing and withdrawal
    • The cheapest rate of interest
    • Applicant-friendly documentation.
    • Availability of a payment option as per the applicant’s suitability. 

    Advantages of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    Advantages of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan via Dialabank

    1. Immediate Gold Loan – The total loan in Deutsche Bank Gold Loan starts from Rs 10,000 till Rs 1 crore.
    2. Gold Jewels – The loan can only be taken on loan junks.
    3. Loan Period – A maximum period of 10 years time is available while applying for a gold loan.
    4. Gold Value – For estimating the purity of gold a qualified person will be appointed by the Deutsche Bank.
    5. Safety and Care – After the purity of gold is checked it gets sealed in a pouch, packs, and places in the dome of the bank. The applicant stays in front when all of these things happen. This assures them that the gold is safe with the bank.
    6. Endorsement Duration – It takes only 30 mins to get a gold loan.
    7. If an applicant has an existing account in Deutsche Bank then there are special offers for the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan.
    8. The LTV ratio is fixed at 75% at RBI.
    9. The order for the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan is the same for all the applicants who are 10 years.
    10. The bank offers Deutsche Bank Gold Loan for farming doings at inferior interest rates.
    11. Deutsche Bank charges up to 0.50% of the principal amount as Foreclosure charges.

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Eligibility

    Age 18-75 years
    Requirements Gold ornaments (18-22 carats)
    CIBIL score Above 500

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan rate of interest, Charges

    Gold Loan Interest Rate 7% per annum
    Processing Fee 1% of the loan amount
    Renewal Fees Rs 250- Rs 500 (depending on the loan amount)
    Loan Amount ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 1 crore
    Prepayment Charges 1% of the outstanding principal amount
    Document Charges Rs 199 (for loans up to 1-year tenure)

    Documentations required for Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    Identity Proof Aadhaar Card/ Passport/ Voter ID (Anyone)
    Residence Proof Aadhaar Card /Pan Card/ Ration Card/ Utility Bills on the name of the applicant/ Rental Agreement of applicant/ Voter ID card (Anyone)
    Agriculture Proof ( if applicable) Agriculture Land Ownership Proof
    Photographs 2 Passport sized (Coloured)

    Types of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    • Buller Repayment – When it comes to the repayment of a loan this is the short-duration loan against gold. For the entire time of the loan, the debtor has to pay the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan. The reimbursement is to be done in the loan period.
    • Overdraft Facility – This is mostly used by self-employed individuals as per the candidate’s fund requirements for business people. In this category, an individual can take a loan for their needs and requirements.
    • EMI Facility – Here, the reimbursement of the loan payment can be done against gold. In this, an applicant has to pay every month in the form of monthly payments. This is the sum of the principal amount and Deutsche Bank.

    Apply Online for the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    Applying online with Dialabank is not a very hard process. It’s very simple and a 2-minute process where after logging in, a bank representative will contact you.

    • Visit the Dialabank page from google.
    • Start filling the gold loan form with all the information they are asking for.
    • The representative from the bank will contact you on the contact number given.
    • Choose the loans per your requirements and take the benefit of Dialabank service.

    How to Pay Your Deutsche Bank Gold Loan EMI?

    Your development of the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan can be restored in three different ways.

    1. Standing Instruction (SI) – If you are the current applicant in the bank this is the best way to pay your Deutsche Bank Gold Loan. The amount of EMI will be charged by the end of each month from the Deutsche bank.
    2. Electronic Clearing Service –  This will help your EMI to be charged as a result until the end of the monthly cycle from this record if you are a non-capital first bank then use this method.
    3. Post-Dated Checks – From a non- Deutsche Bank one can submit an expired EMI check to the adjacent Deutsche Bank loan branch. The collection of Post-Dated Checks will be at non-ECS locations.

    Gold Ornaments accepted by Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    • Only 18 and 22 carats of gold are accepted by Deutsche Bank Gold Loan
    • Only gold jewelry is acknowledged as security by Deutsche Bank Gold Loan.
    • Imprinted coins are not approved.

    Use of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan

    • Faster processing – The gold loans are described as one of the most secured loans. There are no major documentation required, no guidelines, and thus makes it faster.
    • Lower Gold Loan Interest Rate – The gold loans are the most secured with affordable interest rates on the loan amount in comparison to the personal loans.
    • Multipurpose – There are many purposes for which you can use this loan like be it for weddings, holidays, medical bills, and more.
    • Business Purpose- One can also take a Deutsche Bank Gold Loan for shopping, generating sales, and much more.
    • Agricultural Purpose- There are distinct interest rates on the gold loans for cultivation tenacity.

    Benefits of Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Scheme

    • Up to ₹ 25,000, there is no processing fee.
    • A minimal amount of Rs 300 or 0.30% of the loan amount on the amounts above 25,000 till 5 lakhs.
    • A minimal amount of Rs 1500 or 0.28% of the loan amount on the amounts more than 5 lakh till less than 1 crore.


    Deutsche Bank Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme

    Scheme Deutsche Bank Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme
    Interest Rate  Starting from 7% per annum (depends on the sum of the loan 
    Least amount of Loan Depends on the value of the jewel which is being kept as security 
    Loan period Adjustment of advance sum inside 2 months from the date of reap of yields

    Benefits of Deutsche Bank Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme

    • Up to ₹ 25,000, there is no processing fee.
    • A minimal amount of Rs 300 or 0.30% of the loan amount on the amounts above 25,000 till 5 lakhs.
    • A minimal amount of Rs 1500 or 0.28% of the loan amount on the amounts more than 5 lakh till less than 1 crore.

    Deutsche Bank gold loan Interest Rate for Different Scheme

    Deutsche Bank gold loan development for horticultural needs under two different categories of Bumper Agri Jewel Loan and other Agri Jewel Loan. The price for the two classes are:  

    For Bumper Agri Jewel Loan For Other Agri Jewel Loan Products
    Fixed: 8.50% starting from 11.50 %

    Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Overdraft Scheme

    The loan amount is provided in the overdraft facility. It works as a Credit Card so the Gold Loan Amount can be spent as per the choice of the borrower. The overall loan amount has a Credit/Loan Limit. The interest is charged only on the amount that is used.

    Please Note RBI has decided to increase the LTV ratio for Gold Loan from 75% to 90% till 31st March 2021.

    FAQs About Deutsche Bank gold loan

    What are the documents required for the Deutsche Bank gold loan?

    • Address proof like driver’s license, Aadhaar card, passport, and voting ID
    • Identity proof like a driver’s license, Aadhaar card, passport, PAN card, voting ID, etc.
    • On behalf of the applicant proof of agricultural commercial land.
    • Proof that harvesting will get better.

    Who can apply for the Loan? 

    Every farmer is ready to get a loan as soon as possible as loans are provided for agriculture.

    What are the primary highlights of the Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme?

    • There are no hidden charges.
    • Gem appraiser and administrative costs will be important.
    • The rate of interest is cheap.
    • The reimbursement program is profitable.
    • The front cycle is simple and trouble-free.

    What is Deutsche Bank Gold Loan?

    Deutsche Bank gold loan is a secure loan that comes with instant repayment to meet your immediate financial needs. Gold loans from Indian financial service providers can be obtained at attractive gold loan interest rates.

    ✅ How much Gold Loan Can I get per gram from Deutsche Bank?

    Depending on the quality of your gold you can get a ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 Gold Loan per gram from Deutsche Bank. 

    What is the gold loan interest rate in Deutsche Bank?

    The Deutsche Bank gold loan rate of interest starts at around 7% per annum. The rate varies depending on the purity of the gold and the number of loans to be issued.

    How to check gold loan status in Deutsche Bank?

    You can check your Deutsche Bank gold loan status online by visiting the online financial service providing website and filling out a form for your Gold Loan application details.

    ✅ What is the maximum gold loan amount I can avail myself of on a gold loan from Deutsche Bank?

    You can get up to 90% of the total value of gold from Deutsche Bank.

    What is the loan tenure of the Deutsche Bank gold loan?

    The maximum term of your gold loan at Deutsche Bank gold loan is up to 36 months.

    ✅ How much processing fee is applicable on Deutsche Bank Gold loan?

    Deutsche Bank can charge a processing fee of up to 1% of the loan on their Gold Loan.

    What are the charges for pre-payment in Deutsche Bank gold loan?

    Deutsche Bank charges up to 1% of the outstanding loan as the cost of prepaying its gold loan.

    How to renew Deutsche Bank Gold Loan online?

    You can always renew your Deutsche Bank gold loan online by simply logging into your mobile app account and renewing your gold loan under the Gold Loan section by entering your loan account details.

    How to pay Deutsche Gold loan interest online?

    To repay Deutsche Bank gold loan interest online you can use the payment options available on the financial service provider’s website or you can make your loan payments using net financial service providers, financial service provider cards, or via the mobile app.

    ✅ What if I can’t pay the interest on the Deutsche Bank Gold loan for 3 months?

    If you do fail to repay the Deutsche Bank gold loan, you will first be warned by the financial service provider of making other mistakes. But if the default continues your gold jewelry stored as collateral can be sold.

    ✅ How can I apply for the EMI moratorium on the Gold loan?

    You can apply for a suspension of an Indian gold loan online by signing in with your details or you can also visit the financial service provider itself.

    How to pay a Gold Loan through a credit card?

    Repaying Deutsche Bank gold loan with a credit card is not allowed.

    How much Gold Loan can I get per gram?

    The level of Gold Loan per gram depends on the quality of your gold and the price of gold in the market. Bank offers a subsidy of 75-90% of the market price of gold.

    ✅ How to pay Gold Loan online? 

    You can pay for your Gold Loan from Deutsche bank in easy monthly installments or through post-dated cheques.

    ✅ How to apply for Gold Loan?

    Apply for Gold Loan with Deutsche by visiting the branch and enquiring about the same with your financial service provider. You can also apply online with a Dialafinancial service provider and get the offers and deals as per your needs.

    ✅ How to renew Gold Loan online?

    To renew your Gold Loan, you have to visit the loan branch and your loan documents and apply for a renewal. A renewal fee may be charged, and after a review of your gold, your loan will be renewed.

    ✅ How to get The Deutsche Bank Gold Loan?

    You can get a quick Gold Loan from The Deutsche Bank by visiting the branch or through online inquiry at Dialafinancial service provider’s digital platform.

    ✅ How to check Gold Loan status?

    Check your Gold Loan status by calling Deutsche bank on their customer care number. You can also visit the branch yourself and ask the financial service provider clerk for any updates.

    ✅ How to close Gold Loan?

    You can close your Gold Loan once you have paid all the money you have been waiting for. The financial service provider behind the documents will close your loan and repay you with the promised gold.

    ✅ How to renew Gold Loan?

    If you wish to renew your Gold Loan with Deutsche bank, all you need to do is visit the branch and your documents and apply for renewal. Your gold will be reviewed, and new loan terms will be determined. After paying a small down payment, your loan will be renewed for a new term.

    ✅ What happens if someone defaults Gold Loan?

    When you pay on your Gold Loan, the financial service provider will initially remind you of the amount you are waiting for. Thereafter you will be given legal notice at your given address. In the event of a mistake, the financial service provider obtains legal rights to sell your promised gold to recover all the remaining money.

    ✅ How many branches of Deutsche Gold Loan?

    Deutsche Bank is a financial service provider based in Mumbai, with over 100 branches in India.

    What is the Overdraft Scheme for Deutsche Bank Gold Loan?

    The Overdraft Scheme has a Credit/Loan Limit. Interest is charged on the amount withdrawn/utilized.

    What is the Deutsche Bank Gold Loan closure procedure?

    The Gold loan will automatically close after the payment is done in full.

    What is the Deutsche Bank customer care number?

    9878981144 is the customer care number.

    ✅ What is Deutsche Bank Gold Loan Preclosure charges?

    The Bank preclosure charges are 2%+GST (Within 3 Months), 0 (After 3 months)

     What is the maximum gold loan tenure?

    The maximum gold loan tenure is 60 months.

     What is the minimum gold loan tenure?

    The minimum gold loan tenure is 6 months.

    What is the foreclosure procedure for Deutsche Bank Gold Loan?

    The Bank charges from a borrower up to 0.50% of the principal amount as Gold Loan per gram Foreclosure charges.


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