Gold Loan Banashankari


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    Gold Loan Banashankari

    Major Gold Loan Providers in Banashankari 

    Feature HDFC Bank SBI
    Muthoot Finance
    Interest Rate 9.90% onwards 7% onwards 12% onwards
    Min Loan Amt Metro : 25000, Non : 15000 25000 15000
    Max Loan Amt 1 Cr 1 Cr 1 Cr
    Loan Tenure 3 months to 24 months 9 months to 24 months
    1 month to 24 months
    Processing Fee 0.25% to 1.50% of the Loan Amt 0.25% to 1.50% Nil
    Pre-closure Charges 2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months 2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months Nil
    Overdraft Facility Yes Yes Yes
    Pay Only Interest Facility Yes Yes Yes
    Gold Rate Per Gram 3066 3073 3073

    Gold Loan Banashankari Features

    • Insufficient cash? Don’t know what to do?
    • Don’t worry, you can use gold loans.    Gold Loan Banashankari
    • This loan requires less paperwork because it is unsecured and you can be approved within 48 hours after all verification processes are completed.
    • Gold Loan Banashankari loans provide customers with financial assistance at the best affordable interest rate.
    • To obtain a gold loan, applicants need to have a fixed, good source of income and a good credit history, which will make the verification and loan approval process faster.
    • In addition, due to fluctuations in the market price of gold, you can obtain loans up to 75% of the market value of gold.

    Gold Loan Banashankari Interest Rates

    Bank Interest Rate
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan 9.9% to 14%
    Axis Bank Gold Loan 10.50% to 16%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan 10.75% to 16%
    SBI Gold Loan 9.5 % to 13%
    Kotak Gold Loan 11% to 14%
    IIFL Gold Loan 9.24% to 24%
    Muthoot Gold Loan 12% to 24%
    Manappauram Gold Loan 12% to 26%
    PNB Gold Loan 10.05% to 16%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan 9.75 % to 13%
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan 10.70% to 16%

    Documents for Gold Loan Banashankari

    • Confirmation of Character can contain any of the taking after International id Duplicate/ Voters ID card/ Driving License/Aadhaar card.
    • Address Verification can contain any of the taking afterProportion card/ Tel, Power Charge/ Rental chargeVisa copy/Trade permit /Shop & Est.
    • License/Sales Charge certificate. Signature Confirmation can be any of the taking after International id Copy/Driving License/Banker’s verification/cheque.
    • international id measure photos.

    Additional Documents Required for Gold Loan Banashankari

    •  Alliance Agriculture does not require certification.
    • Certificate of jewelry appraiser (bank arrangement).
    • Proof of land: If the agricultural loan exceeds Rs. 1 Shellac.
    •  Income certificate: salary certificate and form number 16.

    Eligibility Criteria for Gold Loan Banashankari

    • The minimum age for individuals should be 21 years old, and the maximum should not exceed 60 years old.
    • Must have Indian nationality.

    GOLD LOAN @ 0.49%*



    How to Apply for Gold Loan Banashankari

    Online Process to Apply for Gold Loan Banashankari

    You can sign up for bank gold loans at Dialabank. You only need to fill out a simple form online. After that, you will receive a call back from our representative. In addition, you will get a document to pick up the goods from your door. For more information, you can call 9878981166 at any time. Dialabank is considered the best platform to apply for gold loans online. There are many reasons behind this, some of which are:

    • Dialabank It is the first financial helpline in India
    • It provides the best financial services to customers across the country.
    • Dialabank provides guidance to customers for free. In other words, there is no additional cost to apply for a gold loan online on the Dialabank website.
    • One more thing is that you will get a high gold LTV. In addition, the bank enjoys a good reputation among customers for its best and fast service.
    • If you apply for a gold loan on Dialabank, you will get a lower gold loan interest rate.
    • Dialabank provides file extraction tools from the customer’s door to simplify the process.
    • In addition, when applying for a gold loan through Dialabank, very little paperwork is required.
    • Finally, the account manager has been fully trained and can provide you with guidance and services throughout the entire process of the loan.
    Offline Process to Apply for Gold Loan Banashankari
    • Applicants can also choose to obtain gold loans from nearby branches. To do this, search for gold loans near me on Google. It will recruit all branches of banks and financial companies that provide loans near you. You need to choose them according to your preferences and knowledge, but Dialabank can do this for you faster and better.
    • Then, you must visit these departments and apply for a loan, and you must visit multiple times to finally approve the loan.
    • Selected banks and financial companies with faster processes are gold loan branches and gold loan branches.
    • You can take advantage of the loan from the gold loan branch. In addition to finding nearby branches, please search for gold loans near me. Google will recruit all gold loan branches near you.

    Processing Fees / Prepayment Charges on Gold Loan Banashankari

    Processing Fee
    Prepayment Charges
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan
    0.25% to 1.50%
    2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months
    Axis Bank Gold Loan
    0.50% to 1.50%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan
    0.25% to 1.50%
    2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months
    SBI Gold Loan
    500/- to 0.50%
    Kotak Gold Loan
    1% to 2%
    2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
    IIFL Gold Loan
    Muthoot Gold Loan
    Manappauram Gold Loan
    PNB Gold Loan
    0.70% to 1%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan

    CIBIL Score Required for Gold Loan Banashankari

    Before applying for a gold loan, one must have a good CIBIL score, which is why every lending institution has its own standards to process the minimum CIBIL score required for a gold loan application in Delhi. Most institutions require you to have a minimum score of 750 in order to process your loan application. These agencies will not only evaluate your CIBIL score, but also review the detailed behavior of previous loans. This includes detailed information about the type of loan and the amount borrowed. Any delay in the payment of the previous loan may become an obstacle to your new loan. Therefore, before applying for a loan, please make sure that your CIBIL score is good.

    Gold Loan Banashankari Agents

    Dialabank is one of Banashankari’s leading and most trusted gold loan agents. You can apply online at dialabank or call 9878981166 Dialabank helps you find the best choice between multiple banks and NBFC by providing you with a detailed and structured market comparison of different banks, so you don’t have to worry about the complicated information and processes that you must go through, so you can make the right choice. Please visit our website dialabank and fill out a simple form to ask for some detailed information, and then our customer relationship manager will contact you shortly.

    Gold Loan Banashankari Contact Number

    Call 9878981166 and get instant help and approval for Gold Loan in Banashankari right now.

    Pre Calculated EMI Table for Gold Loan Banashankari

    5 Yrs
    4 Yrs
    3 Yrs

    About Banashankari

    Banashankari is located in Bangalore, south of Bangalore, India. Its name comes from one of the oldest and famous temples in Bangalore built by Subramanya Shetty in 1915, the Banashankari Amma Temple on Kanakapura Road. Banashankari is the largest area in Bangalore, extending from Mysore Road to Kanakapura Road. It is bordered by Girinagar and Rajarajeshwari Nagar in the west, Basavangudi in the north, Jayanagar and J.P. Nagar in the east, and Padmanabhanagar, Kumaraswamy Layout, ISRO Layout, Vasanthapura and Uttarahalli in the south.

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