Gold Loan Burari


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Gold Loan Burari

Gold Loan Burari

Are you in need of instant money to pay for any medical emergency? Do you want to pay any outstanding debts for your business? Do you need money immediately to pay for your child’s education? Are you worried about any quick cash to pay marriage bills? Or is there any problem requiring immediate money?  Then taking a gold loan might be the best option for you.

Gold Loan is an easy and straightforward way to get instant finance. A gold loan is a loan secured against gold pieces of jewelry or ornaments. Gold loan is a loan that is given against particular physical security of gold.

Gold is generally kept away in bank lockers or safely at home, but you can get instant cash with the help of gold loan which can help in mobilizing your personal assets because of lower interest rates of gold loans as compared to other ‘unsecured’ loans, it is becoming more and more preferred loans among people.

Interest Rates of Gold Loan Burari

Bank Interest Rate
HDFC Bank Gold Loan 9.9% to 14%
Axis Bank Gold Loan 10.50% to 16%
ICICI Bank Gold Loan 10.75% to 16%
SBI Gold Loan 9.5 % to 13%
Kotak Gold Loan 11% to 14%
IIFL Gold Loan 9.24% to 24%
Muthoot Gold Loan 12% to 24%
Manappauram Gold Loan 12% to 26%
PNB Gold Loan 10.05% to 16%
Canara Bank Gold Loan 9.75 % to 13%
Andhra Bank Gold Loan 10.70% to 16%

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Features of Gold Loan Burari

  1. You can avail Loan up to Rs.1 Crore or more & up to 70% of value for any purpose
  2. You get 100% Safety & Security of your Gold Jewellery
  3. Get your Loan processed in less than 30 minutes
  4. It takes just a few minutes to sanction a loan.
  5. The money is offered to the customer after a quick evaluation of gold.
  6. It is free from the hassle of lengthy paperwork.
  7. Easy repayment schemes.
  8. Minimal Documentation.
  9. Low-interest rates.
  10. Enjoy Anytime Liquidity.

For more expert and unbiased advice on personal loans, please give us a call on +91-98789-81166.

Eligibility of Gold Loan Burari

  1. Must be  an Indian citizen
  2. Must have gold more than 10gm
  3. Should be between the ages of 18 and 65 years

Documents required  for Gold Loan Burari

  1. Proof of Identity: Driving License/Passport Copy/ Voters ID card
  2. Address Proof: Tel, Electricity Bill/ Rental bill/ Passport copy /License-Sales Tax certificate/Ration card/ /Trade license /Shop & Est.
  3. Signature Proof
  4. Passport Copy
  5. Banker’s verification/cheque.
  6. Driving License
  7. 2 passport size photographs.

About Burarigold loan burari

Burari is a high-class census town in North Delhi District in Delhi (India). It is known as a village of Tyagi’s, but now people of all types of religion are residing in this particular area. There is a Mahabharata-era temple named Khandeswar Mandir which is dedicated to Shiva.

It is the exact place where Arjuna prayed to Shiva before decimating the Khandav Prasth Van as per the Indian mythos. It was previously named Murari, which changed during the Mughal period into Burari.

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