Gold Loan Dhenkanal


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    Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    Major Gold Loan Lenders in Dhenkanal

    The leading banks and NBFCs of Gold Loan Dhenkanal are as follows:

    Feature HDFC Bank SBI
    Muthoot Finance
    Interest Rate 9.90% onwards 7% onwards 12% onwards
    Min Loan Amt Metro : 25000, Non : 15000 25000 15000
    Max Loan Amt 1 Cr 1 Cr 1 Cr
    Loan Tenure 3 months to 24 months 9 months to 24 months
    1 month to 24 months
    Processing Fee 0.25% to 1.50% of the Loan Amt 0.25% to 1.50% Nil
    Pre-closure Charges 2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months 2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months Nil
    Overdraft Facility Yes Yes Yes
    Pay Only Interest Facility Yes Yes Yes
    Gold Rate Per Gram 3066 3073 3073

    Gold Loan Dhenkanal Features

    Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    Soaring gold costs are not benefiting battered portfolios!

    It is additionally helping people tide over a brief money crunch. With family unit earnings pressed because of pay cuts and position misfortunes, an ever increasing number of individuals are queueing up to take credits against physical gold.

    Specialists are totally supportive of acquiring against gold.

    • Different roads like individual advances or charge cards involve enormous costs that can put desperate borrowers under further pressure later.
    • Gold loan advances are reasonable and feasible.

    Gold Loan Dhenkanal Interest Rates

    Gold Loan Dhenkanal causes you to meet your pressing money needs with the equivalent day credit dispensing highlight. Gold Loan Interest Rate ranges from 9.24-24 % per annum.

    Gold Loan Rate per Gram totally relies on the quality/virtue of the gold being kept as insurance security.

    Since the gold rate changes every day, the Gold Loan Rate per Gram likewise fluctuates as per the market variations. In the wake of figuring the estimation of your gold utilizing the Gold Loan Calculator, the bank sanctions you 70% of the gold incentive as the advance sum and keeps 30% as a security edge sum.

    Bank Interest Rate
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan 9.9% to 14%
    Axis Bank Gold Loan 10.50% to 16%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan 10.75% to 16%
    SBI Gold Loan 9.5 % to 13%
    Kotak Gold Loan 11% to 14%
    IIFL Gold Loan 9.24% to 24%
    Muthoot Gold Loan 12% to 24%
    Manappauram Gold Loan 12% to 26%
    PNB Gold Loan 10.05% to 16%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan 9.75 % to 13%
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan 10.70% to 16%

    Documents for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    1. Proof of Identity (any one of these): Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License/Aadhaar card.
    2. Address Proof (any one of these): Ration card/ Tel, Electricity Bill/ Rental bill/ Passport copy/Trade license /Shop & Est. License/Sales Tax certificate.
    3. Signature Proof (any one of these): Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker’s verification/cheque.
    4. 2 passport size photographs.
    5. Duly filled and signed application form of Gold Loan.
    6. Post-disbursement documents (if any).

    Additional Documents Required for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    1. If the applicant wants to avail a gold loan of more than Rs. 1 lakh for agricultural purposes, the proof of agricultural land needs to be presented before the bank.
    2. The applicant should submit a Demand Promissory Note to the bank.
    3. Certificate by the Jewel Appraiser (Bank will arrange).
    4. Income Proof: The applicant can be asked to present the Salary Slip of the past 3 months and Form No.16 before the bank.
    5. PAN Card (not mandatory).

    Eligibility Criteria for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    The magnificence of gold advances is that most grown-ups who own gold would be qualified. On the off chance that you need to apply, you can look at the qualification standards recorded underneath:

    1. Age: If you are an Indian Citizen of over 18 years however under 75 years, you in fact fit the bill for a gold advance.
    2. The nature of gold: The gold that you would need to keep as a guarantee with the bank ought to be between 18 to 22 karats; in the event that you keep bank-printed coins, they must be 24 karats.
    3. The applicant must be a permanent Indian citizen between the age of 18 to 70 years.
    4. The applicant must be the rightful owner of the gold pledged with the bank.
    5. The gold pledged with the bank must not be less than 10 grams in weight.

    GOLD LOAN @ 0.49%*



    How to Apply for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    Apply Online for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    Presently you don’t need to go to the bank to get a gold credit. You can benefit the advance effectively sitting in your office or unwinding at home through Dialabank. Follow the steps to achieve the best gold loan for you.

    Step1: Visit Dialabank

    Step 2: Go to the Loans tab and click on gold credit. You will be required to fill an online form to the sum you need to acquire, the residency, your city and address, your own subtleties, for example, name, date of birth, contact number, email Id, and so forth and proceed to see offers.

    Once you are done, you’ll receive a call from our Single Relationship Manager to assist you further. We also facilitate you with our pick service for your document verification from our end.

    For more details, feel free to call at 9878981166.

    Apply Offline for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    Candidates can likewise profit the gold credit in disconnected mode by reaching the closest bank office close to them.

    • The indexed lists on Google will enroll a few banks and their close by branches. Approach the banks with the necessary archives and documents.

    Be that as it may, there is a brisk advance dispensing process at certain banks and NBFCs like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Muthoot Finance.

    Processing Fees / Prepayment Charges on Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    In the wake of the worldwide flare-up of COVID-19, banks have chosen not to charge any gold valuation expense. Subtleties of different relevant charges are given beneath:

    Processing Fee
    Prepayment Charges
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan
    0.25% to 1.50%
    2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months
    Axis Bank Gold Loan
    0.50% to 1.50%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan
    0.25% to 1.50%
    2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months
    SBI Gold Loan
    500/- to 0.50%
    Kotak Gold Loan
    1% to 2%
    2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
    IIFL Gold Loan
    Muthoot Gold Loan
    Manappauram Gold Loan
    PNB Gold Loan
    0.70% to 1%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan

    Is a good CIBIL Score Required for Gold Loan Dhenkanal?

    Those without a decent credit or CIBIL score or salary verification are frequently not qualified for individual or business advances, be that as it may, they can benefit gold advance as the gold insurance is vowed with the bank.

    Henceforth, even an individual with a low CIBIL score is qualified to benefit a gold advance.

    You’ll be named a credit defaulter on the off chance that you don’t oblige by the advance agreement of the bank. Indeed, even a solitary day delay gets answered to all credit departments and will considerably influence your CIBIL score.

    • It can likewise prompt punishment charges and rehashed disappointments of opportune installments engage the bank to legitimately restrict your gold articles.

    Gold Loan Dhenkanal Agents

    Dialabank is the best financial specialist in Dhenkanal for benefiting gold advances. Visit Dialabank to apply on the web or get in touch with us at 9878981166

    Dialabank gives you an extensive market structure to make examinations between in excess of twelve banks and NBFCs to assist you to grab the best arrangements with regards to profiting gold advances in Dhenkanal.

    Our system causes you to pick the advance particularly customized to meet your money related necessities.

    Visit Dialabank, register for the gold advance by filling the Gold Loan application online and our Single relationship Manager will get in touch with you quickly!

    Gold Loan Dhenkanal Contact Number

    Call 9878981166 for instant consultation for Gold Loan in Dhenkanal and acclaim it as soon as it prevails.

    Pre Calculated EMI Table for Gold Loan Dhenkanal

    5 Yrs
    4 Yrs
    3 Yrs

    About Dhenkanal

    Dhenkanal town situated in Odisha and its official language is Odia. The total area of Dhenkanal is 31 sq km. Dhenkanal town is famous for its wild lives, forests, and festivals to attract tourists.

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