Gold Loan for Agriculture

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About Gold Loan for Agriculture

Gold Loan for Agriculture

The leading banks have come up with a smart way of providing loan to farmers if they have agricultural land. The interesting fact is that, most of the Indians have agricultural land, so anyone can avail for this cheapest loan. The interest rate of this loan is just 1 %.

You can only avail to this loan if you have agricultural loan. Many Indians are benefited from Gold Loan.

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How You Can be Benefited?

When an executive approaches any customer for a Gold Loans. The basic information is taken out, and they are asked whether they have any agricultural land or not. If Yes, there interest rate is reduced. For that, the 7/12 document is to be produced, which signifies the proof of ownership of land by the revenue department.

HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI bank and IHDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Banks and IDBI Banks are the leading banks which offer such loans.

Gold Loan SchemeLoan Tenure / PeriodRate of Interest (p.a.)
TrueValue Loan 12 months12.5 % to 15.5 %

Benefits of Gold

Gold not only enhances the beauty of the lady but is also an excellent investment vehicle. Gold Loans had become very popular from past few decades when the lending companies started to finance the customers against gold. The survey of 2010 says, India has 10% of gold in the entire world. Out of which the Rural India has 65% of gold. All most all the Rural India has agricultural land. With the availability of agriculture land, they can also go for gold loan only at 1 %.

Status of Indian market in Gold Loan for Agriculture:

The Gold Finance Market of India is bigger than the rest of the world. Muthoot Gold Loan, HDFC Bank, Manappuram Gold Loan are the leading Gold Loan providers. According to the present trend, the NBFCs are the leading gold loan providers in India. Loan against Gold is the cheapest rate loan among all other loans, and there are various other benefits of Gold loan.

Some Common FAQs:

  • Who is eligible to avail a gold loan?

If you are in need of  a loan urgently, you can apply for a gold loan. All you need is to be a major (above 18 years of age), and be the owner of gold of minimum 18 carats.

  • Are personal loans better than gold loans?

No, gold loans are better as:

  1. they offer flexible tenure as well as loan repayment options.
  2. offer higher loan amounts, even up to 5 crores
  3. no minimum income criteria is required
  4. no minimum CIBIL score is required
  • What documents do I require?

Gold loans require minimum documentation which includes an address proof, an identity proof and a signature proof.

  • Will there be any safety issues when it comes to my pledged gold?

No. Your pledged gold will be safely kept in lockers that are fire and water-resistant, as well as under the watch of a trained staff and 24 – hour cameras. 

  • How do I repay my gold loan?

After availing a gold loan, you will have to make monthly EMI payments to the banks till the completion of the loan tenure. If you cannot pay in cash, you have the option of payment in demand draft, cheque, or even online transactions.

Other Leading Gold Loan Providers
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