Gold Loan Jammikunta


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    Gold Loan Jammikunta

    Best Banks for Gold Loan in Jammikunta

    The best option available for the loan seekers at very best interest rates is Gold Loan.  Dealing with these Loans, Several financing authorities are available in market. The borrower should opt for the best deal with the best offer available from the respective banks.

    Gold Loan Jammikunta Features

    Following are the Features of Gold Loan Jammikunta :

    1. Gold Loan Jammikunta up to Rs.1 Crore & up to 75% of value for any purpose can be provided to the applicant.
    2. You get 100% Safety & Security of your Gold Jewelry / Bars
    3. Get your Gold Loan Jammikunta processed in 30 minutes
    4. Enjoy Anytime Liquidity
    5. Service only Interest and enjoy the Loan facility without paying any EMIs.
    6. Lower Interest Rates
    7. Simple documentation and fast processing.
    8. Overdraft limit varies depending on the market rate of gold.
    9. The interest rate is payable the only amount of the overdraft that you use.

    Advantages of Taking a Gold Loan Jammikunta

    Following are Best Advantages of Gold Loan Jammikunta :

    1. No income and salary criteria- Gold loans do not require any qualifications for income or salary of the person. This implies that even if you are unemployed and non salaried, you are still eligible to avail gold loan. This is because you are pledging a valuable asset, gold in return of the money.
    2. Also in case of bad credit history or low-income level loan can be provided.
    3. Relatively Lower interest rates- The another advantage of taking a gold loan is that they are available on low-interest rates, say 12-16% annually in comparison to the personal loans interest rates of 15-26% per annum.
    4. You need to repay only the interest- You have the option to pay only the interest during the tenure of the entire gold loan and at the end of tenure, you are eligible to pay the entire borrowed amount in a single shot according to your convenience.
    5. Assured Convenience- The gold loan is a  most convenient of all the loans because in this all you have to do is pledge your gold with a bank or a private finance institute and the work is approved. You can be given a loan up to 75% of the market value immediately of the gold.
    6. Very Less processing time- No tiring and time-consuming documentation is needed in case of gold loans, hence it can be resorted to in times of urgent needs. Some NBFC’s state that they only take a few minutes for the same task whereas Banks take a few hours in the processing of the gold loan.

    Gold Loan Rates Per Gram Today in Jammikunta

    Updated - Gold Loan Per Gram Rate w.e.f Jul 04 2022

    Gold Weight Gold Purity
    24 Carat
    Gold Purity
    22 Carat
    Gold Purity
    20 Carat
    Gold Purity
    18 Carat
    1 gram 4621 4290 3900 3510
    10 gram 46210 42900 39000 35100
    20 gram 93600 85800 78000 70200
    30 gram 140400 128700 117000 105300
    40 gram 187200 171600 156000 140400
    50 gram 234000 214500 195000 175500
    100 gram 468000 429000 390000 351000
    200 gram 936000 858000 780000 702000
    300 gram 1404000 1287000 1170000 1053000
    400 gram 1872000 1716000 1560000 1404000
    500 gram 2340000 2145000 1950000 1755000

    Following are Best Rate offered Gold Loan Jammikunta:

    1. The banks and NBFCs are giving these loans at a rate of 10.5% p.a.
    2. Loan Tenure: 1 to 4 years
    3. Pre-closure Charges: Between 0% and 2% of the outstanding value.

    Gold Loan in Jammikunta Interest Rates and Charges

    Find the most suitable offer for Gold Loan Jammikunta

    Gold Loan Jammikunta

    Following most suitable offer for Gold Loan Jammikunta :

    1. Personalized Service: To help you find the most suitable Gold Loan offer, our trained Relationship Managers will understand your requirements and your profile.
    2. Comparison of Rate: To make you understand the details of all costs involved in taking a Gold Loan and help you find the Cheapest Offer we provide this facility.
    3. Research on Market:  We provide this facility to you so that you can benefit from our detailed research on all the products from the leading Gold Loan players in the market and make the right choice.
    4. Zero Charges: Dialabank offers personalized service to its customers at zero fees. To find the right Gold Loan deal at no extra cost, use our services.
    5. Unaltered and Transparent Search: To simplify your Gold Loan search we provide information in an unaltered and transparent manner that helps you identify your loan perspective better.

    Gold Loan Jammikunta Eligibility Criteria



    Minimum:18 year

    Maximum (at loan maturity): 70 year

    Gold requirements

    Minimum 10 gram of gold

    Loan Amount


    Maximum: No Limit



    Employment Status



    Gold Loan Jammikunta Documents Required

    Required the following important Documents for the Gold Loan Jammikunta :

    1. Proof of Identity: Voters ID card/ Driving License/Passport Copy
    2. Proof of Address: Ration card/ Tel, Electricity. Bill/ Rental Agr. /Shop & Est. License/Passport copy/ Trade license /Sales Tax certificate
    3. Signature Verification Proof: Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker’s verification/cheque
    4. 2 passport size photographs.

    Additional Documents Required

    The banks generally demand the above-given documents. However some additional documents which are as follows are demanded by few banks:

    1. Land Proof: In the case of Agriculture Loan of more than Rs. 1 lac. The proof is not required for allied agriculture purposes.
    2. Income proof: Salary Certificate and Form No.16.

    About Jammikunta

    The town of Jammikunta is Mandal in Karimnagar District, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the center for trade and education for 60 odd surrounding villages. It is located in the northern part of Andhra Pradesh in Karimnagar district.

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    How to Apply for Gold Loan Jammikunta?

    • Apply online on
    • Check the eligibility
    • Call the helpline number 600-11-600 or 95920-46860
    • Visit the bank
    • Submit all the documents
    • Get the loan

    We assure you that we will provide you with the lowest interest rate on your gold as compared to others call us 95920-46860 for more details.

    Special Note: Always check Gold Loan Rate Per Gram before applying for loan against gold.