Gold Loan Mahbubnagar


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    Gold Loan Mahbubnagar

    Gold Loan Mahbubnagar

    If gold is sitting idle at your homes, you can use it to avail of finances from the market. It has a low rate of interest as compared to other loan options. It is a simple and hassle-free process, with minimal documentation. It comes under the secured loan as you have to mortgage your gold for the finances. The customer can use it for any of his purposes, varying from paying off your debt dues to buying anything of your choice.

    Why Should You Apply for Gold Loan Mahbubnagar?

    1. No hidden charges- There are no hidden charges.
    2. Low Rate of Interest- In contrast to services like personal loans, the gold loan has the least interest rate as banks keep security against the loan.
    3. Quick approval- If you are eligible and have all the documents, then the gold loan gets quickly approved.
    4. No credit checks- The applicant’s credit history does not matter as he is mortgaging his gold.
    5. No co-signer needed- There is no need for a third person.
    6. Multi-purpose loan– Gold Loan Mahbubnagar is also known as a multipurpose loan. You can use this loan for any purpose. It can be a wedding, vacations, business, medical, or any other personal need.

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    Gold Loan Mahbubnagar Eligibilitygold loan mahbubnagar

    1. The age of the customer should be at least 18 or above.
    2. The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
    3. The applicant should have gold in an appropriate form.
    4. The quality of the gold should be 18 karats to 22 karats. 24 Karat gold is not acceptable.

    Gold Loan Mahbubnagar Documentation

    1. Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/ Voter ID card/ PAN Card/Driving License/ passport).
    2. proof of residence (Aadhar Card/ Card/ Voter ID card/ PAN Card/Driving License/ passport/Ration Card/Electricity/water bills of last three months with the name of the applicant).
    3. Two passport-sized colored photographs.

    Gold Loan Mahbubnagar Interest Rate

    Gold Loan is a service that provides its customers with cash at the best rate of interest. In contrast to other services like Personal Loan and Home Loan, Gold Loan Interest Rate is quite less and reasonable. On average it starts at 10.75% per annum and can go up to 24% per annum. Different Banks and NBFC’s provides different interest rate to the customers.

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    Gold Loan Mahbubnagar Features

    1. You get 100% Safety & Security of your Gold Jewelry
    2. Get your Loan processed in less than 30 minutes
    3. Lower Interest Rates on Gold Loan Mahbubnagar
    4. Gold Loan Mahbubnagar has Simple documentation and fast processing.

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    On What Factors Loan Amount Depends?

    The amount of Loan given depends on mainly two factors:

    1. The Quantity of Gold: The weight of gold is one of the main factors that decide the amount of loan disbursed to the customer. The weight is measured after subtracting the weight of the stones(if any) in the jewelry. Higher the quantity of gold more is the amount that can be given to the customer.

    Minimum 10 grams of gold is required for loan approval.

    1. Quality of Gold: The purity should lie between 18 Carat to 22 Carat. Therefore, the better the purity of gold, the more is the amount of loan that can be approved.

    24 Carat Gold is not accepted for Gold Loan.

    What is Gold Loan Repayment Schemes?

    1. Bullet Repayment: In this service, the applicant just has to pay the interest rate during the tenure of the loan. Therefore the principal amount has to be paid at the end of the loan tenure. But, this option is provided to the customers availing short term loans. The interest rate is paid on a monthly basis through EMI’s.
    2. Overdraft Facility: It is available mostly by self-employed people. As people owning a business have fluctuating money requirements. Through this service, one can withdraw money according to their needs. That is, the applicant can choose the amount from the total loan amount disbursed for which they want to pay interest. Thus, the interest is applied to the amount that is withdrawn by the customer.
    3. EMI Facility: In this option, a fixed amount is calculated that the applicant has to pay monthly. This value includes a part of the principal amount and the interest rate. This scheme is becoming popular among people.

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    How to Apply for Gold Loan Mahbubnagar?

    1. A person can easily apply online at
    2. The process is very easy and hassle-free.
    3. For any assistance, call us on 95920-46860

    About Mahbubnagar

    Mahbubnagar is a city and district in the state of Telangana. It has a population of 1,90,400.

    Gold Loan Interest Rate of Major Banks



     Interest Rates

    HDFC Bank Gold Loan

    10.00% – 14.50%

    ICICI Gold Loan

    10.00% – 16.10%

    Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

    12.00% – 24.00%

    Axis Bank Gold Loan

    14.50% – 17.00%

    Manappuram Gold Loan

    19.00% – 26.00%

    Yes Bank Gold Loan

    10.00% – 15.99%

    Bank of India Gold Loan

    19.00% – 26.00%

    Federal Bank Gold Loan 

    11.75% 13.50%

    IIFL Gold Loan

    12.00% – 12.00%

    Central Bank of India Gold Loan

    12. 90% – 14.65%

    Canara Bank Gold Loan

    12.65% – 12.65%

    Andhra Bank Gold Loan

    11.70% – 10.45%

    Induslnd Bank Gold Loan

    11.15% – 15.75%

    PNB Gold Loan

    10.75% – 11.75%

    Bajaj Finance Gold Loan

    14% – 26%

    Bandhan Bank Gold Loan

    11.5% – 14.5%

    DCB Bank Gold Loan

    14% – 16%

    SBI Gold Loan


    Indian Bank Gold Loan

    10.00% – 15.99%

    UCO Bank Gold Loan

    19.00% – 26.00%

    Kotak Mahindra Bank Gold Loan

    11.75% – 13.50%

    Syndicate Bank Gold Loan

    12.00% – 12.00%



    Special Note: Always check for gold loan rate per gram before applying for a gold loan.