Gold Loan Shahapur

Gold Rate: ₹ 5,121 Per Gram

⍟ Interest Rate 7.0% p.a. ⍟

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Gold Loan Shahapur

Gold Loan is the best option available for the loan seekers at very best interest rates. Several financing authorities are available in the market dealing with these Loans. The borrower should go for the best deal with the best offer available.

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What is Gold Loan?Gold Loan Shahapur

Gold Loan is the way of making money through gold. This becomes unproblematic for the borrower to apply for a loan against the gold you just have to pledges gold ornaments as collateral with a company. The company, in return, gives a loan amount as per the market value of gold to the customer.

What is Gold Loan Shahapur Interest Rate?

Interest Rates

Starting @ 1.25% per month

Collateral Required

Gold Jewellery / Gold Bars

Loan Tenure

6 Months / 12 Months (can be renewed upto 3 Years)

Max Funding

Upto 90% of Gold Value

Pre Closure Charges

0 % to 2 % of outstanding loan amount

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Eligibility Criteria for Gold Loan Shahapur

  1. Anyone can apply: regular income group, professionals, salaried, businesspersons, homemakers etc.
  2. The applicant must be of at least 18 years of age
  3. No minimum income required for Gold Loan Shahapur.
  4. Gold ornaments of 18 carats and above

NOTE: Only gold (no diamonds or other materials) in the jewellery will be considered for loan amount.

Why should one apply for a Gold Loan Shahapur?

  1. There are no prepayment charges.
  2. Gold Loan Shahapur requires minimal documentation as compared to other loans.
  3. Easy availability of loans.
  4. No need for credit checks.
  5. Simple and easy Procedure to get a loan.
  6. No EMI, Service only interest is to be charged.
  7. Very minimal Documentation required.
  8. Gold Loan Shahapur does not require any cosigner.
  9. Gold Loan Shahapur involves simple and hassle-free procedures for quick Loan approval.
  10. The applicant should have the option to pay only interest during the tenure of the loan.
  11. Fast and easy loan approval.
  12. A person should have a minimum of 20 Gram gold to avail of the Loan.
  13. No penalties are involved in Gold Loan Shahapur.
  14. In-house gold evaluation.
  15. Available of loan is within 30-60 Mins.
  16. You can enjoy a maximum tenure for a period of 6 to 12 months.

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Documents Required for Gold Loan Shahapur

  1. Application Form for Gold Loans which should be duly filled up by the applicant
  2. Two copies of Photographs of the borrower
  3. Proof of Identity of the borrower PAN Card or Aadhar Card Copy
  4. Proof of Address of the Borrower

Who all can apply for Gold Loan Shahapur?

  1. First and foremost, the gold should be in the name of the applicant or family member.
  2. Secondly, the applicant should be a resident of India.
  3. Thirdly, The age should lie between 18 years to 70 years(at the time of loan maturity).
  4. Next, the bank is not concerned about the employment status of the applicant. Thus salaried, self-employed, homemakers, students anyone can apply for a Gold Loan.

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Benefits of Gold Loan Shahapur

  1. No income and salary criteria– Gold Loan Shahapur do not require any documentation or validation for income or salary of the person. So even if you are unemployed and unsalaried you can still avail a gold loan. This is because you are pledging a valuable asset i.e. gold in return of the money.
  2. Relatively Lower interest rates– Another advantage of taking a gold loan is that they are available at low-interest rates, say 12-16% annually in comparison to the personal loans interest rates of 15-26% per annum.
  3. You need to repay only the interest- You have the option to pay only the interest during the tenure of the entire gold loan and at the end of tenure, you can pay the entire borrowed amount in a single shot.
  4. Total Convenience- The most convenient of all the loans is a gold loan. This is because in this all you have to do is pledge your gold with a bank or a private finance institute and the work is done. You can get a loan up to 80% or more of its market value immediately.
  5. Less processing time- No tedious and lengthy documentation is required in the case of Gold Loan Shahapur, hence it can be resorted to in times of urgent needs. Banks take a few hours in the processing of the gold loan whereas some NBFC’s state that they only take a few minutes for the same task.

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How to apply Gold Loan Shahapur?

  1. A person can easily apply online on
  2. The process is very easy and hassle-free.
  3. The documentation process is very less in Gold Loan Shahapur
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About Shahapur

Shahapur is a village town in the district Thane in the Maharashtra state, India. To get a gold loan, it is easy to apply through Dialabank. We offer you a very minimal interest rate as compared to others in the market. Call us on 9592046860 for more details.

  Gold Loan Interest Rates: Updated


 Interest Rates

HDFC Bank Gold Loan

10.00% – 14.50%

ICICI Gold Loan

10.00% – 16.10%

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

12.00% – 24.00%

Axis Bank Gold Loan

14.50% – 17.00%

ManapShahapuram Gold Loan

19.00% – 26.00%

Yes Bank Gold Loan

10.00% – 15.99%

Bank of India Gold Loan

19.00% – 26.00%

Federal Bank Gold Loan 

11.75% – 13.50%

IIFL Gold Loan

12.00% – 12.00%

Central Bank of India Gold Loan

12. 90% – 14.65%

Canara Bank Gold Loan

12.65% – 12.65%

Andhra Bank Gold Loan

11.70% – 10.45%

Induslnd Bank Gold Loan

11.15% – 15.75%

PNB Gold Loan

10.75% – 11.75%

Bajaj Finance Gold Loan

14% – 26%

Bandhan Bank Gold Loan

11.5% – 14.5%

DCB Bank Gold Loan

14% – 16%

SBI Gold Loan


Indian Bank Gold Loan

10.00% – 15.99%

UCO Bank Gold Loan

19.00% – 26.00%

Kotak Mahindra Bank Gold Loan

11.75% – 13.50%

Syndicate Bank Gold Loan

12.00% – 12.00%

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