Gold Loan Wani


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    Gold Loan Wani

    Gold Loan Wani

    Gold Loan Wani is a loan in which the customer mortgages his/her ornaments to the bank and get the money within a few hours. Gold Loan Wani is a type of secured loan, and all secured loans require something to be kept as security to the lender. There is no much paperwork related to this loan. Nationalized banks, private banks, and other financial institutions offer this loan at affordable interest rates.

    Gold Loan Wani Interest rates

    Banks offer one of the lowest gold loan rates of 9.90 per annum, both for its existing bank customers as well as new borrowers. Gold Loan Wani interest rate varies by the amount of loan, purity of gold, and loan to value ratio.

    Bank Interest Rate
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan 9.9% to 14%
    Axis Bank Gold Loan 10.50% to 16%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan 10.75% to 16%
    SBI Gold Loan 9.5 % to 13%
    Kotak Gold Loan 11% to 14%
    IIFL Gold Loan 9.24% to 24%
    Muthoot Gold Loan 12% to 24%
    Manappauram Gold Loan 12% to 26%
    PNB Gold Loan 10.05% to 16%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan 9.75 % to 13%
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan 10.70% to 16%

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    Gold Loan Wani Eligibility Criteriagold Loan wani

    In order to apply for a Gold Loan Wani, you must be:
    1.  A citizen of India or Permanent Resident.
    2.  Gold should be of more than 10 grams.
    3.  A farmer, trader, salaried or self-employed professional, or businessman can apply for gold loan.
    4. The applicant must be between 18 to 65 years.
    5. Gold should be a minimum of 18 to 22 carrots.
    6. The minimum loan amount is Rs.18000.

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    Benefits of Gold Loan Wani

    1. Faster processing: The process of taking a gold loan is faster than the other loans. It is beneficial for both the lender and the customer as well. Banks generally disburse the loan within a few hours.
    2. Lower interest rates: As this is a secured loan, the bank provides lower interest rates as compared with the unsecured loan i.e., Personal Loan.
    3. No processing fee: Many banks don’t charge any processing fee on Gold loans.
    4. No income proof required: Generally, the lender doesn’t ask for the income proof as this loan is secured.
    5. Safety of Gold: Your gold will be safe in lenders vault, so there is no need to worry.

    GOLD LOAN @ 0.49%*



    Gold Loan Wani Documentation

    1. Residence proof: (Passport/ID card/ Voter card/Aadhar card/ration card/Driving license) .
    2. Identity proof: Require one among the following: (Passport/ID card/ Voter card/Aadhar card/Ration card/Driving license) any one of them.
    3. Two coloured passport size photos.
    4. Signature Proof: Require one among the following: Passport Copy/Banker’s verification /Driving License/Cheque.

    Why Apply For Gold Loan through Dialabank?

     If you apply for a gold loan through Dialabank, as it provides you with many benefits and perks

    1. The gold loan gets processed in no time.
    2. You will get the loan amount disbursed within 15 minutes.
    3. The whole process of gold loan is comfortable and hassle-free
    4. All the assistance will be provided to you without any extra charges.
    5. There is no need to pay any fees for any suggestions and guidance

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    How to apply online for Gold Loan Wani?

    1.  Firstly visit our website DialaBank website.
    2.  After that, you need to fill a form with your necessary details (make sure that you provide your valid contact so we can contact you for the4 further process).
    3.  Now, once you are done with all the formalities, all you need to do is to sit and relax. Our relationship manager will contact you.
    4.  Our relationship manager will compare and select the best loaning scheme for you.
    5.  At last, after all the above process and selection of the banks, you have to visit the selected bank with your gold and get the required amount.

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    About Wani

    Wani is located in Maharashtra. It is known as the third-largest city in the Yavatmal district. To get Gold Loan in Wani is very easy and effortless only when you apply through Dialabank. For further information please contact +91 9878981166.

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