TATA Capital Gold Loan


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    TATA Capital Gold Loan

     TATA Capital Gold Loan Key Features – Apply Now

    Tata Capital Gold Loan Interest Rate Starting 5.88% per annum
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Rate Per Gram Rate Per Gram Today is ₹ 2,900 to ₹ 3,450
    Tata Capital Gold Requirement Minimum 18 Carat
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Processing Fee 1% of the Principal Loan Amount
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Minimum Loan Amount 90% LTV on Your Gold Market Price
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Maximum Loan Amount Up to Rs. 75 lakh
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Prepayment Charges 1%+GST of the Loan Amount
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Repayment Tenure 6 Months to 36 Months
    Tata Capital Gold Loan Schemes Bullet Payment Scheme, EMI Scheme

    About TATA Capital Gold Loan 

    TATA Capital offers Gold Loan to meet the financial needs of customers who need immediate cash or if in the event of a financial emergency. Basically, to cater for lenders from middle and low-income groups, the Gold loan offers quick credit for many purposes. We offer an effective solution to meet short-term financial situations.

    Funds from TATA Capital Gold loans can be used for weddings, education, business growth, or any other similar purpose. With minimum documentation and secure storage, TATA Capital Gold Loan is a really easy way to meet your needs. TATA Capital Gold Loan has certain advantages such as faster processing time, lower interest rates, intermediate time, etc. The financial service provider assists you in meeting an urgent need for money when you are experiencing financial difficulties.

    • TATA Capital Gold Loan Interest Rate is 5.88% per annum
    • TATA Capital Gold Loan Per Gram Rate is ₹ 2,900 to ₹ 3,450.
    • TATA Capital Gold Loan Tenure is from a minimum of 6 months to 36 months
    • TATA Capital Gold Loan Processing Fee is Up to 1% + GST of the Loan Amount

    How Much Gold Loan Can I Get Through TATA Capital

    Based on the latest gold prices, TATA Capital offers a loan of ₹ 2,900 to ₹ 3,450 grams of gold. TATA Capital Gold Loan Rate by Gram Today is ₹ 2,900 to ₹ 3,450 with 22-carat dresses cut on the largest 90% LTV and the average cost of a gold loan in the last 30 days in 2021 is ₹ 2,900 to ₹ 3,450 of 22 carats.

    TATA Capital Gold Loan Per Gram

    Updated - Gold Loan Per Gram Rate w.e.f Aug 11 2022

    Gold Weight Gold Purity
    24 Carat
    Gold Purity
    22 Carat
    Gold Purity
    20 Carat
    Gold Purity
    18 Carat
    1 gram 4621 4290 3900 3510
    10 gram 46210 42900 39000 35100
    20 gram 93600 85800 78000 70200
    30 gram 140400 128700 117000 105300
    40 gram 187200 171600 156000 140400
    50 gram 234000 214500 195000 175500
    100 gram 468000 429000 390000 351000
    200 gram 936000 858000 780000 702000
    300 gram 1404000 1287000 1170000 1053000
    400 gram 1872000 1716000 1560000 1404000
    500 gram 2340000 2145000 1950000 1755000

    Why Choose TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    Many financial service providers and non-financial institutions provide Gold Loan. Then why should you choose TATA Capital for Gold Loan? Here are some reasons:

    1. The financial service provider is very committed to its customers.
    2. The maximum loan amount is from a minimum of thousands to 1 crore.
    3. Fast processing.
    4. Bad credit history / CIBIL school, not a problem.
    5. Fast processing and extraction.
    6. Very low-interest rate.
    7. Small documents are required.
    8. Flexible payment option.

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    Advantages of TATA Capital Gold Loan


    1. Multipurpose – TATA Capital Gold Loans can be used for any legal purpose, from education to housing or business.
    2. Immediate approval – You can get a TATA Capital Gold Loan without any problems, with small paperwork and a proper eligibility process.
    3. High Price – Borrowers can get Gold loans for different categories, depending on their needs and background.
    4. Competitive Interest – TATA Capital Gold Loans comes with a competitive Gold Loan interest rate on Term Loan, Overdraft, and EMI-based loans and making light paid out of pocket. Pay off your gold loan at a lower EMI, in addition to your choice.
    5. Prepayments – Borrowers can choose to repay the TATA Capital Gold loan without having to worry about prepaid rates.
    6. Security Guarantee – Any gold donated to TATA Capital as collateral is stored safely in a closet so that you don’t have to worry about the safety or security of your gold.
    7. Fast and Effective Service – In addition to the 50-minute overtime payment with small transcripts
    8. Complete transparency – Gold loan rates and other costs are carried forward in writing, as well as a quotation, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or fees.
    9. Foreclosure charges – 0.50% of the Principal Loan Amount is charged as foreclosure charges. 

    TATA Capital Gold Loan Eligibility 

    Gold Loan is a type of financial product that is provided by a financial service provider that takes care of your short-term or long-term financial needs. It is easy to find a commercial service offered by financial service providers at low interest rates and also requires the same small documents. TATA Capital offers you a loan amount within one hour of applying as the valuation and approval process is done quickly, keeping in mind your urgency in terms of financial need.

    Age Criteria 18 to 75 years
    Gold Requirements Gold Ornaments (18-22 carats)
    CIBIL Score Above 500
    Nationality Indian

    TATA Capital Bank Gold Loan At Home

    With the changing requirements of the times, TATA Capital Bank has devised a simple yet effective solution that will simplify your life. Just as you can get groceries, clothes, and other necessities delivered to your door, you can now acquire a gold loan from the comfort of your own home.

    TATA Capital Gold Loan At Home is a one-step option if you are in urgent need of finances, are too busy to visit a bank, or prefer social distancing. The procedure is simple to follow. To apply for a gold loan, you must first contact us by phone. Our executive from the nearest branch will pay you a visit as soon as possible.

    Following are some of the benefits of TATA Capital Gold Loan At Home:

    • Faster processing
    • Attractive interest rates
    • Maximum value of gold
    • Flexible repay tenures
    • Easy payment options
    • No additional charges
    • 24*7 customer support
    • Full security of the gold
    • No hidden fees
    • Service at your doorstep within 30 minutes

    Documents Required for TATA Capital Gold Loan

    A Gold Loan is a financial product offered to borrowers by TATA Capital where funds are provided to meet the financial needs of the applicant. The applicant’s gold ornaments are held as collateral by the financial service provider for funding. The whole process of TATA Capital Gold Loan is problematic and easy to find in small documents. The financial service provider guarantees the maximum security of your gold jewellery until the loan closes.

    Identity Proof Aadhaar Card/ Passport/ Voter ID (Anyone)
    Residence Proof Aadhaar Card /Pan Card/ Ration Card/ Utility Bills on the name of the applicant/ Rental Agreement of applicant/ Voter ID card (Anyone)
    Agriculture Proof ( if applicable) Agriculture Land Ownership Proof
    Photographs 2 Passport sized (Coloured)

    TATA Capital Gold Loan Interest Rate, Fees, and Charges

    A Gold Loan can fulfil all your urgent short-term and long-term monetary requirements. The interest rate on the Gold loan which you will be charged totally depends on the total amount of the loan as well as the quality &  the purity of the gold you are to keep as security with the financial service provider. Gold Loan interest rates offered by the TATA Capitals are lower in comparison to other loans because it is a fully secured loan. A Gold Loan can fulfil your short-term and long-term emergency needs. The interest rate charged to you mostly depends on the value of the loan and the quality and also the purity of the gold that you must keep as a financial service provider security. The Gold Loan interest rates offered by TATA Capitals are low compared to other loans because it is a fully secured loan.

    Gold Loan Interest Rate 5.88% per annum
    Pre-payment Charges 1% of the outstanding amount
    Processing Fee up to 1%

    TATA Capital Gold Loan Apply Online

    Applying for a TATA Capital Gold Loan is a very easy and straightforward process that can be easily done from just the comfort of your home. You can do this online by visiting the official website of the financial service provider and submitting the form with the required information about you and the Gold Loan you wish to receive. You will need to visit the branch with the required documents and your gold.

    You can apply with Dialabank by following the steps below to get a Gold Loan according to your need.

    • Visit Dialabank digital platform, where you will be able to complete the form without registration.
    • Our Relationship Manager will contact and assist you throughout the Gold Loan process and guide you in meeting your financial needs.
    • You will find a customized service, giving you the opportunity to compare and take the best deal depending on your needs at no additional cost.
    • With Dialabank, you can compare different offers and programs from different financial service providers based on the loans offered and the interest rate charged by choosing the best loan agreement.

    How to Pay your TATA Capital Gold Loan EMI?

    Your development of TATA Capital gold can be restored in three different ways.

    1. Standing Instruction (SI): If you are the current owner of a record with TATA Capital, Stand Instruction is the best payment method. Your EMI amount will be charged automatically at the end of each monthly cycle from the TATA Capital account you display.
    2. Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): This method can be used if you have a non-TATA Capital account and you may require your EMI to be charged as a result until the end of the monthly cycle from this record.
    3. Post-Dated Checks (PDC): You can submit expired EMI checks from a non-TATA Capital account to the nearest TATA Capital Loan branch. The new PDC layout must be installed on time. It would be good to note that Post Dated Checks will be collected at non-ECS locations.

    Gold Ornaments Accepted by TATA Capital

    Gold jewellery such as:

    • Gold Bangles
    • Gold rings
    • Gold anklets
    • Gold necklaces, etc.

    Uses of TATA Capital Gold Loan

    Proceeds from the acquisition of the TATA Capital Gold Loan service can be used for many purposes such as:

    • Funding any personal expenses such as marriage, travel, higher tuition fees, etc.
    • For all the needs of your business, such as buying raw materials, expanding the business, etc.
    • You can also get a Gold Loan for agricultural purposes. The financial service provider offers low-interest rates on Gold Loans for agricultural or joint ventures.

    TATA Capital Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme

    Scheme TATA Capital Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme
    Interest Rate  Starting from 5.88% per annum (depends on the sum of the loan 
    Least amount of Loan Depends on the value of the jewel which is being kept as security 
    Loan period Adjustment of advance sum inside 2 months from the date of reap of yields

    Benefits of TATA Capital Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme

    • No processing fee up to ₹ 25,000.
    • 0.30% of the loan amount, Minimum payment of ₹ 300 applies to amounts ranging from ₹ 25,000 – less than l 5 lakh.

    TATA Capital Agriculture Gold Loan Interest Rate for Different Scheme

    TATA Capital offers gold development for horticultural needs under two different categories of Bumper Agri Jewel Loan and other Agri Jewel Loan. The financial costs for the two classes are shown as follows:

    For Bumper Agri Jewel Loan For Other Agri Jewel Loan Products
    Fixed: 8.50% starting from 11.50 %

    Tata Capital Gold Loan Overdraft Scheme

    Tata Capital Gold Loan scheme works as a Credit Card, where the Loan Amount is spent by the borrower as per their choice. It comes with a Credit/Loan Limit. In the Gold Loan Overdraft facility, the interest is charged only on the amount that is withdrawn/utilize.

    Please Note RBI has decided to increase the LTV ratio for Jewel Loan from 75% to 90% till 31st March 2021

    FAQs About TATA Capital Gold Loan

    What are the documents needed to profit from the TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    • Proof of address, for example, driver’s license, Aadhaar card, passport, voting ID, etc.
    • Personal proof, for example, driver’s license, Aadhaar card, passport, PAN card, voting ID, etc.
    • Proof of agricultural commercial land on behalf of the candidate.
    • Evidence that harvesting will be improved.

    Who can apply for the Loan? 

    As loans are provided for agriculture, every farmer is ready to get a loan as soon as possible.

    What are the primary highlights of the Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme?

    • No undisclosed charges.
    • Gem appraiser and administrative costs will be important.
    • The interest rate is low.
    • The refund program is profitable.
    • The front cycle is simple and hassle-free.

    What is TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    TATA Capital Gold Loans is a secure loan that comes with instant repayment to meet your immediate financial needs. Gold loans from Indian financial service providers can be obtained at attractive interest rates.

    ✅ How much Gold Loan Can I get per gram from TATA Capital?

    You can get a ₹ 2,900 to ₹ 3,450  per gram Gold Loan from TATA Capital, depending on the quality of your gold.

    What is the gold loan interest rate in TATA Capital?

    The TATA Capital’s Gold Loan interest rate starts at around 5.88% per annum. The rate varies depending on the purity of the gold and the number of loans to be issued.

    How to check gold loan status in TATA Capital?

    You can check your TATA Capital Gold Loan status online by visiting the online financial service providing website and filling out a form for your Gold Loan application details

    ✅ What is the maximum gold loan amount I can avail of on a gold loan from TATA Capital?

    You can get up to 90% of the total value of gold from TATA Capital.

    What is the loan tenure of the TATA Capital gold loan?

    The maximum term of your gold loan at TATA Capital is up to 36 months.

    ✅ How much processing fee is applicable on the TATA Capital Gold loan?

    TATA Capital can charge a processing fee of up to 1% of the loan on their Gold Loan.

    What are the charges for pre-payment in the TATA Capital gold loan?

    TATA Capital charges up to 1% of the outstanding loan as the cost of prepaying its gold loan.

    How to renew TATA Capital Gold Loan online?

    You can always renew your TATA Capital Gold loan online by simply logging into your mobile app account and renewing your gold loan under the Gold Loan section by entering your loan account details.

    How to pay TATA Capital Gold loan interest online?

    To repay TATA Capital Gold loan interest online you can use the payment options available on the financial service provider’s website or you can make your loan payments using net financial service providers, financial service provider cards or via the mobile app.

    ✅ What if I can’t pay the interest on the TATA Capital Gold loan for 3 months?

    If you do fail to repay the TATA Capital gold loan, you will first be warned by the financial service provider of making other mistakes. But if the default continues your gold jewellery stored as collateral can be sold.

    ✅ How can I apply for an EMI moratorium on the TATA Capital Gold loan?

    You can apply for a suspension of an Indian gold loan online by signing in with your details or you can also visit the financial service provider itself.

    ✅ How to pay TATA Capital Gold loan through a credit card?

    Repaying a TATA Capital gold loan with a credit card is not allowed.

    ✅ How much Gold Loan can I get per gram in TATA Capital?

    The level of Gold Loan per gram depends on the quality of your gold and the price of gold in the market. TATA Capital offers a subsidy of 75-90% of the market price of gold.

     How to pay TATA Capital Gold Loan online?

    You can pay for your Gold Loan from TATA Capital in easy monthly instalments or through post-dated cheques.

    ✅ How to apply for Gold Loan in TATA Capital?

    To apply for the Gold Loan with TATA Capital, just visit the TATA Capital branch and enquiring about the same i.e. Gold Loan. You can also apply online with Dialabank and get the offers and deals as per your needs.

    ✅ How to get TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    You can get a quick Gold Loan from TATA Capital by visiting the branch or through online inquiry at Dialabank service provider’s digital platform.

    ✅ How to check Tata Capital Gold Loan status?

    Check your Gold Loan status by calling TATA Capital on their customer care number. You can also visit the branch yourself and ask the financial service provider clerk for any updates.

    ✅ How to close TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    You can close your TATA Capital Gold Loan once you have paid all the money you have been waiting for. The financial service provider behind the documents will close your loan and repay you with the promised gold.

    ✅ How to renew TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    If you wish to renew your Gold Loan with TATA Capital, all you need to do is visit the branch and your documents and apply for renewal. Your gold will be reviewed, and new loan terms will be determined. After paying a small down payment, your loan will be renewed for a new term.

    ✅ What happens if someone defaults TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    When you pay on your Gold Loan, the financial service provider will initially remind you of the amount you are waiting for. Thereafter you will be given legal notice at your given address. In the event of a mistake, the financial service provider obtains legal rights to sell your promised gold to recover all the remaining money.

    ✅ How many branches of TATA Capital Gold Loan?

    TATA Capital is a financial service provider based in Mumbai, with over 100 branches in India.

    What is the Overdraft Scheme for Tata Capital Gold Loan?

    The Overdraft Scheme has a Credit/Loan Limit. The bank charges interest on the amount withdrawn/utilized.

    What is the Tata Capital Gold Loan closure procedure?

    The Gold loan will automatically close after the payment is done in full.

    What is the Tata Capital customer care number?

    9878981144 is the Tata Capital customer care number.

    ✅ What are Tata Capital Gold Loan Preclosure charges?

    The Bank preclosure charges are 1%+GST on the principal amount

     What is the maximum gold loan tenure?

    The maximum gold loan tenure is 36 months.

    ✅ What are Tata Capital Gold Loan Foreclosure charges?

    Up to 0.50% of the principal amount is charged as Foreclosure charges.

     What is the minimum gold loan tenure?

    The minimum gold loan tenure is 6 months.


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