Gold Rate in Mathura

Today’s Gold Rate in India
22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Today 24 Carat Gold Price in Mathura – Updated

Gram 24 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Yesterday
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹4,786 ₹4,787 ₹ -1
8 gram ₹38,288 ₹38,296 ₹ -8
10 gram ₹47,860 ₹47,870 ₹ -10
100 gram ₹4,78,600 ₹4,78,700 ₹ -100

Today 22 Carat Gold Price in Mathura – Updated

Gram 22 Carat Gold Today 22 Carat Gold Yesterday Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹4,686 ₹4,687 ₹ -1
8 gram ₹37,488 ₹37,496 ₹ -8
10 gram ₹46,860 ₹46,870 ₹ -10
100 gram ₹4,68,600 ₹4,68,700 ₹ -100

Today Gold Rate In Mathura :

Gold Rate in MathuraThe gold rate in Mathura has risen slowly, despite the fact that gold is a particularly popular item among Indians. The demand for it has been high, resulting in a constant increase in the gold rate in Mathura. The current gold price in Mathura is much above Rs. 2,700 per gram. As a result, the industry makes money. Gold Rate in Mathura, like any other city, is determined by worldwide standards and few other factors.

Compare 22k & 24k Gold Rate in Mathura

Last 10 Days Gold Rates

24 July 2021 Rs. 4,686.00 Rs. 46,860 Rs. 4,786.00 Rs. 47,860
23 July 2021 Rs. 4,687.00 Rs. 46,870 Rs. 4,787.00 Rs. 47,870
22 July 2021 Rs. 4,690.00 Rs. 46,900 Rs. 4,790.00 Rs. 47,900
21 July 2021 Rs. 4,712.00 Rs. 47,120 Rs. 4,812.00 Rs. 48,120
20 July 2021 Rs. 4,730.00 Rs. 47,300 Rs. 4,830.00 Rs. 48,300
19 July 2021 Rs. 4,704.00 Rs. 47,040 Rs. 4,804.00 Rs. 48,040
18 July 2021 Rs. 4,719.00 Rs. 47,190 Rs. 4,819.00 Rs. 48,190
17 July 2021 Rs. 4,720.00 Rs. 47,200 Rs. 4,820.00 Rs. 48,200
16 July 2021 Rs. 4,735.00 Rs. 47,350 Rs. 4,835.00 Rs. 48,350
15 July 2021 Rs. 4,709.00 Rs. 47,090 Rs. 4,809.00 Rs. 48,090


Gold Rate in Mathura

In any state in India, including Mathura, gold is a very popular commodity. International trends determine the gold rate in Mathura. The price of gold is regarded to be a moving target. A multitude of things also has an impact on them. In Mathura, gold is mostly used to make jewellery and decorations.

When it comes to gold consumption, this is in line with the majority of the country. For Mathura residents seeking reliable and long-term profits from gold, the metal also serves as an investment portfolio. In Mathura, there are several major and small gold merchants that specialise in precious metals and constitute the backbone of the local gold sector.

List of banks providing gold loan in Mathura

Bank / NBFC Rate Per Gram Interest Rate Gold Loan Tenure Min – Max Loan Amount
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.099 3 to 24 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
Private Gold Loan ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1 6 to 12 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.12 7 days to 36 months ₹ 3 thousand to 1 crore
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1225 12 months ₹ 3 thousand to 1 crore
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1025 36 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1 3 to 36 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
SBI Gold Loan ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.0975 12 to 36 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.075 3 to 36 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1025 12 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1025 12 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
IIFL Gold Loan ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.12 11 months ₹ 3 thousand to 50 lakh

How are Gold Rates Decided

The Malabar gold rate in Mathura is fully determined by world trends and is influenced by a variety of other variables. It takes into account everything from the value of the Indian rupee to the seasonal demand for gold. Gold acquired in Mathura is mostly used for jewellery, as gold jewellery is worn on almost all occasions in India.

How do Gold Traders Determine Future Gold Prices in Mathura?

  • The price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis. You may also keep informed about any changes in the current Gold Rate in Mathura by following the gold-related news on our site.
  • The prices of other precious metals have an impact on gold rate in Mathura. As a result, investors pay attention to the price of other metals in the city.
  • Also because the rupee exchange rate reflects the influence of imports and exports on our currency, fluctuations in the rupee rate might affect gold prices in Mathura.

What Leads to the Increment of Gold Rates When the Stock Market Falls?

When no other investment options are available in Mathura, most investors turn to gold. When the stock market declines, investors automatically begin to withdraw their funds. As a safe investment choice, some individuals place their money in fixed deposits or precious metals such as gold and silver.

Impact of GST on Gold Rate in Mathura

The Gold Rate in Mathura has fluctuated a lot, especially after India enacted the Goods and Service Tax (GST). In addition to worldwide trends, the introduction of GST will have an impact on the gold rate in Mathura. This implies that gold jewellery is now subject to a 3% tax. This does not include the 1.5 per cent VAT that was imposed previously.

The taxes system has been simplified after the introduction of the GST. As a result, the overall cost has increased by 1.6 per cent, resulting in a minor increase in the gold rate in Mathura today. This has had little impact on sales. It benefits all of the major participants in the gold business.

Impact of Central Bank Policies on Mathura Gold Rate?

A country’s financial services are regulated by the Central Bank. They also carry out the government’s monetary and currency policy. The gold rate in Mathura, as well as elsewhere in the country, is determined by the monetary policy of the central banks. The central bank oversees all of these policies. Its activities have a significant impact on gold prices. When banks purchase or sell gold, it affects gold prices in Mathura.

Gold as an Investment in Mathura

Gold Rate in MathuraThe gold investment portfolio is just something else. Indians have long thought that investing in gold will provide them with long-term advantages. Mathura is regarded as a safe place for gold jewellery, gold coins, decorations, and other large sums of money. In Mathura, you may buy genuine gold goods for investment at a number of jewellery stores. However, before making the buy, conduct some internet research to learn about gold prices in Mathura today so that you can make an informed decision.

Because Gold Rate in Mathura fluctuates every day, you should double-check on that day as well.

How Can You Make Gold Investments in Mathura

  • People in India are fond of gold accessories and jewellery. Make sure you buy certified jewellery so you can obtain the current exchange rate less the producing fees.
  • When compared to gold coins, gold bullions are larger. They’re usually bought in kilograms. Typically, gold is cast in the shape of bars or slabs.
  • Investing in gold exchange-traded funds is a very profitable way to keep your money secure without needing to keep this in person. You may also quickly trade them for cash if you want cash immediately.

Gold Schemes To Invest in Mathura

Gold savings plans are ideal for anybody looking to save money for a special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, or any other ceremony or event. There are several gold programs in Mathura that may assist you in purchasing gold. You may readily obtain them from some of Mathura’s best jewellers. When acquiring gold, you may also look for reductions in manufacturing costs. You shouldn’t be expecting a lot of freebies, though. It’s also a good idea to invest in gold programs so that you may save money for the future.

Some Interesting Facts on Gold

These are some gold facts that investors should be aware of.

  • Gold does not oxidise.
  • Gold is the softest metal, and 1 gram of the precious metal may be readily pounded with a hammer.
  • When gold is alloyed with other metals, it becomes very hard.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gold Jewelry in Mathura

  • You can’t buy gold without first testing its purity. You may also get 14-carat gold jewellery and 18-carat gold ornaments with purity levels of 58.33 per cent and 75 per cent, respectively.
  • The price of gold jewellery is determined by the weight of the item. If you add any more stones to it, the weight and cost will undoubtedly rise.
  • You should get a purity certificate from your dealer if you wish to guarantee the gold’s authenticity.
  • The cost of making the jewellery is included in every jeweller’s overall bill. This is how much it costs to design the jewellery.

Factors that Influence Gold Prices in Mathura

  • One of the most important elements influencing gold prices throughout the country is international market changes. If the price of gold in the world rises, the price of gold in Mathura will rise as well.
  • Globally, gold prices will fall as the rupee’s worth vs other currencies rises, and vice versa. India imports gold from a variety of sources. If it rises, the government will have to pay less to import it from other countries. If it falls, the government will be forced to pay more.
  • The increase in demand and supply during the festival season has a significant impact on gold prices in Mathura and across the country.

KDM and Hallmarked Gold in Mathura

Hallmark – The Bureau of Indian Criteria’s definition of quality certification based on international purity criteria is Hallmark gold. The composition of the alloying metal and the purity levels of the gold is used to determine this.

KDM – This gold alloy is made up of 92% gold and 8% cadmium. This is how the alloy is manufactured. Older materials are still used in jewellery production, although cadmium is now blended with gold since gold and solder have different melting temperatures. That is why it is referred to as KDM.

Understanding 916 Gold Price Today in Mathura

This is one of the most often requested questions. For example, the worldwide trend that significantly impacts 916 gold prices in Mathura must be studied. Currency fluctuations add to the problem. 22 karat gold is referred to as 916 gold in India. The current gold rate in Mathura is influenced by a number of variables, including the amount of import duty. When the government lowers the import duty, gold prices in Mathura are expected to fall. Many variables influence the gold rate in Mathura, in addition to local levies. You may check the current 22-carat gold rate in Mathura and buy it at a lower price to benefit.

Best Place to Buy Gold in Mathura

Anyone interested in purchasing or investing in gold can look into several choices. The latest rates in Mathura may be found online or in the news. There are several stores located across the city. You may learn more about how gold is made by doing some research. If you’re lucky, the jeweller could give you a discount or you may barter for a lower price on the manufacturing expenses.

Buying a Gold Loan in Mathura

In any city, including Mathura, you may simply get a Gold Loan against your gold. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds to repay the loan. If you don’t pay it back, the gold insurance company might seize the full sum. You may receive a gold loan from any bank or non-banking financial institution.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Benefits of the Sovereign Gold Bond Program:

  • The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme is available in both Demat and paper format.
  • The fact that those programmes are sponsored by the government is a huge plus.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about its security because you may retain it in digital form.
  • Because the bonds are in paper or electronic form, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the gold.

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Drawbacks:

  • If the price of gold lowers after you buy it, you will lose money on your investment.
  • The process of converting your gold bonds into real gold is time-consuming. If you want to utilise gold for personal reasons, bonds may not be the best option.

Gold Vs. Mutual Funds

Less complicated
Greater market risk Involved
Based on global and few other factors it is easier to get a rough idea of the gold rates
Options to invest in Equity linked saving scheme (ELSS), Equity mutual funds, debt fund, liquid funds, etc.
Gold Funds and Gold ETFs
More opportunity cost
Less opportunity cost

Latest News on Gold Rate in Mathura


During a search in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, police discovered a significant shipment of silver being unlawfully stashed in a vehicle. Four persons have been detained, including the automobile driver. All of the apprehended suspects are being questioned by the police. Silver was being transported from Sadabad in Hathras to Mathura in Madhya Pradesh.

When a car was observed approaching from Baldev’s side, police were checking near Khaparpur hamlet on Mahavan Baldev Marg in the Mahavan police station area. The cops signalled the automobile to come to a halt for inspection. When the occupants of the automobile saw the cops, they attempted to flee.

The accused was unable to flee due to the police’s vigilance. The officers were taken aback when they examined the tax. Silver that isn’t legal In the automobile, a huge number of Ghungroo bags were packed. At the same moment, four suspects were apprehended by the police.


On Saturday, two bike-borne criminals reportedly robbed a couple on a Yamuna Expressway service road in Mathura’s Madanpur hamlet.
Ramveer Singh, his wife, and three children were returning to their hamlet of Nagla Khutia after attending a wedding ceremony when the event occurred, according to authorities.

The suspects left with his wife’s gold chain, finger rings, mangalsutra, and an anklet, according to Ramveer Singh. According to Superintendent of Police (Rural) Shirish Chandra, the couple submitted a complaint at Mahavan police station, and an FIR was lodged under relevant sections of the IPC.

About Mathura

Mathura is a holy city in Uttar Pradesh, India’s northernmost state. The Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex, which is located in Mathura, is considered to be the birthplace of Krishna in Hinduism. Lord Krishna is believed to have been born on the grounds of the Hindu shrine Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi. There are 25 ghats (stairways leading down to the river) along the Yamuna River, with Vishram Ghat being the holiest. Sati Burj is a monument tower from the 16th century. The entrance to Dwarkadhish Temple is sculpted, and there is a black marble statue of Lord Krishna within.


What is the Gold Rate in Mathura of 916 hallmark?

Gold Rate in Mathura of 916 hallmark gold is 44,250 rupees. Gold Rate in Mathura of 916 KDM gold is the same as that of 22-carat hallmark gold.

What is the current Gold Rate in Mathura for one gram?

The current Gold Rate in Mathura of 1 gram is Rs. 4,829 for 24 carats and Rs. 44,250 for 22 carats.

What is the current gold rate in Mathura?

Gold Rate in Mathura of 23-carat hallmark gold is 48,290 rupees.