Gold Rate in Nagpur

Today’s Gold Rate in India
22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Today 24 Carat Gold Price in Nagpur – Updated

Gram 24 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Yesterday
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹4,786 ₹4,787 ₹ -1
8 gram ₹38,288 ₹38,296 ₹ -8
10 gram ₹47,860 ₹47,870 ₹ -10
100 gram ₹4,78,600 ₹4,78,700 ₹ -100

Today 22 Carat Gold Price in Nagpur – Updated

Gram 22 Carat Gold Today 22 Carat Gold Yesterday Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹4,686 ₹4,687 ₹ -1
8 gram ₹37,488 ₹37,496 ₹ -8
10 gram ₹46,860 ₹46,870 ₹ -10
100 gram ₹4,68,600 ₹4,68,700 ₹ -100

Today Gold Rate In Nagpur : Gold Rate in Nagpur

Notable steady increases of Gold Rate in Nagpur can be observed off late, in Nagpur. The Gold Rate in Nagpur are dependent on many factors, and most of them are on an international level.

The people of Nagpur and Indians, as a whole, purchase gold mostly in the forms of jewellery and ornaments. Indians have a give and take relationship with gold, and they trust it to be one of their biggest assets. They believe that investing in gold is one of the safest investments that they would make in their lifetime.

Compare 22k & 24k Gold Rate in Nagpur

Gold Today Yesterday Rate Change
Standard Gold (22 K) ( 1 gram ) ₹ 4,610 ₹ 4,560 ₹ 50 ↑
Standard Gold (22 K) ( 8 grams ) ₹ 36,880 ₹ 36,480 ₹ 400 ↑
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 1 gram ) ₹ 5,030 ₹ 4,976 ₹ 54 ↑
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 8 grams ) ₹ 40,240 ₹ 39,808 ₹ 432 ↑

Last 10 Days Gold Rates

24 July 2021 Rs. 4,686.00 Rs. 46,860 Rs. 4,786.00 Rs. 47,860
23 July 2021 Rs. 4,687.00 Rs. 46,870 Rs. 4,787.00 Rs. 47,870
22 July 2021 Rs. 4,690.00 Rs. 46,900 Rs. 4,790.00 Rs. 47,900
21 July 2021 Rs. 4,712.00 Rs. 47,120 Rs. 4,812.00 Rs. 48,120
20 July 2021 Rs. 4,730.00 Rs. 47,300 Rs. 4,830.00 Rs. 48,300
19 July 2021 Rs. 4,704.00 Rs. 47,040 Rs. 4,804.00 Rs. 48,040
18 July 2021 Rs. 4,719.00 Rs. 47,190 Rs. 4,819.00 Rs. 48,190
17 July 2021 Rs. 4,720.00 Rs. 47,200 Rs. 4,820.00 Rs. 48,200
16 July 2021 Rs. 4,735.00 Rs. 47,350 Rs. 4,835.00 Rs. 48,350
15 July 2021 Rs. 4,709.00 Rs. 47,090 Rs. 4,809.00 Rs. 48,090


Gold Rate in Nagpur

Gold is a precious metal that has been consumed in large amounts over the years. It is largely consumed by the people of Nagpur as well as all over India. The rates of gold are determined by the trends in the international market. The Gold Rate in Nagpur are dynamic, which is why it is not just one factor that affects the prices of gold but several factors combined together. Gold is also traded as a prominent commodity in various exchanges, namely: MCX, NCDEX AND NSEL.

These contracts are available as spot contracts and futures contracts. Spot contracts are where the gold can be bought and immediately delivered, whereas future contracts are when gold is bought but is delivered way later and not right away.

Indians have a history of banking on gold more than the actual banks. Gold therefore also acts as an investment portfolio for consumers in Nagpur looking at stable and long term returns from the metal.

List of banks providing gold loan in Nagpur

Bank / NBFC Rate Per Gram Interest Rate Gold Loan Tenure Min – Max Loan Amount
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.099 3 to 24 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
ICICI Gold Loan ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1 6 to 12 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.12 7 days to 36 months ₹ 3 thousand to 1 crore
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1225 12 months ₹ 3 thousand to 1 crore
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1025 36 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1 3 to 36 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
SBI Gold Loan ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.0975 12 to 36 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.075 3 to 36 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1025 12 months ₹ 20 thousand to 50 lakh
₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.1025 12 months ₹ 10 thousand to 5 crore
IIFL Gold Loan ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 0.12 11 months ₹ 3 thousand to 50 lakh

How are Gold Rates Decided?

The Gold Rate in Nagpur is determined by various factors, but the most important ones are the international trends and the market on a global scale. It affects the rate of gold in Nagpur. This could range from various issues from the problems in the international market to problems internally that as the value of the Indian currency against other currencies and so on. The people of Nagpur and Indians as a whole purchase gold to wear on special occasions, so it’s usually in the form of gold ornaments or jewellery.

How do Gold Traders Determine Future Gold Prices in Nagpur?

Gold Traders determine the future Gold Rate in Nagpur by using the factors mentioned below:

  1. Gold related news: this would give an idea as to what could be expected to happen next and how it might happen.
  2. Rupee to Foreign exchange: it is a known fact that if the value of the rupee falls, then the Gold Rate in Nagpur would shoot- up and vice-versa.
  3. Prices of other valuable metals: it is important to have knowledge about other metals as well so that it could be easier to expand the business when needed and at the right time.

Impact of GST on Gold Rate in Nagpur

There has been a lot of ebbs and flow in the gold rate, especially after the enactment of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India. Along with international trends, the advent of GST has also reflected on the gold rate in Nagpur as well.  This means the taxation on gold jewellery is now 3%, which is exclusive of the 1.5% VAT, which was levied earlier, along with 1% excise duty.  After GST, the taxation has been streamlined; the final jewellery bills are now inclusive of 3% GST, customs duty of 10% and processing charges are imposed as 5%.

Impact of Central Bank Policies on Nagpur Gold Rate?

The Central Bank is the bank that regulates all the financial and banking services of the country and carries out the various monetary policies issued by the Government. The gold rate in Nagpur or in any other state for that matter is dependent on the policies and regulations that are issued by the Central Bank.

Gold as an Investment in Nagpur

To invest in gold is the dream of most of the people in India. But the point is we need to find the correct stores to do the same. If an individual plans on purchasing gold, there needs to be a lot of research behind the same. This could be done online using websites or by checking the newspapers for recent updates and so much more. However, these prices keep changing on a daily basis, so it is important to keep track of all of it.

If you have chosen a place and bought the jewellery, make sure that you get a purity certificate for the gold that you have bought. This is to double-check if the money that you have invested is worth it. Nagpur has some amazing stores that would sell the best quality of gold there is.

How Can You Make Gold Investments in Nagpur

The ways in which you can make gold investments in Nagpur are:

  1. Gold Bullions
  2. Exchange-traded funds
  3. Purchasing jewellery
  4. Investing in gold coins

Gold Schemes To Invest in Nagpur

The purpose of these schemes is to help people to save their gold and at the same time save money for other expenses and still have all of their assets kept safe. There are lots of schemes of wide varieties available in and around Nagpur, which would be pretty useful for gold investors.

There are various discounts made on the making charges of the gold. However, there are no zero charges in making charges. There would always be a certain price. Check out the stores in Nagpur for some amazing discounts and lower making charges, as well as excellent quality and purity of the gold.

Some Interesting Facts on Gold

Gold facts:

  • Gold is very pure and does not have any oxidants in them.
  • It is a very soft precious metal when compared to other precious metals.
  • For gold to become hard, it needs to be mixed with certain specific metals in the required quantity.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gold Jewelry in Nagpur

The things to consider before buying gold jewellery in Nagpur are:

  1. Purity: the purity of gold should range from 22 carats to 24 carats. It should not be lesser than that.
  2. Weight: the amount that you pay for the jewellery depends on the weight of the same. If the weight is more because of the stones, then you would also have to pay more.
  3. Certification: it is important to obtain a certificate of purity to know the authenticity.
  4. Labour charges: these are also called making charges. As the name says, you would have to pay for the labour work behind the jewellery and make sure it fits your budget.

Factors that Influence Gold Prices in Nagpur

There are various factors that influence Gold Rate in Nagpur. As we know it of dynamic nature, that means that it is not just one factor but plenty of other factors that affect the gold prices. Below are the most important factors that influence the Gold Rate in Nagpur:

  1. The Gold Rate in Nagpur would increase drastically during the festival seasons because that is when the demand and supply are extremely high, and there are more offers and sales available in the Indian market.
  2. However, it is not just limited to the Indian market but also the International market fluctuations cause a great deal in the increment and decrement of the Gold Rate in Nagpur.
  3. If the value of the Indian rupee against all other countries increases, then the price of the gold would increase, and vice-versa.

KDM and Hallmarked Gold in Nagpur

Hallmark – is defined as the kind of jewellery which comes with a purity quality certificate from the BIS.

KDM – is known to be an alloy that is mixed with gold to increase the melting point and to make gold harder. It is added in the ratio of 92% of gold and 8% of cadmium, which is why the name KDM.

Understanding 916 Gold Price Today in Nagpur

People usually struggle with understanding the 916 Gold Rate in Nagpur and its importance. This basically is when someone wants to purchase gold and is doing background research. They would also be asked to check the rates of 916 gold. Why is that?

The answer to that is that in India, 916 gold is 22 carats of gold. Which is gold of the highest purity and quality and hence should be sold with a purity certificate.

Best Place to Buy Gold in Nagpur

Gold Rate in Nagpur

To decide the best place to buy gold needs a lot of research and planning, and budget setting in. First, the individual should look online on various websites about shops, rates, comparisons, market fluctuations and so on. They should also cross verify the same by checking the newspaper and keeping up with the rates constantly. There are plenty of shops available in Nagpur where gold of high quality can be purchased at prices of your convenience, taking into consideration the rate of gold on the day of the purchase.

Buying a Gold Loan in Nagpur

The process of getting a gold loan is not that difficult. The person applying for the loan would have to choose a bank of their choice and look for the eligibility criteria. If they meet the set criteria, then they would be asked to submit the required documents and would also be having to provide assurance to the lenders that they would be able to manage the other expenses as well as paying the monthly interests.

If there is no consistency and the pattern of you not paying your monthly instalments on time persists, then you would risk losing the ownership of your gold and completely give the lenders the rights to do whatever they seem fit with your gold. The tenure of the gold loans varies from 3 months until a maximum of 36 months which is 3 years.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Advantages of the Scheme :

  • They are completely supported by the government and hence are reliable.
  • They are all kept in a digital format. Hence the gold is in a safe place.
  • This option is a safer way of keeping the gold because it is in electronic form as well as in paper form.
  • It could be in a Demat form and a paper form.
  • However, the market rates fluctuate. You would continue getting your interests at the said date.

Disadvantages of the Scheme :

  • If there is a sudden drop when you are purchasing the scheme, then you could face the capital loss of investment. If you have chosen a long-term plan, then these short-term problems would not affect you much.
  • However, if you ever want to convert the gold bonds into physical gold, it is a long process. Once the scheme has been enabled, then the gold cannot be used for any other purpose.

Gold Vs. Mutual Funds

Less complicated
Greater market risk Involved
Based on global and few other factors it is easier to get a rough idea of the gold rates
Options to invest in Equity linked saving scheme (ELSS), Equity mutual funds, debt fund, liquid funds, etc.
Gold Funds and Gold ETFs
More opportunity cost
Less opportunity cost

Latest News on Gold Rate in Nagpur


Gold and cash totalling Rs 9.10 lakh were stolen from a home in the Hudkeshwar area of Nagpur in the early hours of Tuesday, police said. The theft took place between 1 am, and 5:30 am when the families of complainant Kripashankar Shahu (36) and his three brothers were asleep, said an official. “The complainant’s wife saw the cupboard open in the morning and found gold worth over Rs 5 lakh and Rs 4 lakh cash missing. Efforts are on to nab the culprits,” the Hudkeshwar police station official said.


A teenage girl and her lover roped in four friends to murder her 62-year-old grandmother last week, so they could lay their hands on Rs 15-20 lakh cash she had got as retirement benefit and some gold. Police cracked the murder of Vijaya Tiwalkar and nabbed four persons; Nilesh Paunikar, Qadir Khan alias Baba, Farid Zakhir Ansari and Mohd Qamar Alam, for stabbing Tiwalkar to death.


What is the gold price in Nagpur for 916 hallmark gold?

The Gold Rate in Nagpur for 916 hallmark gold is ₹ 45,900. The 916 KDM Gold Rate in Nagpur is the same as the 22-carat hallmark gold.

What is the price of 1 gram of gold in Nagpur today?

The price of 1 gm gold in Nagpur today is ₹ 5,010 for 24 carats of gold and ₹ 45,900 for 22 carats of gold.

How is today’s gold rate in Nagpur 916 determined?

Gold Rate in Nagpur can be determined using different factors such as the demand for gold; if there is low demand, then the prices of gold are also low, and vice versa; interest rates in the developed countries.

About Nagpur

Nagpur is also a major commercial and political centre of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is also famous throughout the country as “Orange City” for being a major trade centre of oranges.