Gold Rate in Puducherry 2021

Today’s Gold Rate in India
22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Today Gold Rates In Puducherry 

Standard Gold (22 K) ( 1 gram ) ₹ 4,227
Standard Gold (22 K) ( 8 grams ) ₹ 33,816
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 1 gram ) ₹ 4,438
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 8 grams ) ₹ 35,504

22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Puducherry Per Gram (INR)

Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
15-Mar-21 ₹ 4,227 ₹ 33,816 ₹ 4,438 ₹ 35,504
14-Mar-21 ₹ 4,230 ₹ 33,840 ₹ 4,442 ₹ 35,536
13-Mar-21 ₹ 4,230 ₹ 33,840 ₹ 4,442 ₹ 35,536
12-Mar-21 ₹ 4,210 ₹ 33,680 ₹ 4,421 ₹ 35,368
11-Mar-21 ₹ 4,239 ₹ 33,912 ₹ 4,451 ₹ 35,608
10-Mar-21 ₹ 4,215 ₹ 33,720 ₹ 4,426 ₹ 35,408
09-Mar-21 ₹ 4,183 ₹ 33,464 ₹ 4,392 ₹ 35,136
08-Mar-21 ₹ 4,221 ₹ 33,768 ₹ 4,432 ₹ 35,456
07-Mar-21 ₹ 4,216 ₹ 33,728 ₹ 4,427 ₹ 35,416
06-Mar-21 ₹ 4,216 ₹ 33,728 ₹ 4,427 ₹ 35,416

Today 24 Carat Gold Price In Puducherry (INR)

Date Pure Gold (24 K)
1 gram 8 grams
15-Mar-21 ₹ 4,438 ₹ 35,504

Today 22 Carat Gold Price In Puducherry (INR)

Date Standard Gold (22 K)
1 gram 8 grams
15-Mar-21 ₹ 4,227 ₹ 33,816

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Puducherry for Last 90 Days

Standand Gold  22 K  24K 22K 24K 
Date 1 gram  8 grams 1 gram  8 grams 
15-03-2021 4,209 33,674 4,502 36,012
14-03-2021 4,209 33,674 4,502 36,012
13-03-2021 4,201 33,610 4,493 35,948
12-03-2021 4,200 33,602 4,492 35,940
11-03-2021 4,200 33,602 4,492 35,940
10-03-2021 4,193 33,546 4,484 35,876
09-03-2021 4,133 33,065 4,420 35,363
08-03-2021 4,173 33,385 4,463 35,708
07-03-2021 4,173 33,385 4,463 35,708
06-03-2021 4,166 33,329 4,455 35,644
05-03-2021 4,145 33,161 4,433 35,467
04-03-2021 4,207 33,658 4,500 35,996
03-03-2021 4,263 34,106 4,560 36,476
02-03-2021 4,235 33,882 4,531 36,244
01-03-2021 4,280 34,242 4,578 36,621
28-02-2021 4,280 34,242 4,578 36,621
27-02-2021 4,278 34,226 4,576 36,605
26-02-2021 4,345 34,763 4,648 37,181
25-02-2021 4,360 34,883 4,664 37,309
24-02-2021 4,378 35,027 4,683 37,461
23-02-2021 4,392 35,139 4,698 37,582
22-02-2021 4,340 34,723 4,642 37,133
21-02-2021 4,338 34,707 4,640 37,117
20-02-2021 4,331 34,651 4,633 37,061
19-02-2021 4,440 35,523 4,750 37,998
18-02-2021 4,440 35,523 4,750 37,998
17-02-2021 4,440 35,523 4,750 37,998
16-02-2021 4,440 35,523 4,750 37,998
15-02-2021 4,440 35,523 4,750 37,998
14-02-2021 4,440 35,523 4,750 37,998
13-02-2021 4,435 35,483 4,744 37,950
12-02-2021 4,449 35,596 4,759 38,070
11-02-2021 4,498 35,988 4,811 38,486
10-02-2021 4,483 35,868 4,795 38,358
09-02-2021 4,478 35,828 4,790 38,318
08-02-2021 4,427 35,419 4,735 37,878
07-02-2021 4,423 35,387 4,731 37,846
06-02-2021 4,420 35,363 4,728 37,822
05-02-2021 4,384 35,075 4,689 37,509
04-02-2021 4,477 35,820 4,789 38,310
03-02-2021 4,488 35,908 4,801 38,406
02-02-2021 4,576 36,605 4,894 39,151
01-02-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
31-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
30-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
29-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
28-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
27-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
26-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
25-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
24-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
23-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
22-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
21-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
20-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
19-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
18-01-2021 4,482 35,860 4,795 38,358
17-01-2021 4,480 35,844 4,793 38,342
16-01-2021 4,485 35,884 4,797 38,374
15-01-2021 4,532 36,252 4,846 38,767
14-01-2021 4,544 36,348 4,860 38,879
13-01-2021 4,535 36,276 4,850 38,799
12-01-2021 4,551 36,404 4,867 38,935
11-01-2021 4,549 36,388 4,865 38,919
10-01-2021 4,549 36,388 4,865 38,919
09-01-2021 4,527 36,212 4,841 38,727
08-01-2021 4,720 37,758 5,048 40,384
07-01-2021 4,684 37,469 5,010 40,080
06-01-2021 4,786 38,286 5,118 40,945
05-01-2021 4,757 38,054 5,087 40,697
04-01-2021 4,652 37,213 4,975 39,800
03-01-2021 4,652 37,213 4,975 39,800
02-01-2021 4,652 37,213 4,975 39,800
01-01-2021 4,638 37,101 4,960 39,680
31-12-2020 4,641 37,125 4,963 39,704
30-12-2020 4,625 36,997 4,946 39,568
29-12-2020 4,626 37,005 4,947 39,576
28-12-2020 4,622 36,973 4,943 39,544
27-12-2020 4,619 36,949 4,940 39,519
26-12-2020 4,619 36,949 4,940 39,519
25-12-2020 4,634 37,069 4,956 39,648
24-12-2020 4,636 37,085 4,957 39,656
23-12-2020 4,617 36,933 4,937 39,495
22-12-2020 4,654 37,229 4,977 39,816
21-12-2020 4,643 37,141 4,965 39,720
20-12-2020 4,643 37,141 4,965 39,720
19-12-2020 4,641 37,125 4,963 39,704
18-12-2020 4,644 37,149 4,966 39,728
17-12-2020 4,581 36,645 4,900 39,199
16-12-2020 4,563 36,500 4,880 39,039

Gold Rate Gold Rates In Puducherry in Puducherry 

In Puducherry, gold is basically utilized for gems and speculation purposes, and the nation is perhaps the biggest shopper of gold universally. Dissimilar to different nations that utilization gold for modern purposes, gold in Puducherry is basically a vehicle for speculation.

Gold is prevalently seen as a moderately protected venture, particularly in the midst of monetary or political vulnerability. During generally quiet occasions, the price of gold remaining parts stable, while during seasons of contention, the price vacillates.

How to invest in gold

In Puducherry, gold is purchased basically as a moderately protected venture which has seen critical appreciation before. Despite the fact that Indians take an interest in other speculation channels, similar to land, for an enormous scope, putting resources into gold actually frames a huge piece of the venture portfolio.

Traditionally, gold is put resources into the type of coins, bars, and gems in Puducherry. However, lately, new roads of interest in gold have opened up giving financial backers new freedoms to exchange gold. Financial backers would now be able to put resources into gold-related stocks and shared funds.

For example, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are basic monetary instruments that join the adaptability of a corporate share and the straightforwardness of gold speculations. Coming up next are a portion of the more well-known methods of putting resources into gold in Puducherry:

The most famous method of putting resources into gold in Puducherry is as yet purchasing gold gems. It is regular for individuals across all financial classes to purchase gold on merry and promising events as it is customarily seen as a protected and straightforward venture. The one hindrance to purchasing gold adornments is that you need to pay for the making charges, which could amount to another 10% of the price.

Additionally, the fame of plans and style change and you probably won’t get a similar price for your gems when you need to sell them. There could be extra expenses in the event that you offer the adornments to an unexpected goldsmith in comparison to the one you got it from.

Purchasing gold adornments for guaranteed use may be a feasible choice, yet assuming you intend to hold it as a drawn-out venture, there are other more advantageous and savvy alternatives accessible at this point.

Gold coins, bread rolls, and gold bars

Gold coins, bread rolls, and bars are other alternatives for putting resources into gold. You can get coins in contrasting loads that can oblige varying financial plans. You can purchase coins at a bank or from an ensured adornments display area. In any case, remember that banks just sell gold coins and don’t repurchase them, so you should offer it to a diamond setter.

Gold ETFs

Conventional types of gold contributing, such as purchasing gems, are gradually clearing a path for more current types of contributing, similar to ETFs, gold common funds and subordinates.

People hoping to put resources into gold in Puducherry can purchase Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Interests in gold ETFs should be possible web-based, changing the way how gold is purchased and giving gold interests in Puducherry an entirely different measurement. Every ETF unit is comparable to 1 gram of gold. They are acquiring prominence as they appreciate a couple of benefits over purchasing actual gold like adornments or coins.

1. Since ETFs are exchanged on the stock trade you can purchase and sell effectively and there are no liquidity issues.

2. On the off chance that you hold it past a year, it can have certain tax breaks.

3. Since the ETFs are held in a Demat account, you need not stress over the actual wellbeing of the gold resource and the capacity issues. There is no chance of burglary as the ETFs are held in an electronic structure. You are saved a ton of migraine and stress-related with purchasing actual gold like adornments.

Notwithstanding, there is an expense to exchanging ETFs on your exchanging account, which is normally a level of the speculation made. You may likewise be charged for putting away the gold in the bank vault.

Most financial backers in gold ETFs do as such for the high liquidity and the straightforwardness and effortlessness of putting resources into this instrument. Remember, in any case, that to exchange gold stocks; you should have a hunger for hazard and commonality and information on gold as a product and of financial exchanges by and large. Like any remaining product prices, gold prices will in general ascent and fall for an assortment of reasons and require steady consideration, trained to observe of market developments, and a capacity to assess estimating data.

Gold shared funds and subsidiaries

There are alternate approaches to put resources into gold too. You can put resources into shared funds like an asset of funds (FOF) that centres around holding units of other gold-related funds. Or on the other hand, you can decide on an asset that holds loads of gold organizations recorded on the worldwide stock trades.

Another choice is to exchange subsidiaries. In any case, to do this you will require a record with a products dealer and should pay charges on the exchanging. Exchanging subordinates is a high-hazard venture choice.

How to Buy Gold

Purchasing gold isn’t advanced science given the numerous alternatives accessible, yet there are a couple of reasonable approaches. Putting resources into gold can be a costly business and it is critical to remember the accompanying focuses prior to going through your well-deserved cash.

Examination gold rates

Gold prices change consistently and it is imperative to notice market patterns and keep in contact with the most recent market patterns. This will help you settle on the best and most educated choice on when to purchase or sell.

Choose what sort of gold you need to purchase

Gold comes in different structures like bars, coins, gold stocks, and gems. Each structure offers its own interesting benefits and impediments. In the event that you will probably sell the gold sometime in the future, gems probably won’t be the most ideal choice and you could think about different types of gold speculation.

Guarantee Certification

Effectively the main perspective when putting resources into gold is to search for the accreditation of the gold. Certain labs known as Assaying and Hallmarking Centers are approved to affirm the immaculateness of the gold – gem dealers don’t guarantee the virtue. Be that as it may, just goldsmiths authorized by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) can get the gems confirmed at these Assaying Centers. Hallmarked gems can authenticate distinctive caratage, so a trademark doesn’t really imply just 24K virtue – it very well may be verifying 21K, 18K even 14K immaculateness.

Online buy

There are various online gold merchants today. While it very well might be advantageous to purchase on the web, you should be cautious about purchasing just from confided in affirmed merchants as there is a huge degree of defilement and cheating.

How to Buy Gold Coins in Puducherry 

Gold coins are amazingly mainstream in Puducherry as a blessing on propitious events. It additionally settles on for an astounding speculation decision since gold coins are accessible in various loads, which gives financial backers the opportunity to pick as indicated by their spending plan.

Various goldsmiths and banks sell gold coins. Gold coins are accessible online too, in spite of the fact that it tends to be dangerous to purchase from anybody other than a confirmed gem specialist/dealer. Ensure that you get an immaculateness testament when you purchase a gold coin. While banks sell gold coins, they are not approved to exchange them so you probably won’t have the option to sell them back to the bank.

How to Buy Gold Bars

The main thing to remember while purchasing any sort of gold is to check the current market rates. Gold bars can be bought from banks and enormous goldsmiths, as they are ordinarily saved for genuine financial backers. These bars regularly range from 500 gm to 1kg.

How to Sell Gold

In Puducherry, gold is consistently sought after, making it a profoundly fluid resource. Selling gold isn’t troublesome, as most gem dealers and pawn shops will purchase gold. However, remember that unpredictably planned adornments may get lower prices than anticipated, as goldsmiths don’t pay for the plan yet just for the heaviness of gold.

A few gem dealers may follow through on lower than the market cost, albeit numerous diamond setters and pawn shops will purchase gold at market rates. It is prudent to get cites from a couple of purchasers prior to settling on a choice. You need to ensure that you know about current market prices and the heaviness of the gold you are intending to sell so you get the most ideal price.

It is consistently a smart thought to sell gold coins and gold bars as opposed to adornments as they will in a general draw in better rates from gem dealers when contrasted with gems.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to sell your gems however are needing funds, you can generally benefit from a gold advance against it, in the event of a crisis. Banks and other NBFCs offer appealing financing costs on gold advances. Since your gold is utilized as security, there is next to no documentation and the advance endorsement and disbursal measure is fast.

How Much is Gold Worth

Gold is one of those valuable metals which will consistently be of worth. Notwithstanding, it is difficult to anticipate the price of gold and whether it will keep on appreciating it as a resource or not. Albeit gold prices change continually, it has shown a by and large upward pattern before.

Factors affecting gold price in Puducherry

The following are a portion of the key factors that add to the price of gold in Puducherry.

Strength of the US Dollar:

A solid US Dollar implies falling gold prices in Puducherry as financial backers put resources into the money as opposed to in the metal. Then again, if the dollar debilitates, banks will in general put resources into gold rather than the devaluing dollar. This move is taken to fence against any vulnerabilities. T

his expanded interest prompts an expansion in the price of gold. Additionally, when the US dollar reinforces, financial backers move their speculations from gold to the US dollar. This fall in the interest of gold prompts an ensuing fall in the price.

Import costs:

Puducherry meets an enormous lump of its gold necessities through imports, which implies that import rates influence the gold price inside the country. Since exchanging happens in US dollars, a more grounded dollar makes purchasing gold more costly.

Fixed Deposit loan fees:

A fixed store is the most famous venture choice for a large number of Indians. Gold comes a nearby second. At the point when the FD rates fall, financial backers favour putting resources into gold as an elective venture choice. At the point when the interest for gold ascents because of expanded interest, the price increments as well.

Financial strength:

The price of gold will in general flood during seasons of monetary emergency, as gold is viewed as a steady resource. Financial backers move their cash out of more hazardous speculation channels into gold. Gold additionally accompanies the benefit of high liquidity and keeps on being held in an extraordinary incentive in the midst of insecurity.

Occasional price:

In Puducherry, interest for gold will in general ascent during favourable celebrations, marriage seasons and different events, prompting expanded prices.


The price of gold will in general flood during expansion. Since gold is purchased as support against expansion, this spiralling pattern builds the price of gold.

Request supply:

Puducherry’s commitment to the creation of gold universally remains at a simple 0.75%. Since the homegrown creation of gold in Puducherry is seriously restricted, there is a mash in supply as well. To satisfy the stunning need, gold is imported in enormous amounts. Likewise, when there is a mash in the worldwide inventory of gold, gold prices flood upwards.

Mining/creation costs:

Gold mining requires huge usage of energy per gram of gold created and this expense is calculated into the price. The gold price is additionally dependent upon the mining organizations expanding prices in view of creation costs. This is reflected in the price paid while bringing gold into Puducherry.

Worldwide prices:

At the point when gold prices flood in the worldwide market, the price of gold expansions in Puducherry also. For example, when the national banks purchase gold as a fence against expansion, the price of gold will in general go upward around the world.

It is essential to remember that gold prices can likewise change across various urban areas in Puducherry. Key purposes behind contrasts in homegrown gold prices are:

Transportation cost:

Puducherry imports the vast majority of its gold. Henceforth, port urban areas, for example, Mumbai and Chennai will in general have marginally lower costs than a city that is arranged far away from the port attributable to the expense related to transportation of the valuable metal.

State charges:

Various states in Puducherry demand diverse assessments which can cause a variation in price between states.

The volume of interest in various urban communities:

Puducherry is an enormous country with different populace and demography. In provincial territories, where the populace is inadequate, gold is priced higher than thickly populated regions, where prices will in general be nearly lower. Huge urban communities, where the volume of interest is most noteworthy, exchange a lot of gold prompting somewhat lower prices. Urban areas like Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai which see significant gold interest will in general have marginally lower prices than different pieces of the country.

Measurement of gold

The weight of gold is measured in grams or troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams)

What is Karat?

Karat is used to represent the purity of gold. In simpler terms, it is a unit of fineness or purity. It refers to the ratio of an alloy mixed with gold such as copper. Since pure gold is very soft, it needs to be alloyed with another metal in order to allow it to be made into jewelry etc.

24K or 24 Karat gold is pure gold. Following is the fineness scale which is used while defining the purity of gold:

24 K = 99.9% Pure

22 K = 91.3% Pure

18 K = 75% Pure

14 K = 58.5% Pure

10 K = 41.7% Pure

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FAQs for Gold Rate in Puducherry 

What is the gold price in Puducherry for 916 hallmark gold?

The gold price in Puducherry for 916 hallmark gold is ₹ 42,290. The 916 KDM gold price is the same as the 22-carat hallmark gold.

What is the rate of 23-carat gold in Puducherry?

The rate of hallmark gold of 23-carat in Puducherry is ₹ 46,200.

How is today’s gold rate in Puducherry 916 determined?

The gold rates in Puducherry is determined based on various factors such as the interest rates in the developed countries, demand for gold wherein a lower demand for gold leads to low prices and higher demand leads to high prices. Further, the gold price in Puducherry is also affected by Government policies related to tariffs on gold, and the tariffs charged by the Local Governments.

What is the important checklist for buying gold in Puducherry?

A checklist for buying gold in Puducherry involves being mindful of the following things:

  • Check the gold price per gram: Checking out the gold price per gram is important, as you won’t end up paying more than the actual price. However, check the price from an authentic and reliable source.
  • Know about different purity levels: Before buying gold, it is important that the gold buyer is aware of different purity levels in gold, such as 24 carats or 100% gold, and 22 carats or 91.6% gold. Research about the purity level and pre deicide the level you wish to for based on factors like price and usage of gold.
  • Ensure certification: Ensuring the certification of gold is the most important aspect to check the quality and purity of gold. Ensure that you buy hallmark gold or the gold with the BIS mark.
  • Be aware of the buy-back terms: Lastly, be aware of the lender’s buy-back policy that is the terms on the exchange of gold years later. Know whether the seller will obtain the gold at the same price or whether any cost-cutting is involved.
  • Collect bill: Most importantly, after buying the gold, do not forget to collect a bill from the seller. Collecting the bill will allow you to take actions if the gold is impure or lacks in quality as promised by the seller.