Gold Rate in Rajasthan 2021

Today’s Gold Rate in India
22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Gold Rates In RajasthanToday Gold Rates In Rajasthan

22-carat gold Rate 24-carat gold Rate
₹ 4,275 ₹ 4,572
(Per Gram) (Per Gram)

22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Rajasthan Per Gram (INR)

Standard Price Gold Rate Today Gold Rate Yesterday Gold Rate Change(%)
22 Carat 4275 4275 0.00%

24 Carat 4572 4572 0.00%

Today 24 Carat Gold Price In Rajasthan (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Yesterday 24 Carat Gold Today Daily Price
1 GRAM 4572 4572 0.00%

8 GRAM 36573 36573 0.00%

10 GRAM 45717 45717 0.00%

100 GRAM 4571650 4571650 0.00%

Today 22 Carat Gold Price In Rajasthan (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Yesterday 22 Carat Gold Today Daily Price
1 GRAM 4275 4275 0.00%

8 GRAM 34198 34198 0.00%

10 GRAM 42748 42748 0.00%

100 GRAM 4274803 4274803 0.00%

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Rajasthan for Last 90 Days

Date Standard Gold – 22 K Pure Gold – 24 K
1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
2021-03-15 4,275 34,198 4,572 36,573
2021-03-14 4,275 34,198 4,572 36,573
2021-03-13 4,267 34,133 4,564 36,508
2021-03-12 4,266 34,125 4,563 36,500
2021-03-11 4,266 34,125 4,563 36,500
2021-03-10 4,259 34,068 4,554 36,435
2021-03-09 4,198 33,580 4,489 35,914
2021-03-08 4,238 33,906 4,533 36,264
2021-03-07 4,238 33,906 4,533 36,264
2021-03-06 4,231 33,849 4,525 36,199
2021-03-05 4,210 33,678 4,503 36,020
2021-03-04 4,273 34,182 4,570 36,557
2021-03-03 4,330 34,638 4,631 37,045
2021-03-02 4,301 34,410 4,601 36,809
2021-03-01 4,347 34,776 4,649 37,191
2021-02-28 4,347 34,776 4,649 37,191
2021-02-27 4,345 34,760 4,647 37,175
2021-02-26 4,413 35,304 4,720 37,761
2021-02-25 4,428 35,426 4,736 37,891
2021-02-24 4,447 35,573 4,756 38,045
2021-02-23 4,461 35,687 4,771 38,167
2021-02-22 4,408 35,264 4,714 37,712
2021-02-21 4,406 35,248 4,712 37,696
2021-02-20 4,399 35,191 4,705 37,639
2021-02-19 4,510 36,077 4,824 38,590
2021-02-18 4,510 36,077 4,824 38,590
2021-02-17 4,510 36,077 4,824 38,590
2021-02-16 4,510 36,077 4,824 38,590
2021-02-15 4,510 36,077 4,824 38,590
2021-02-14 4,510 36,077 4,824 38,590
2021-02-13 4,505 36,036 4,818 38,541
2021-02-12 4,519 36,150 4,833 38,663
2021-02-11 4,569 36,549 4,886 39,086
2021-02-10 4,553 36,427 4,870 38,956
2021-02-09 4,548 36,386 4,864 38,915
2021-02-08 4,496 35,971 4,809 38,468
2021-02-07 4,492 35,939 4,804 38,436
2021-02-06 4,489 35,914 4,801 38,411
2021-02-05 4,453 35,622 4,762 38,094
2021-02-04 4,547 36,378 4,863 38,907
2021-02-03 4,558 36,467 4,876 39,005
2021-02-02 4,635 37,077 4,957 39,656
2021-02-01 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-31 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-30 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-29 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-28 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-27 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-26 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-25 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-24 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-23 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-22 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-21 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-20 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-19 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-18 4,552 36,419 4,870 38,956
2021-01-17 4,550 36,402 4,867 38,940
2021-01-16 4,555 36,443 4,872 38,972
2021-01-15 4,602 36,817 4,921 39,371
2021-01-14 4,614 36,915 4,936 39,485
2021-01-13 4,605 36,842 4,925 39,403
2021-01-12 4,621 36,972 4,943 39,542
2021-01-11 4,619 36,955 4,941 39,525
2021-01-10 4,619 36,955 4,941 39,525
2021-01-09 4,608 36,866 4,928 39,428
2021-01-08 4,793 38,346 5,127 41,014
2021-01-07 4,757 38,053 5,088 40,705
2021-01-06 4,860 38,883 5,198 41,583
2021-01-05 4,831 38,647 5,166 41,331
2021-01-04 4,724 37,793 5,053 40,420
2021-01-03 4,724 37,793 5,053 40,420
2021-01-02 4,724 37,793 5,053 40,420
2021-01-01 4,710 37,679 5,037 40,298
2020-12-31 4,713 37,704 5,040 40,322
2020-12-30 4,696 37,565 5,022 40,176
2020-12-29 4,698 37,582 5,024 40,192
2020-12-28 4,694 37,549 5,020 40,160
2020-12-27 4,691 37,525 5,017 40,135
2020-12-26 4,691 37,525 5,017 40,135
2020-12-25 4,706 37,647 5,033 40,265
2020-12-24 4,708 37,663 5,034 40,274
2020-12-23 4,689 37,508 5,014 40,111
2020-12-22 4,726 37,809 5,055 40,436
2020-12-21 4,715 37,720 5,042 40,339
2020-12-20 4,715 37,720 5,042 40,339
2020-12-19 4,713 37,704 5,040 40,322
2020-12-18 4,716 37,728 5,043 40,347
2020-12-17 4,652 37,216 4,976 39,810
2020-12-16 4,634 37,069 4,956 39,647

Gold Rate in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, gold is fundamentally utilized for gems and venture purposes, and the nation is probably the biggest purchaser of gold around the world. Dissimilar to different nations that utilization gold for modern purposes, gold in Rajasthan is basically a vehicle for venture.

Gold is prominently seen as a generally protected speculation, particularly in the midst of financial or political vulnerability. During generally quiet occasions, the price of gold remaining parts stable, while during seasons of contention, the price varies.

How to invest in gold

In Rajasthan, gold is bought primarily as a relatively safe investment which has seen significant appreciation in the past. Even though Indians participate in other investment channels, like real estate, on a large scale, investing in gold still forms a significant part of the investment portfolio.

Conventionally, gold is invested in the form of coins, bars, and jewelry in Rajasthan. But in recent times, new avenues of investment in gold have opened up providing investors new opportunities to trade in gold. Investors can now invest in gold-related stocks and mutual funds. For instance, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are simple financial instruments that combine the flexibility of a stock investment and the simplicity of gold investments. The following are some of the more popular ways of investing in gold in Rajasthan:

The most popular way of investing in gold in Rajasthan is still buying gold jewelry. It is common for people across all economic classes to buy gold on festive and auspicious occasions as it is traditionally seen as a safe and simple investment. The one disadvantage to buying gold jewelry is that you need to pay for the making charges, which could add up to another 10% to the price. Moreover, the popularity of designs and fashion change and you might not receive the same price for your jewelry when you want to sell it. There could be additional costs if you sell the jewelry to a different jeweler than the one you bought it from.

Buying gold jewelry for immediate use might be a viable option, but if you plan to hold it as a long term investment, then there are other more convenient and cost-effective options available now.

Gold coins, biscuits and gold bars

Gold coins, biscuits and bars are another option for investing in gold. You can get coins in differing weights that can accommodate differing budgets. You can buy coins at a bank or from a certified jewelry showroom. However, keep in mind that banks only sell gold coins and do not buy them back, so you will need to sell it to a jeweler.

Gold ETFs

Traditional forms of gold investing, like buying jewelry, are slowly making way for newer forms of investing, like ETFs, gold mutual funds and derivatives.

Individuals looking to invest in gold in Rajasthan can buy Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Investments in gold ETFs can be done online, changing the way how gold is bought and giving gold investments in Rajasthan a whole new dimension. Each ETF unit is equivalent to 1 gram of gold. They are gaining in popularity as they enjoy a few advantages over buying physical gold like jewelry or coins.

1. Since ETFs are traded on the stock exchange you can buy and sell easily and there are no liquidity issues.

2. If you hold it beyond a year, it can have certain tax benefits.

3. Since the ETFs are held in a demat account, you need not worry about the physical safety of the gold asset and the storage issues. There is no possibility of theft as the ETFs are held in electronic form. You are spared a lot of the headache and worry associated with buying physical gold such as jewelry.

However, there is a cost to trading in ETFs on your trading account, which is usually a percentage of the investment made. You might also be charged for storing the gold in the bank vault.

Most investors in gold ETFs do so for the high liquidity and the ease and simplicity of investing in this instrument. Keep in mind, however, that in order to trade in gold stocks; you must have an appetite for risk and a familiarity and knowledge of gold as a commodity and of stock markets in general. Like all other commodity prices, gold prices tend to rise and fall for a variety of reasons and require constant attention, disciplined monitoring of market movements, and an ability to evaluate pricing information.

Gold mutual funds and derivatives

There are other ways to invest in gold as well. You can invest in mutual funds like a fund of funds (FOF) that focuses on holding units of other gold-related funds. Or you can opt for a fund that holds stocks of gold companies listed on the global stock exchanges.

Another option is to trade in derivatives. However, to do this you will need an account with a commodities broker and will have to pay charges on the trading. Trading in derivatives is a high-risk investment option.

How to buy gold

Step by step instructions to purchase gold

Purchasing gold isn’t advanced science given the different alternatives accessible, however there are a couple of reasonable approaches. Putting resources into gold can be a costly business and it is critical to remember the accompanying focuses prior to going through your well deserved cash.

Examination gold rates

Gold prices change consistently and it is essential to notice market patterns and keep in contact with the most recent market patterns. This will help you settle on the best and most educated choice on when to purchase or sell.

Choose what sort of gold you need to purchase

Gold comes in different structures like bars, coins, gold stocks, and adornments. Each structure offers its own remarkable benefits and drawbacks. Assuming you will probably sell the gold sometime in the future, adornments probably won’t be the most ideal choice and you could think about different types of gold speculation.

Guarantee Certification

Effectively the main angle when putting resources into gold is to search for the affirmation of the gold. Certain labs known as Assaying and Hallmarking Centers are approved to ensure the virtue of the gold – diamond setters don’t guarantee the immaculateness. In any case, just gem dealers authorized by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) can get the adornments confirmed at these Assaying Centers. Hallmarked adornments can bear witness to various caratage, so a trademark doesn’t really mean just 24K virtue – it very well may be confirming 21K, 18K or even 14K immaculateness.

Online buy

There are various online gold venders today. While it very well might be advantageous to purchase on the web, you should be extremely cautious about purchasing just from confided in confirmed merchants as there is huge extension for corruption and cheating.

How to buy gold coins in Rajasthan

Gold coins are very well known in Rajasthan as a blessing on promising events. It likewise settles on for a fantastic venture decision since gold coins are accessible in various loads, which gives financial backers the opportunity to pick as indicated by their spending plan. Various gem dealers and banks sell gold coins. Gold coins are accessible online also, in spite of the fact that it tends to be dangerous to purchase from anybody other than a confirmed gem dealer/vender. Ensure that you get a virtue authentication when you purchase a gold coin. While banks sell gold coins, they are not approved to exchange them so you probably won’t have the option to sell them back to the bank.

How to buy gold bars

The main thing to remember while purchasing any sort of gold is to check the current market rates. Gold bars can be bought from banks and huge diamond setters, as they are commonly saved for genuine financial backers. These bars normally range from 500 gm to 1kg.

How to sell gold

In Rajasthan, gold is consistently popular, making it a profoundly fluid resource. Selling gold isn’t troublesome, as most diamond setters and pawn shops will purchase gold. In any case, remember that complicatedly planned adornments may get lower prices than anticipated, as gem specialists don’t pay for the plan yet just for the heaviness of gold.

A few goldsmiths may follow through on lower than the market cost, albeit numerous gem specialists and pawn shops will purchase gold at market rates. It is fitting to get cites from a couple of purchasers prior to settling on a choice. You need to ensure that you know about current market prices and the heaviness of the gold you are wanting to sell so you get the most ideal price.

It is consistently a smart thought to sell gold coins and gold bars instead of gems as they will in general pull in better rates from gem dealers when contrasted with adornments.

In the event that you would prefer not to sell your adornments yet are needing funds, you can generally profit of a gold advance against it, if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. Banks and other NBFCs offer alluring financing costs on gold advances. Since your gold is utilized as security, there is next to no documentation and the advance endorsement and disbursal measure is speedy.

How much is gold worth

Gold is one of those valuable metals which will consistently be of worth. In any case, it is difficult to foresee the price of gold and whether it will keep on appreciating as a resource or not. Albeit gold prices vacillate continually, it has shown a by and large upward pattern before.

Factors affecting gold price in Rajasthan

The following are a portion of the key factors that add to the price of gold in Rajasthan.

Strength of the US Dollar:

A solid US Dollar implies falling gold prices in Rajasthan as financial backers put resources into the money instead of in the metal. Then again, if the dollar debilitates, banks will in general put resources into gold rather than the deteriorating dollar. This move is taken to fence against any vulnerabilities. This expanded interest prompts an expansion in the price of gold. Also, when the US dollar reinforces, financial backers move their ventures from gold to the US dollar. This fall in the interest of gold prompts a subsequent fall in the price.

Import costs:

Rajasthan meets an enormous lump of its gold necessities through imports, which implies that import rates influence the gold price inside the country. Since exchanging happens in US dollars, a more grounded dollar makes purchasing gold more costly.

Fixed Deposit loan costs:

A fixed store is the most mainstream speculation choice for a huge number of Indians. Gold comes a nearby second. At the point when the FD rates fall, financial backers favor putting resources into gold as an elective venture choice. At the point when the interest for gold ascents because of expanded interest, the price increments as well.

Financial steadiness:

The price of gold will in general flood during seasons of financial emergency, as gold is viewed as a steady resource. Financial backers move their cash out of less secure speculation channels into gold. Gold additionally accompanies the benefit of high liquidity and keeps on being held in extraordinary incentive in the midst of insecurity.

Occasional price:

In Rajasthan, interest for gold will in general ascent during promising celebrations, marriage seasons and different events, prompting expanded prices.


The price of gold will in general flood during expansion. Since gold is purchased as a support against swelling, this spiraling pattern expands the price of gold.

Request supply:

Rajasthan’s commitment to the creation of gold all around the world stands at a simple 0.75%. Since homegrown creation of gold in Rajasthan is seriously restricted, there is a smash in supply as well. To fulfill the amazing need, gold is imported in huge amounts. Likewise, when there is a smash in the worldwide inventory of gold, gold prices flood upwards.

Mining/creation costs:

Gold mining requires enormous use of energy per gram of gold delivered and this expense is figured into the price. The gold price is additionally dependent upon the mining organizations expanding prices in view of creation costs. This is reflected in the price paid while bringing gold into Rajasthan.

Worldwide prices:

At the point when gold prices flood in the global market, the price of gold expansions in Rajasthan also. For example, when the national banks purchase gold as a fence against swelling, the price of gold will in general go upward universally.

It is imperative to remember that gold prices can likewise shift across various urban areas in Rajasthan. Key explanations behind contrasts in homegrown gold prices are:

Transportation cost:

Rajasthan imports the majority of its gold. Thus, port urban areas, for example, Mumbai and Chennai will in general have marginally lower costs than a city which is arranged far away from the port attributable to the expense related with transportation of the valuable metal.

State charges:

Various states in Rajasthan demand distinctive charges which can cause a variety in price between states.

Volume of interest in various urban communities:

Rajasthan is an enormous country with an assorted populace and demography. In rustic regions, where the populace is scanty, gold is priced higher than thickly populated regions, where prices will in general be nearly lower. Enormous urban communities, where the volume of interest is most prominent, exchange a lot of gold prompting somewhat lower prices. Urban areas like Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai which see considerable gold interest will in general have marginally lower prices than different pieces of the country.

Measurement of gold

The weight of gold is measured in grams or troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams)

What is a Karat?

Karat is used to represent the purity of gold. In simpler terms, it is a unit of fineness or purity. It refers to the ratio of an alloy mixed with gold such as copper. Since pure gold is very soft, it needs to be alloyed with another metal in order to allow it to be made into jewelry etc.

24K or 24 Karat gold is pure gold. Following is the fineness scale which is used while defining the purity of gold:

24 K = 99.9% Pure

22 K = 91.3% Pure

18 K = 75% Pure

14 K = 58.5% Pure

10 K = 41.7% Pure

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