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ARN number

ARN stands for Application Reference Number. ARN is a unique number assigned to each transaction after it gets completed at the standard GST Portal. It can also be generated during the submission of the Enrollment Application electronically signed using DSC. However, It can also be used for future correspondence along with GSTIN. To know more about the ARN status, the applicant should check the below-mentioned points.

ARN status

How to track GST application status?

After successfully submitting the GST registration application, an applicant will be provided with ARN, i.e. an Application Reference Number.
An applicant can easily track the status of their application by following this provided ARN. To view the quality of their ARN, they have to perform the following steps:

  1. Firstly an applicant should visit the website
  2. The applicant should enter the ARN in the ARN field provided when submitting the registration application.
  3. Fill in the Captcha and also enter the text of Captcha.
  4. Click on the SEARCH button.
  5. Here the Application status of an applicant will be shown.

ARN Status

Different ways to track the status of the Registration Application

An applicant can track the status of the registration application by following ways:

  • Pre-Login: Track the status of an application related to registration, i.e. core amendment of enrollment, new registration/ cancellation etc., using ARN at the pre-login stage only after the application is submitted.
  • Post-Login: At the post-login stage, Track the application status once an applicant submits a new registration application using an ARN or submission period.
  • Using TRN: Only after submitting Part B’s new registration application on the GST Portal, an applicant can track the status of the application using TRN.
  • Using SRN: Track the status of a new registration application by using SRN once the submission of the registration application is made on the MCA Portal.

Check your ARN status Instantly of GST Application.

An applicant can check the ARN status of the GST application instantly by following the below-mentioned criteria:

  • To Search for the ARN status of the GST application numbers all over India, the applicant should type their ARN number and can check the application status of the UIN/GSTIN.
  • After successfully submitting a GST registration application, an ARN number is generated on the GST Portal.
  • After the GST ARN number is generated, an applicant can use it to track the GST registration application’s status.
  • ARN, i.e. Application Reference Number, is of 15 digits.

Different status types for registration applications

Check below the different ARN status types:

  • Pending for Processing:

The first one is the pending process, which is after a new application is filed successfully, it is pending with Tax Officer for further Processing.

  • Site Verification Assigned:

When the registration application is marked for a Site visit, verification is done through the Site Verification Officer.

  • Site Verification Completed:

Here the Site verification report is successfully submitted to the tax officer by the Site Verification Officer.

  • Pending for Clarification:

Here the status is that notice for getting the clarification is being issued by Tax Officer to the customer.

  • Clarification filed:

After clarification, it’s a pending order only by the officer.

  • Clarification not filed:

It is when the applicant has not filed the clarification within few days, and it’s a pending order only by the officer.

  • Approved:

Here the Tax officer approves the application after the Registration ID and password are sent to the applicant through email.

  • Rejected:

It is due to the rejection of a new registration application by the Tax Officer.


What should be done in the case where the applicant has not received the ARN?

If an applicant does not receive the ARN only within 15 mins after the submission of an application, then an email including all the instructions for the course will be sent to the applicant’s id.

How to check ARN status/ GST Registration?

It can be tracked through ARN. An applicant must enter the captcha and ARN to check the following:

  • Application’s form number according to GST Act.
  • Description of form based on nature of the application.
  • Submission date of an application
  • Status of application

What is the use of the GST ARN number?

The GST ARN number helps in tracking the GST registration application’s status until the GST certificate and also the GSTIN is issued by the Government.