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What is The HSN Code Finder?

HSN is an acronym for “Harmonized System of Nomenclature”. The WCO created the HS Code, also known as the HSN Code in India, as a uniform system systematically classifying items worldwide. More than 5000 products can be classified using India’s HSN Code’s 4, 6, and 8-digit uniform codes.

What is the significance of the HSN Code?              hsn code finder

The first six digits of the HSN Code are the same in all countries because it is a globally recognised standard that is used worldwide. However, countries have added further digits to their individual HS Code systems for further classification. For example, our categorization system is based on 4, 6, and 8 digits, but the US uses HTS Codes (Harmonized Tariff Schedule), a 10-digit system.

Is there a reason why the HSN code is used?

It makes sense for local and international trade to use HSN Code, which is an internationally recognised classification system. It may be used to gather data and comprehend foreign and domestic trade happening both inside and outside the country in a far more effective manner than traditional methods. Thereby aiding macroeconomic policy decisions of the government about commodities trading.

Where can I find HSN codes?

The DGFT is responsible for any changes or additions to the HSN Codes (Directorate General of Foreign Trade). It’s part of the continual process of perfecting HSN Codes that product descriptions are updated, obsolete codes are removed, new codes are added, etc.

How can I find the HSN code for my product?

How does HSN Code search work?

  • Search for products by their names- By entering the product’s name, you will receive a list of 4 digit HSN Codes that are most appropriate to your product. Search for all results if none of the recommendations contains the correct HS code. For export and import reasons, click on the 4 digit code to acquire the 6 and 8 digits HS code data and GST rates.
  • Search by HSN code by clicking here- To get started, enter the first two or four digits of the HSN Code. Then, to learn more about the HSN code, click on the appropriate result.
  • How to use HSN code using a Category List for the HSN code field? The collection of HSN Codes has been divided into 23 broad categories under All Categories. From this page, you can: There are 4 different HSN codes to choose from 2, 4, 6, and 8. Use the four-digit code to find out the GST rates for HSN Codes.

Is the HSN Code required?

HS codes are required for exports. To receive export incentives, the 8-digit HSN Code must be included on the shipping bill. Businesses having revenue of less than Rs 1.5 crore or those registered under the GST Composition Scheme do not have to use HSN Codes.

What Is The HSN Code Finder Structure 8 Digit HSN Code?

HSN codes have 21 parts, separated into 99 chapters, each defining a specific product category. Further subdivisions include headings, sub-headings, and tariff items within each chapter. For example, the first two digits of an HSN Code are for the Chapter, followed by the headings at the 4 digit level, the subdivision subheadings at the 6th digit level, and the tariff items at the 8th. All eight-digit HSN codes are required in the case of exports and imports (HSN codes to be declared from 1st April 2021).

HSN Code vs SAC Code – Differences

To classify items under GST, the Harmonized System of Nomenclature code (HSN Code) is employed. World Customs Organization has given the codes (WCO). They are used to classify commodities into sections, chapters, headers, and subheadings of a similar kind. To classify services under GST, the Services Accounting Code (SAC Code) must also be employed. Excise and customs officials have issued these codes (CBEC). To classify all services, each service has been granted a unique Service Classification Code (SAC). In all cases, it streamlines and simplifies the GST return filing procedure.

FAQs About HSN Code Finder

Can you tell me where to find my HSN code?

To find an HSN code for a product, first, select the Chapter, then select the Section, and then filter the subheadings to get the product code ultimately. Example: Chana Roasted HSN code is 19.04. 10.90, where 19 is the Chapter, 04 is Section 10, 10 represents Subheading 90, and 90 represents the Product.

How can you know if your HSN code and your SAC code are the same?

It stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature, which is used to classify items under the Goods and Services Tax or GST. GST services are classified according to SAC codes which stand for Services Accounting Codes. India’s GST regime uses HSN and SAC codes to classify products and services.

HSN code example – what does it mean?

2 extra digits have been added to India’s ranking to make it more accurate. For example, an artificial fibre handkerchief has the HSN For silk or silk waste handkerchiefs, the HSN code is