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SBI, HDFC Decreases Loan Rates for HomeHome Loan

December 20, 2013: India’s State Bank and HDFC, the country’s biggest lenders, have lowered the interest rates on home loans for borrowers who have seen high interest rates this year. SBI is giving women borrowers better loan offers. This move would empower women by raising their share of homeownership, according to the bank.

If a female borrower is interested, the State Bank of India has decreased the interest rates from 10.5 percent to 10.1 percent for the loan to 75 Lakhs. Interest rates would be 10.15 percent for male borrowers. From 20 December 2013, the new rates will be valid.

A “Winter Bonanza” was introduced by HDFC where loans of up to 75 Lakhs at 10.25 percent will be issued. The interest rates on loans of up to 75 lakhs were 10.75 per cent earlier. The new rates will be effective before 31 January 2014 on all applications submitted.

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Housing Finance Gets Cheaper
Loan Limit New Rates % Old Rates %
Women Customers Others
Up to 75 Lakhs 10.25 10.25 10.75 & 10.50
Up to 75 Lakhs 10.10 10.15 10.50 & 10.25
Above 75 Lakhs 10.25 10.3 10.50




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