Investing in a Home: an excellent way to save for the future

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If we look at the investment preferences in India, most of the people, like to save money by depositing it in a Bank or Company Fixed Deposit while others invest in gold. There are a few who invest in a home / real estate during a few adventurous invest in a business or buy shares of companies.

Historical evidence has shown that, over a long period (25- 30 years), the cumulative wealth of those who had invested in real estate and those who invested in a good business multiplied several-fold compared to the rest. Both real estate and business investments gave returns to the investor that were much higher than the interest rate of increase in prices of goods and therefore multiplied wealth.

As per the facts real estate and shares in India have given compounded return of over 20% p.a. over a 15-20 year holding period. Fixed Deposits have given returns of 5-8% p.a over the last 20 years while prices of goods have risen at over 10% p.a in the same period.

If you carefully choose the location of your property, you can be a multi – millionaire by the time of your retirement. Land is a limited if you happen to buy land in a fast growing location; you can be sure that the price of this land will be bid up over time. Land in Mumbai has appreciated in value far in excess of that in Patna.

There are several instances of people who start Investing in a Home Loan with a small investment of Rs. 10-20 lac. Having chosen the home wisely, they are in a position to sell the home after a few years at over Rs. 40-60 lac and then buy a new home at another strategic location. This “trading” continues to compound wealth at an ever increasing rate.


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