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In India, the majority of people save their money in banks rather than investing it for growth. By investing in a house or real estate, a handful of those who want to invest do so.

The accumulated wealth of those who preferred to invest in a home and real estate and those who invested in a successful company increased several times over a long period (25-30 years) relative to the rest.

Investments in both real estate and company gave the investor returns that were much higher than the interest rate of the rise in goods prices and thus multiplied wealth.

Real estate and shares in India have given a compounded return of more than 20% p.a. as per the truth. For a keeping span of 15-20 years.

You will be a multi-millionaire by the time of your retirement if you carefully select the position of your house. If you happen to purchase land in a fast-growing area, you can be sure that this land’s price will be bid up over time.

There are some cases of individuals who invest heavily with a small value of approximately. 10-20 lac in a home. Having wisely chosen the home, after a few years at over Rs. 40-60 lac, they are in a hurry to recommend the home and then buy another house in another strategic spot.

At an ever-pace, this “trading” proceeds to compound wealth.

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