Tips To Avail a Housing Loan

About Housing Loan

Housing LoanHousing Loan is a very valuable resource for financing a house. It is a loan that helps you to acquire funds for a new house or extension. It not only provides you money but also helps you in saving tax.  But make sure that you select the right Housing Loan as it is one of the important financial decisions of your life.

Below are some tips that you should consider while applying for a Housing Loan:

Considering these tips can help you in making the complicated process easier and also will help you in saving lots of money.

  • Research well: Today there are many loan schemes offered in the market at attractive interest rates and additional offers. Therefore, it is better to know the terms and conditions of all schemes so that you are prepared beforehand. Check and clarify all the doubts regarding the Housing Loan scheme before you finalize anything. Don’t hesitate and ask as many queries as you want to clarify with the salesperson.
  • Take a look at the EMI: Determine the Monthly Payments that you will be able to pay. You need to consider factors like your current job, income, monthly expenses, savings, and other responsibilities. Considering all these factors will end up with an amount that you can pay as EMI affordably. These factors are necessary to consider in case you fail to pay the monthly payments on time. Then you will have to pay some additional penalties.
  • Negotiate on the interest rate:  Each bank and financial institution have specific Interest Rates that they charge to the customer, but they can make adjustments if you list some honest issues with high-interest rates. It can be possible if you already have chosen the property you wish to buy and need it as soon as possible.
  • Housing Loan eligibility: For availing a loan, you need to fulfill the Eligibility Criteria of that particular bank. It is always better to keep ready all the Documents like credit report when you apply for a loan. Banks do not give loan to a person whose repayment track of other loans is not so good. Make sure that you pay all your payments on time without any default. Try to focus on the term of the loan, as a longer tenure will charge you more as per the interest rates and other charges.
  • Additional charges to be kept in mind: There are many charges that are associated with a loan like processing fee, application fee, service charges, pre and post-payment penalties, and others. Before applying, you need to be educated on various charges that the lenders charge on the current schemes.
  • Read the agreement thoroughly: Read the documents of the loan carefully and check that all terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement are understood to you. Remember, never sign a blank person even if the salesperson asks you to sign. Ask questions when you have some doubts and assure that you are aware of all terms.


Availing a home loan is easy but it comes with some complications. Considering all the above points will land you to the right scheme and will help you in making wise decisions. Clarify all the doubts beforehand, and your dream home will be yours in a hassle-free manner.

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